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I'm not sure if this has been discussed yet (no search hits), sorry if it has. I have an 07 with the 18" chrome rims. Needless to say the winters in Buffalo are not very forgiving. I try to keep it washed as much as possible. I noticed that the rims are starting to bubble on the outer edges and almost a rust like appearence on other parts. Is this something warranty will cover or is there anything I can pick up at the autoparts store to "re-polish" them when spring hits. Thanks in advance for the help!


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    If they're not damaged from contact then they should be covered under warranty. Have the dealer check them.
  • buffalo78buffalo78 Member Posts: 36
    Thank you! That's what I was planning to do, just didn't know if it was a common problem other people were having.
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    Just saw this message. I am a Canadian and I have the same problem. The problem get worse because the rims etch and flake. I will be trying to see if i can get them replaced under warrenty,when i return from Florida. I will also ask for the 18" aluminum wheels as replacement.
    Jim A
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    I am from near Ottawa (Canada), and I have the same problem too. I investigated, and the local Ford dealer told me there are 800+ cases in North America with 2007/08 Ford Edge rims. As well, I requested free replacement rims (covered under warranty).. but these are on massive back-order... they're talking 2-3 months before in-stock since there are so many cases of this throughout NA. The clearcoat is chipping off the rims (flaking), and it is also bubbling too. Caused from the excess winter of snow we had, heat from brakes/wheels, and the salt -- all combined into one. The Ford dealership has been instructed to take pictures of the rims for R&D so they can fix the problem with the rims... BECAUSE the replacement rims they intend to send me will probably do the same thing after next winter unless they crack the source of the problem (rim coating composition breakdown/reaction). Later... Bo
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    how do u find out the diminsiouns
  • CCW91CCW91 Member Posts: 3
    of ur wheel wells?
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    With a tape measure?
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    My '08 Edge Ltd with 20" Chrome wheels (6000 miles) has brassy tarnished spots on them that will not come off with the car wash solution or soap & water. My Edge just went through a long, snowy Ohio winter with road salt, although I did wash it frequently, especially after big snow storms. I went to buy chrome cleaner last night, but also noticed that the clear coat is peeling off along the outside edge of one of the tires, so I just took it into the service department. The "Master Certified Service Advisor" said that the wheels shouldn't do that, and they might need to order new rims for me. Then my sales rep came into the service area and said that their service guy could clean up the rims with a special cleaner. I told him I bought some chrome cleaner at the auto store, and he said that the stuff I bought in the store wouldn't do the job. What!!?? Does this mean I have to take my Edge to the service department every time my wheels get tarnished. Also, this does not address the peeling clear coat.
    I will pick up my car in a couple of hours and will follow up on this forum.
    I also have some kind of glue dripping down from the outer edges of the long horizontal piece that goes across and surrounds the lift gate handle. In between the horizontal piece and the lift gate, in the crevice, the paint has bubbled and is completely crumbled off in some places. They said they will put touch up paint on it and schedule it for body work.
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    Keep after them for new rims. Our daughter had the same thing happen to her Escape chrome rims. The only solution was new rims which Ford paid for.
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    It's a known problem. Find another dealer. They will be replaced no questions asked.
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    I haven't been on the forum for a while, so I figured I'd check to see what was new and give an update on my tire issue. Well, I went to the dealer last spring and had "NEW" rims put on the edge when this issue first started. Guess what, another winter and the same problem AGAIN!!! So I guess it's back to the dealer. Has anyone else had the rims replaced and the same problem happen?
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    I'm from the Buffalo area, too and saw your topic. My cars don't include an Edge yet, but it's on my short list to replace my Subaru Forester. Every car I have had with aluminum painted wheels has had tarnishing and pitting issues that stemmed from breaches in the wheel's clear coat.

    Tire Rack sells Wheel Wax that may help, there is a marine product called Flitz that might help, but you'll not like what is probably the most expensive, but best solution for you (and was for me).... get a set of winter tires and wheels, balanced, from Tire Rack and store your OEM's away for the winter. When winter's safely behind (I left mine on until the end of April, even though KB had been closed for several weeks), put the OEM's back on.

    Also, when you get a tire changed or balanced, insist on "sticky weights", they cost more, but eliminate additional clearcoat breaches - unfortunately the old weights probably already caused some damage. If you prefer, have the old weights removed ASAP and the wheels rebalanced with sticky weights - nice wheels are too expensive to mess up and the price of rebalancing with sticky weights is a good value. Either Pep Boys or Walmart carries Eagle wheel protectant that might help, but a similar RainX product I used a few years ago gave negligible protection. Clean your wheels and tires with Eagle All-in-One cleaner, it does not contain acids. Turtle Wax also has a really cheap non-acid cleaner that I get sometimes, too. Pep Boys has the best selection of non-acidic cleaners I've found from the stores in our aread. Some sort of solution ruined the OEM wheels on my M3 a few years ago and the dealer insisted I caused it and wanted $2500 for new wheels. I continued to fight until they gave in - if the wheels were fine when I dropped it off, they did something, then I come to get the car and there were permanent black blotches on the wheels, it was obvious the damage was due to something they put on those wheels. Even BMW brand cleaner has acid in it - never never never use an acidic product!!!!!!
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    I to have a 2008 edge with chrome wheels and the rims are pitted I went to the ford dealer on may 5,2009 and he took pictures of the wheels ( all 4 ) are nasty the next day he called and told me that ford approved them as damaged and I would be hearing from them to receive 4 new wheels only time will tell when and if the new wheels are better than the first ones............geeeeeeeeeeeeeesh! :mad:
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    I noticed when i bought my brand new 2010 leftover Ford Edge about a month ago that one of the Chrome 20' factory rims had a small chip in the chrome. I was walking around my car today and noticed very large areas of flaking chrome on EVERY rim now. I see that several other people are having this problem after a snow storm . The fact is we just had a snowstorm here in the Phila. area and now i see all this flaking. I guess the salt theory is making sense now . I will be contacting my Dealer and will update this forum with my results.
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    I recently took my Edge Sport in to have the tires balanced and aligned. I was surprised to hear that all 4 rims were damaged and that they were not covered under warranty. I have never has a problem with the alignment or balance until recently and have not run over anything that could damage the rims. The model year is a 2010 and I only have 22k miles. The Ford dealer in Albany Georgia wanted $2900 to fix the problem and said I should make an insurance claim. I picked up my Edge and went to another shop where a good friend worked. He advised me that the 4 rims were damaged and he can repair them for $1900. This sounds to me like a factory defect but was wondering if anyone else is having this issue.
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    What type of damage? If the rims are bent then somebody ran into something at some point. There are no factory issues on Edge wheels other than the chrome clad wheels not being repairable (the chrome clad part) and some problems with air pressure.
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    I agree Allen. Someone probably drove over a curb.
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    I 'spect somebody has some 'splaining to do (Lucy).
  • gregoryscott1gregoryscott1 Member Posts: 3
    I have been told by the body shop that they had never seen something like this. My wife did hit a curb with the drivers side wheel and that was when we noticed the tires being out of align and some balance issues. I did try to blame her but my daughter had her back and was in the car with her. We did buy the Edge used 8k miles and now has 22k but have had no issues. I was also told by Ford and the body shop for the rims to be damaged it would take a severe hit to the rims where all the tires could "blow" out. Do you think it is possible the rims were bent when we bought the vehichle? The good news for me is I use USAA on my car insurance and they are taking care of most of the bill. Thanks for everbodies response.
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    Wheels (not rims) don't just bend by themselves. If you're sure you didn't do it then I would say it's almost guaranteed that the previous owner did it. Probably straightened out the damage enough to get the tires to hold air. Glad insurance is taking care of it.
  • gregoryscott1gregoryscott1 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks and I was just wondering if anyone else had any problems but it sounds like we were just unlucky.
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    I slightly bent one of my plastic chrome wheel covers on my 2011 Ford Edge SEL. My fault, I gotta pay to replace it.

    So I go to the dealer to see how badly this is going to hurt.

    I ask the parts guy, "How much to replace the chrome plastic wheel cover on my Edge?" He rolls his eyes, he has been through this before. "Um, well, you have to replace the whole wheel. I stare at him. "What?"

    The wheel cover is "bonded" to the wheel. You can't get it separately. $768.12, plus mounting and balancing. But they will give you back $50 for the old wheel. They will recycle it for you." How sweet and Green of Ford.

    I stare.

    They go on to explain what a great engineering design it is. "Putting chrome on the wheel this way saves weight and cost. It improves your MPG."

    Yeah well, I think it is a calculated money grab by Ford to make sure you spend $800 bucks, instead of $80, or $150, for something %60+ of owners are going to damage sometime in the car's life. I do not think it was an engineering design at all, but a purposeful design to extract as much money from their clients after they purchase the car.

    Now I know how they could avoid the bailout, by building in a crazy expensive design that screws their clients.

    Nice Ford!
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    How many times are you going to post this? That's at least 3 forums.

    It's a new technology that several mfrs are using. It has weight and durability benefits. The downside is that it can't currently be repaired. I'm sure that will change as the product matures.
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    First time I've seen Bernieedge posting here. And rims is what this discussion is all about.

    So chill. :)
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    I too am frustrated with the 20 " Plastic/chrome wheels on my 2012 Edge. I curbed/scraped the wheel lip on a wheel and also went to the dealer looking for a replacement "hubcap". I was also told that there is no hubcap, and the wheels are NOT repairable. I was quoted $950. each to replace. My younger brother bought an Edge and he was told that there was a repair source much like "The Dent Wizard" that went around to dealers and repaired these wheels. I took my Edge to my local dealer, they actually set up an appointment for me to bring the car in. When the repair guy saw the wheels, he said he could not fix them. I don't know if that was because he did not have the skills, or the technology is just not yet out there. I really like my Edge, but would never recommend these wheels. Really... $750 to $950. per wheel is a ripoff. Ford's better idea sucks! They should recall the wheels if they are not repairable. Anyone got an answer?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTMember Posts: 17,455
    I'm not a huge fan of these type wheels, but they do have some advantages.
    They look pretty good and are easy to clean.
    2020 Ford Explorer XLT
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    Just bought a 2013 Edge SEL - Paid an extra $795 for the 18" Chrome Clad Wheels. I had no idea they are actually plastic. I am a little upset. I was thinking of solid wheels like on my '07 Expedition. I hope that they have been proven to be durable. When the time comes that I need new tires, how can they remove the old tires without damaging the plastic cover? Seems like the plastic would crack when that big tire machine is placed on the lip of the wheel. Any thoughts?
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    The chrome plating is more durable since it won't pit over time and it's lighter for better handling and fuel economy. The downside is if you damage them they can't be repaired (yet). But changing tires hasn't been an issue.
  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    They are also the easiest rims to clean. Far easier than regular aluminum.
  • retafagminretafagmin Member Posts: 1
    Noticed that a lot of people are experiencing problems with Edge rims. I purchased a "certified" 2011 Edge and at the time purchased a tire and wheel insurance policy. My rims started bubbling and peeling. I submitted a claim under the policy and it was denied as Ford deemed it cosmetic and after appeals their reply stuck. The service manager agreed with me that it should be covered. Insurance called it collision damage and agreed to cover it under $500 Dollar deductible. The result was replacement but still cost me $500 dollars. I will not purchase any car with such wheels and then it will not be a Ford. After 23 years Ford I just say Bye Bye.
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    Yes James this is a tragedy because rims and even tires should not have to be a worry to you. Ford has gotten away with so many goofs since 2008 (transmissions, staining seats and poor My sync) I have only been a loyal fan for 5 years but the last 3 Fords have been disappointing. I too am looking elsewhere after this current lease is up. Sorry you had to learn this lesson too.
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    Just bought a 2013 Edge Eco-boost. Had a 2009 Escape with those chrome covers and waited a long time to clean. I felt it would take too long to clean them real good. Based on the cleaning of those I assume one should clean the chrome often and with nothing abrasive. Is this true and what is a recommended cleaner?
  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    They are an easy clean on the Edge. I use mild soap and water and a sponge. Rinse clean and that is it. I find that brake dust does not build up to any degree on these rims.
  • edgy1edgy1 Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone else had a blow out through the back of the 20" stock chrome rims that are standard on a 2013 Ford Edge SEL. I had one crack near the end of a 8 hour drive in 40 degree F weather. It felt like I hit something when it failed, but went back and walked the road immediately following the failure and found nothing on the road. The tire shows no sign of damage.
  • Omara_guilar_Omara_guilar_ Streamwood Member Posts: 1
    I noticed that the rims on my Ford Edge are rusted and they are aluminum I take care of them I wash them all the time but it doesn’t matter 
    also the top of the rear tires are getting rusted 
    and same as the cranck shaft the main bearing got worn in the 98 thousand miles and I had to change it it think that it is low miles to change it anyone knows what kind of paint and primer they used On the Ford Edge 2007 
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