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I was wondering if any one can answer why my 2002 yukon xl tv screen shuts off when i come to a stop. I can drive on the highway and it will stay on but when i bring the yukon to a stop the screen shuts off. Sound will come out of the head phones still but no picture on the screen. The other thing is I can only get sound out of the wireless head phones is there any way I can get sound out of the car factory speakers


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    I have 2003 Yukon and when the Radio is on all of a sudden I will hear a whining sound coming from the speakers. The Whining becomes a higher pitch as I accelerate. Could this be something like interference from Spark Plugs? Also every now and then I will hear a static sound coming from the On-Star speaker??? Any Ideas???

    Thanx Scot
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    Could this be something like interference from Spark Plugs?

    Definitely! I'll leave it to the experts here to provide details and recommendations but, generally, sparks plugs with higher internal resistance will reduce the level of interference.

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    To get your DVD sound to play through the trucks' speakers just hit the CD button on the left side of the nav screen until RSE (rear seat entertainment) appears. You may find you need to tunr the volume up once you switch to DVD.

    I just watched season 1 of "Arrested Development" during my lunches at work in the truck. This might prove to be a tough habit to break. :P
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    2004 GMC Yukon Denali.
    No navigation screen, just radio.
    The manual says that once the DVD is playing there should be a DVD symbol on the radio, then I should select the DVD as audio source by pressing TAPE/DISC until DVD is highlighted, or choose DVD from using the SOURCE button. But the DVD symbol never shows up even while the DVD is playing, and DVD is not an option under SOURCE or TAPE/DISC.
    Either I'm just doing something wrong, or there is a problem.
    Also might be after market DVD, with missing head phones.
    Cannot select DVD audio from rear entertainment center either.
    Did this model come with a DVD player?
    If so, how do we listen to it? It plays the movie, but cannot access sound.
    Please help!
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    Hey eager beaver,
    I don't have the nav screen, but do have the radio/cds. According to the manual I should be able to listen to the DVD using the radio and speakers, but can't figure it out. I don't even know if this is maybe after market and not hooked up to the radio. Can anyone help. Of course one of the former owners kept the headsets.
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    If I buy another set of wireless headphones to go with the set of two that I already have will they work (all 4 together) at the same time? I sometimes have 4 kids in the back and my wife and I want to listen to the radio while they watch a dvd.

    gmhellman ;)
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    Yes they will work fine as long as they are OEM GM ones. Best place to buy them is off Ebay. I bought the extra 2 headphones for my kids and they work great, usually for $75.00 you can get 2 headphones and a second remote.
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    is possible to play the cd and the dvd at the same time? how can i do that? kids playing a movie in the back seat and listen to a cd in the front seat
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    I have a new '09 Tahoe Hybrid with DVD/Nav and Rear Entertainment System. The wireless headphones (factory) will play the DVD audio, but not other audio sources. The manual says that these headphones should have a 1/2 source switch - where 1 plays the DVD audio and 2 goes to the other audio sources as controlled by the Read Audio System. My headphones do not have this 1/2 switch - was a provided with the incorrect headphones for my vehicle. The dealership says they have never seen headphones with a 1/2 source switch.
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    The headphones that came with my 08' Suburban have a 1-2 switch on them. They both have a red power button with a 1-2 switch. Sounds like you need to talk to someone else.
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    My radio screen is black, buttons do not work, steering wheel controls do not work, volume on unit is the only thing that does work. Cannot change channel, cannot do Nav, change from FM/XM/AM. Does change channel when it starts either from an NPR station on FM or one of the XM stations. I have seen reconditioned units for sale. Ideas on what is wrong? What do new/reconditioned units run?
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    did you find a solution? ours started doing the exact same thing.
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