EVO vs. STI vs. SRT-4? Want to Run 11's....What should I buy?

traffic_tomtraffic_tom Member Posts: 4
I'm gonna buy my first turbo car. I really want a four door as I have a family. But I want to run 11.9 second quarter mile. Which car and what kind of mods will it take. Can I keep the stock turbo? I live in Southern CA and have access to the best tuner shops.



  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    SRT4 cause you live in Cali and there is no snow. Also drag racing is more the SRTs speed, it's not as good a handling car as the others.

  • andysautosportandysautosport Member Posts: 11
    Mike I totally disagree. I think the Sti or the EVO will definitely get you into the 11's with minimal amounts of money and you can still look good doing it.

    SRT-4's downfall is it's front engine, front wheel drive setup. In a drag race, rear wheel drive and all wheel drive cars rule supreme, front wheel drive is fighting against physics.

    Get the EVO, get a Garrett GT30R or a GReddy T-67 25G and call it a day. We sell all parts for the Sti/Evo/SRT-4, visit us at Andys Auto Sport

    My name is Jay, I would be more than glad to help you out, message me through Carspace as well!
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    Andy, please refrain from advertising on here, that violated the TOS agreement.

    The other reason to go with an SRT4 is that although out of the box it may not be as fast as the others, they are significantly cheaper than an EVO or STi, as with any racing, you will be piling on lots of mods and when you start less expensive you can put some real wide tires up front which would help the grip issue and throw more money into turbos, etc.

    I'm very in depth knowledgeable about straight drag strip racing, but know the basicas (hit the pedal go for -mike
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    any of the 3 will get the job done. its just a matter of upkeep to a turbo car.I dont know where you live in cali but HB speed in long beach is a great tuner
  • katastrofikkatastrofik Member Posts: 1
    One huge reason NOT to go with the SRT4 is that they aren't as mechanically sound as either the EVO or the STI. You're going to waste money on a POS and then waste money fixing that POS and, probably get laughed off the track trying to race a FWD.
    The STI is solid, just as it has been for many many years. You can find a used one that wont break the bank and still achieve your goals. The EVO is a decent choice as well but is more expensive than the STI and is about the same as far as performance goes.
    I'd say go with something that's tried and true. After all, I don't know of any SRT4 that can do 0-60 in 1.9 seconds. Nor will I ever hear of such a feat as that would be impossible for a FWD. There is, however, an STI that can do this. Look it up.
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