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I've had my 08 Fusion for 3 months and I love it. A few days ago the rear speakers started to make popping sounds when the brakes were applied. I took it to the dealer and got it back yesterday. They said there was a problem with a ground wire and they fixed it. When I picked it up it seemed to be fine. But today they started making the same noise only not as loud. When I called the dealership they said they fixed it according to the Ford regulations but it could be something else. Has anyone else had this problem.


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    A bunch of us were having the problem with the 07s. We all had premium sound systems. I brought mine in two months ago, they tightened the ground and said that they would also change the receiver. Tightening the ground worked fine for me so I passed on the new receiver. (I was afraid of a rebuilt unit as I had a nightmare with rebuild 20 years ago and I didn't want to repeat it).

    I would have hoped that the 08s solved the problem.
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    Thanks for replying. When I took it to my dealer they seemed to have never come across this problem before. They did something with the ground wire and it was better yesterday but today it began again but not quite as loud. Lets hope that when I take it back in they can figure it out cause I'd hate to feel like I'm getting ripped off cause if I get out the sticker off the car I'm sure I paid a few hundred dollars for the premium sound system.
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    If you have speakers under the parcel shelf then you got the Audiophile system. The standard system only includes speakers in the doors.

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    I just took my in for the same reason today. They are planning to replace the radio. Only have 4K miles on the car.
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    Just got it back and was told Ford is aware of the problem and they are in the process of working out a solution. So I was told to call the dealer in a few weeks and check back in with them. If they haven't heard back from Ford by then they will try again until we can get my vehicle fixed.
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    have an '07 sel with audiophile. the book indicates it has 'DSP' accessible from the menu button. mine does not display it as an option.
    anyone have any info on this? thanks.
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    DSP stands for Digital Signal Processing and the only feature available is Occupancy Mode: All Seats, Drivers Seat, Rear seats.
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    my explorer has it, so i know what it is. if just can't get the selection to display.
    no big deal, i can adjust the balance/fade to mimic the occupancy mode if i feel i need to. thanks for the reply.
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    I bought a new 2007 Mercury Milan in August and the speakers continuously hum and pop. It has gotten much worse, and I made an appointment to take it to the dealership, but I'm worried that they won't be able to fix it and I'll have to keep taking it in like some of the other people that have posted here. Has anyone had luck with the repair?
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    I was told that Ford is aware of the problem and they are working on a solution. I'm getting ready to touch base with my dealership in the next few days and see if they have heard back from Ford yet. They said if not they will get in touch with Ford until there is a solution. My dealership is very dedicated to getting my car fixed, lets just hope Ford is as dedicated. I will keep you posted.
    Also, don't let your dealer tell you the problem is a ground wire, it is much more extensive a problem than that, and having a ground wire adjusted is only a temporary fix (less than a day before sound starts again).
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    I generally have not read good reviews of fusion factory systems, even the audiophile ones, (prior to the sony on 2010 models)...has anyone upgraded their speakers, amps?
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