2004 GMC Envoy Ignition Switch

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2004 Envoy XL 77,000 miles.
After one year the "check 4 wd" light came on. The dealer replaced the ignition switch.
Now the "check 4wd" light, the "ABS" light, the "brake" light comes on. When this happens the fan motor does not run. I am pretty sure the ignition switch has gone again. Dealer wants $250 to replace. Has anyone done this? Difficulty?


  • ricardog504ricardog504 Member Posts: 2
    you have to take of the cover of the steering wheel in order to access the switch carefully remove it by pushing the spring lock you need the new one in order to see what i mean. remove look at old one gear wheel inside you have to try to get it to match by trying to start the car while the switch is hooked up and the cover is still off you may have to try a few times but it will work make sure the control panel lights dont stay on when in off postion. then replace column cover
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