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I purchased a 2007 Yukon Denali and it came with the 18" Rims/Tires. I wanted to upgrade to the 20" CK945 from GM Accessories. I have been told that I need to install the TPM Sensors 19155710. My question is can I walk through the Learning Mode from the vehicles on board computer that is mapped out in the owner's manual? The dealer has quoted me a price of $700 to relearn the new sensors, that's seems way too steep. Do I need the dealer, or could a do-it-yourself person work? "ANY" help is appreciated.


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    I have a 2007 GMC Yukon. I put 24 inch rims on it when I bought it back in November of 06. It has close to 30,000 miles on it. Now all of a sudden the engine light and the stabilitrak light have come on. The dealer said it is related to the rims and they can't do anything about it or turn the lights off. Any opinions and/or advice? Thanks.
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    I put 20's on my 07 Yukon (saved them from my 05 Sierra). I had to buy an additional set of tire sensors because I switch back to the stock tires in winter. The extra set of sensors cost about $240.00, I don't remember what it cost to have the sensors installed on my rims, seems to me it was $60.00 total. I tried to get the Yukon to "relearn" the new sensors myself, but had to take it to the dealer; they did it while I stood there. It took less than 10 minutes; I think they charged me $15.00. I'll have to get it done again this spring - such is the price of vanity.

    By the way, the sensors are battery powered and last 4-5 years.

    Courtland, MN
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    Hi Phil, would you happen to know what type of battery (e.g. CR2316, LR44...) the sensors use and how many each? Thanks!!
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    I am not positive, but as I understand it the batteries are integrated with the sensor and are not replaceable. Sounds dumb to me too, but that was the way it was explained to me by one of the techs at the dealership. If you find out otherwise please let me know.

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    Does anyone know the proper lug nut torque specification for 2007 Yukon Denali with standard 18 inch OEM wheels? I read its 140ft/lbs in the Owner's Manual, but that sounded pretty high, any comments or suggestions?

    Also, anyone can recommend a Torque Wrench on these lug nuts? Craftsmen??? Thanks!
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    Lug nuts should be tightened in a star pattern using progressive torque settings to 140 ft lbs. My personal favorite is a 1/2" drive Snap On digital torque wrench. If all you're doing is lugnuts I believe Harbor Freight Tools has some reasonably priced wrenches.
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    obyone, the 1/2" drive digital torque wrench from Snap-on are nice, especially the one called the TechAngle, Wow! Thank you for the information and confirmation.
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    Just got my 2008 Denali and want to put on 305/45/22 tire with a set of custom wheels. I 'm confused by which ofset I need to have so the tire won't rub. I ordered a belltech lowing kit so I need to make sure I choose the right combination .

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    Sorry if this is a bit of a lame question, but I recently purchased 4 new Yokohama Geolander H/T-S G051 tires (size 265/70-17) for my 2001 Yukon Denali and have a question on tire pressure.

    The tire says 35 psi max on the sidewall. Now I know that this is max, which you never do. My door jam says 30 psi for the tires. The shop that changes my oil seems to put 32.5 psi in. Now knowing that all of these are when the tires are cold, my question is, what should the psi be at?

    I've been told to go with what is on the door jam (30 psi). My only curiosity is when I put only 30 psi in, the tires visually seem very low. Maybe it's just me, but this is why I am asking you pros...

    Any help/clarification is appreciated!
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    Yes, you should never exceed the maximum recommend tire pressure that's molded on your tire sidewall (35psi) . While a higher pressure tends to minimize wear, many people find it contributes to harsh rides. In my case, I drove with different pressure (between the car maker's recommendation and the maximum pressure) within the first couple of weeks to find my comfort zone (happens to be at 31psi) as well as watched for any irregular wear caused by too much or low tire pressure. In any case, tires on the same axle should be inflated to the same pressure, if not all 4 are with the same pressure (per the manufacturer's sticker on the door jam).

    P.S. To me, 32 to 33 rides fine in the winter; but during the summer time once they get warmed-up the ride gets a bit harsh for me...
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    Agree that 17"s appear to "bulge" a bit even when properly inflated. I think everyone is so used to seeing low profile dubs everywhere. But don't worry. I agree with rsht, never exceed the maximum rating. I like the recommended psi plus 2-3, gives a little better fuel economy. The ride is a bit firm, but still very acceptable. If you like it softer around town, it's worth increasing a couple pounds before a long highway trip where you'll be on mainly smooth roads and high speeds.
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    My 2004 Denali (36,000 mi., purely stock) has developed a wobble between 30 and 35 mph. I heard someone on the radio mention "death wobble" and did an internet search. I found the many Chevy Avelanches and certain Jeeps have a persistent wobble at highway speeds, with no clear cut solution. I found no postings for a low speed wobble. I notived my Goodyear Wranglers seem to have cracks forming in the tread grooves. Could the wobble be a tire defect?
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    Looking to replace the stock 265/70R17's on my 2002 DXL.

    Would I be able to use a set of 285/70R17 BFG All-Terrain T/A KO's without them rubbing? I'm still using the stock 17" rims.
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    I ahve a 2006 Yukon Xl purchased new. Since ownership, I have frequently had the "check tire pressure indicator" come on few a few minutes. After multiple times of checking tire pressures I have come to ignore it unless it stays on for over 10 miles or so, or if it repatedly comes on. Last week it was on everyday after the 2nd day checked tires and all were ok. It remained on, and again checked tires 2 days later to find one low. Filled to specks, now I have a "grinding sound" at that wheel when applying breaks. Suggestions??? Sorry for the long question. Many thanks.
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    In regards to the check tire pressure indicator that comes and goes, a friend of mine had the same problem. We later found out, there were too much moisture in his tire and had to remove the tire to dry the inside... Problem solved.

    Since you mentioned air leakage, (unless you picked-up a nail or something) make sure the valve core is tightened with the correct torque spec via a tool like the one shown in URL below: D=1668
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    I have an '05 Yukon SLT and am ready to replace my tires and am wondering which tires you would recommend. I want a good all-terrain/weather tire. In the past I have always purchased Michelin. I drive mostly in town with kids, dogs, and all of their stuff. So I am looking for a good stop/start and quiet tire. What do you think. Thanks
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    GM had 2 tire sizes (265-70R-16 by Firestone Wilderness and 265-70R-17 Goodyear Wrangler) for that model year, I am not sure which one your's is equipped with... If you are happy with your OEM tires, you may consider staying with the same; however, if you really want to venture out for something different, there are websites available that can also help. Be sure the new tires you buy meet or exceed the ratings that are on your current OEM tire (Just as FYI, I had a very good experience with the Michelin LTX M/S in the past):
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    Thanks for the advice on the tires. Now I have a question about a part that is starting to flake on the interior. The small panel that outlines the radio has started to flake and I have been told by the dealer that a replacement part would cost $100.00 (I have 40,000+ miles and an extended warranty which my husband cringes about everyday - hey I had a head injury when I got the car, I kick myself too, believe me) and I have noticed that several buttons on the radio itself have begun to wear off (white is showing through) - I haven't even ventured to ask what the cost would be to replace the radio. Do you have any suggestions on where I could buy the panel part cheaper, do junk yards exist any more? And can I paint those buttons? I know that these are minor items but they are driving me nuts, especially since the incentives and warranties that they are offering now would mean a replacement for me gratis. I wonder about them taking care of existing customers (I've had the Envoy, Envoy XL, and now the Yukon - and someday would love to own the Yukon XL). Anyway, I appreciate your words of wisdom :) Thanks
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    Have you thought about Dash kit? See attached URL below for example?|category_root|-1=Interior&category|- - - cat_-1|356=Dash+Kits+%26+Accessories&canned_results_trigger=

    Junk year is definitely an option, but you may have to check what's available in your local area through the Yellow Page under Used Auto Parts or Auto Salvage...

    Spray painting over them, hmmm, sounds like the most inexpensive way to go, but there may be quite a bit of surface prep work, and eventually the paint may wear off again... You may want to contact Dupli-Color, let them know your situation and see what product they can suggest for this purpose that will last...

    Lastly, instead of going through your dealership, have you checked those online GM parts stores, like the GMC Parts Direct... Before you do, you may want to call your dealer for those part numbers, so you can use those numbers for your search at the online stores for the exact part for your vehicle.
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    Im also looking for replacement tires for my 07 Yukon Denali. I need 275/55/20 and I have been searching the internet for costs and calling local tire shops. Still I just want to get the best deal possible. Does anyone know if an Alignment is manditory when getting your tires replaced? I had NTB tell me it was, and I dont want to pay 79.95 if its not needed. And I still haven't found the best tires, there's so many to chose from, any advise.
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    Not sure if you have heard/tried the and the for your research? See links below...

    As far as wheel alignment, assuming you are staying with the exact same sized tires as before then its not required; but a good idea to have the alignment checked or have it done if you have not had the wheels aligned before. With so many sub-par alignment shops/mechanics and/or the lack of routine alignment machine calibration, some times may be better off just to leave the alignment alone if your current tires are not showing any irregular wear... if that is the case, I would just keep a close eye on the new tires, if there is any sign of uneven wear, then I will take the car in for an alignment, My 2 cents. Good luck! oYear=2007&autoModel=Yukon+Denali&autoModClar=&width=275/&ratio=55&diameter=20&s- ortCode=60062&skipOver=true&minSpeedRating=S&minLoadRating=S&tab=All 0560&ar=55&fcsr=&rf=true&fcs=false&rd=20&ct=null&rc=ILCINT&cs=275&dVeh=dVeh&yr=2- 007&fclr=&cf=false&vid=010279&fcb=&sw=false
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    Not sure if this is the same, but I have 4 goodyear wranglers 265 75 r 16 on a GMC yukon (they were on my GMC suburban too) and both SUV's had the same wobble or vibration at about the same speed range, that is, it was most noticable between 65 and 80mph. the tires have been balanced 3 times now by different shops and this has not changed these F'd up tires. I blame the GOODYEARS for this and have not had the time or energy to seek out a real solution since they are out of warranty based on time (2 years) not treadwear (less than 2/32). I should have pursued it at the beginning. I have heard there is a better balancing / round / performance whatever tester that can determine if the tires have other problems like being out of "round", but do not know where to find one. maybe an authorized goodyear shop.
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    Hi there;
    This is my first post; I have a yukon denali 07 and need to put new tires. I live in saudi arabia. I often drive my car in a good roads, however; rarely on rough ones. The temperature in summer time goes as high as 50c and very humid and it goes as low as 5c and it becomes very foggy. it rains but no very heavy but when heavy trucks spills petroleum products the roads become very very slippery. :cry:
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    Hi there;
    Could anyone please advice me on what brand name of tires I should buy. I have YUKON 07. Live in Saudi Arabia. I mostly drive my car on well paved roads. I occasionally drive in on rough ones. The temperature in summer time goes as high as 50 Celsius (°C) and humidity goes up to 90% with big trucks spill petroleum products on roads and make roads very slippery. It doesn't rain very often and it's not very heavy. The temperature drops to 5(°C).
    Thanks on advance :cry:
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    It isn't so much brand as it is the particular tire model. There are many brand/models that would not be suitable for your climate - and I assume the folks selling tires in your area would know what works and sell those - and would know what doesn't work, and not sell those. Those folks are in the best position to advise you.

    And spilled petroleum is a problem no matter what tire you have. It is a lubricant after all.
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