Nissan Murano Brake Problems

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Hi all

This is my first time here. I am here since I have a problem with the brake system of my 07 Murano. It makes noise everytime it is in reverse.
Dealer has tried to fix the problem 3 time already but without success.
I then sent the manufacture and Florida Office of Attorney both a "Defect Notification" and allowed them to try one more time. They did...
It was fine for couple days after I got it back from the dealer but ............the problem has come back. It is actually louder than before.
I am filing a complaint thr. BBB Autoline
I am here to ask for advices if you have been through this process before.
My questions are:
What must I do next?
Should I hire a lawyer?
Any good lawyer that you would recommend to handle my case?

Again, I live in Florida

Thanks All


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    The problem with the brakes squealing in reverse has existed since day one with the Murano and I don't believe they have a fix for it. I also have an '07 and the last time I had it in for an oil change I mentioned the problem. They told me Nissan would have a solution in a month but I think it was a bunch of bs.

    You should probably be more concerned about potential problems with the transmission.

    Good luck with the car.
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    it is only the 07 with the problem. I have an 07 which I like very much except for the reverse brake squeak. I've gotten the same promise that Nissan is working on it and the service rep promises to call the minute they get a solution. No luck after 9 months and numerous inquiries and 2 attempts to fix it. I've become very good at backing without hitting the brakes. I can't say it's a deal breaker for me, but it's darn close. Too bad for an otherwise very decent vehicle, but I don't recommend the Murano when people ask.
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    I am crossing my fingers that my latest brake fix will be long term. I called last week and the service guy claimed they had a repair. Had it done and so far, so good. It is quiet when I back up. Not sure what they did. Last time I took in they worked on the brakes, but the squeak was back immediately. I am into it 3 days and it's holding. As I said, I'm crossing my fingers.
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    I own a 2007 Murano and have had the "squealing brakes" issue from day one. It always happens in reverse and sometimes in drive on initial startup. I find it very embarrassing as my squeal is very loud. I called NIssan the other day to get the issue resolved. When I brought it in a tech took a ride with me and we could not create the problem which really didn't surprise me since it was early afternoon and the car was fairly warm. He asked me if I thought it was a safety issue and I said no but I didn't think a car of this caliber should behave like a Yugo! Anyway, he had me agree that it was a "cold" brake problem meaning it only occurs when the car has not been driven for two hours or more. I had the work done and have had no squeal since. It is such a pleasure now to back up, hit the brakes, and hear nothing. I'm sure the neighbors are happy too!
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    my brake fix is not working. The squeak in reverse is coming back. Same thing that happened the first time I had it repaired. Very disappointed!
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    Actually, after my recent fix, my brake squeak only happens after the car sits overnight.. . .so the new fix is an improvement, so far. While it's not a complete fix, it's better than nothin'.
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    My Murano has 200 miles and since the day I picked it up from the dealer I felt the brakes were mushy or too soft. The brakes feel very soft compared to my old Maxima.

    Usually I have to press on the brake about 1/2 inch before I feel anything braking effect.

    I brought this at the dealership when I bought the car and the salesperson told me maybe it was because it too new.
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    It sounds like you may have air in your brake lines and that is easily resolved by a process called "bleeding." It's a simple procedure and the dealership should certainly know better.

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    I've had the same problems with my 09 Murano that started about a month after I bought the car. EXTREMELY loud screeching in reverse. Car doesn't have to be cold either, it happens every time. Pulling out of the driveway, at the grocery store, everywhere. It is the most embarrassing vehicle to drive. I've been given the run around by the dealer and the Nissan 1 line. Now they won't call me back. I'm so mad about the situation I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions? Can I return it and get my money back? I would do it in a second. I knew I should have gotten the Lexus, but I was sold by the price and all the new gadgets. My car also makes a high pitched humm when I'm accelerating. Very annoying for me. It happens at every speed, but only at certain rpms. it is usually around 2000 or 2500 rpms. has anyone else experienced this? Again this is something they told me is "a normal characteristic of this vehicle". They say mine is unusually loud and they don't know why. What a joke.
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    Is the screeching sound coming from the front of the car or from the rear. I will guess it's from the front and may be one of the belts. Tension on the belt could adjusted or the belt replaced to eliminate the sound. I'm a little concerned that the dealer wouldn't even have a look at it when it's a brand new vehicle.

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    I don't know about the hum but I had the brake "squeal" from day one. I finally brought it in over a year later in mid May of this year. They replaced the front brake pads and rotors under warranty. It has been fine since eliminating that embarrassing noise. I have detected a very slight squeal on rare occasions but it's nothing I can't live with. Nissan definitely has a fix for the problem. They just won't come running to you to offer to do the work. I would just call them and let them know that you are aware that this is a problem with the Murano and that you want it corrected.
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    After battling with Nissan for months, they finally came back to me and said there is no fix for the problem and that it is "a normal characteristic of the vehicle". That is crazy, this is not normal for ANY car. Even for old crummy cars, much less an 09. They said the lemon law will not cover me either because there is a stipulation in it that says the dealer must unsuccessfully repair the car 3 times for it to be considered a lemon. The Nissan Regional Specialist told me that since there is no fix for the problem, they will not even attempt to fix it, so I'll never get to 3 unsuccessful attempts. It is almost like they are doing everything possible to tick me off.

    When I spoke with the Service Manager and the General Manager they told me their hands were tied. Until Nissan recognizes this as an issue, they will not fix it or attempt to fix it. They basically tell me I'm screwed and that I need to deal with this embarrassing car. They finally said the only things I can do are file a claim with the BBB, or sue them. I'm beyond dumbfounded at this point. I won't let them get away with this, I'll do whatever it takes. The consumer needs to be protected from this kind of thing.
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    I'm sorry that is happening to you. I purchased a 07 nissan murano in October with 12,000 miles on it and it started happening immediately after I brought it home. I have had the car checked out by 2 mechanics for opinions and Nissan. Nissan told me they "fixed it " but it had become worse in the last few days.

    Did you say you lived in Florida? When I parked in the garage overnight it seemed to help. Can the humidty have anything to do with this? I'm at my wits end with this car and and not sure what else to do. Have you tried reporting this to the local problem solvers in your area?
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    I have an 07 with the very loud squeek in reverse. It's the craziest thing I've encountered over the 30+ years I've bought new cars (and I've bought plenty of new cars.) The dealership has worked on it twice resulting in a temporary fix with the noise coming back fairly quickly. I've talked to the dealership several times with their answer is that Nissan was working on it. I've spoken with Nissan's official customer service who (after quite a bit of talk) gave me the same answer. . .there is yet a solution to the issue. . .but I will be notified as soon as they find one.
    It appears from reading here the problem has carried over to the 2009 model. It's too bad. I like the car. It does everything very well; but, that brake noise is a deal breaker for me. It is increditably annoying. I've given up hope they will find a fix (wondering if anyone is even looking for one) and learning to back up without using the brakes. :cry:
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    I have an '07 and had the problem worked on in May. Everything was great for a period of time but the "squeal" came back and it is now twice as loud as it used to be and very annoying and embarrassing. When it first happened after the fix, I was shocked at how loud it was. I haven't even bothered calling Nissan back because I don't think they have a fix for it. If they did, they wouldn't still be having this problem through all the years. I find it is most likely to happen when it's humid or has been raining. I live in a condo with a common parking area for the group of buildings I am in and I must say I feel very obvious when I leave in the morning. I've tried a few tricks but nothing seems to work. This and the lingering fear that the transmission is flawed lessen the driving experience on an otherwise enjoyable ride.
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    I have found the squeak repair will last 3-4+ months. I've been taking it in every 4-6 months and asking for a repair which seems to work for another limited time. I'll be curious to see their response after 3yr. 36k bumber to bumper expires. Since the issue has never been resolved in any thing but a temporary fix, will they continue to honor my request to fix the problem? It's a heck of a pisser, but I'm hoping my ongoing request for a fix will keep them liable for the issue beyond the bumper to bumper warranty because the problem has essentially never been meaningfully repaired. :confuse:
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    New 2007 Murano. Like most the brakes were squealing bad in morning and at times at slow speed in peak traffic.
    Back to Nissan many times.Complained to Nissan service at place of purchase.
    I was advised that it was normal and that there was nothing could be done. I advised i wanted to lodge an official complaint with Nissan Head office about the vehicle. 6 days later i recvd a call from HQ. I told them of the problem. They advised there was very little could be done except maybe work something out with service manager at place of purchase. Took vehicle back. I was told nothing could be done, but they would take the vehicle for a day or more and check it out. They Machined Disks, replaced Pads, greased between plates, and rebent spring clamps as pads were moving. To this day i have had not repeat of the problem.
    All of this was done at their expense. I have also seen at another post that the fitting of Ceramic Pads stopped the problem.
    Hope this can help others who are as dissapointed as i was.
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    That's what happened to me. Still have the problem even though they had tried 4 times to fix it already. I'd even filed a lemon law case with the Attorney Office but did not win the case since the problem was normal to them.
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    My squeal is fixed and my solution is to ignore everything Nissan Corporate tells you. I’ve been driving 4 weeks now and no squeal!

    I bought my used 2005 Infi FX 35 with 29k miles on it around December of last year. I literally drove it back to the CarMax dealer every week for a month after first hearing the squeal. It only squealed at certain times… not consistently, but it was loud when it did squeal! So I recorded video of the squealing and hounded the heck out of the service department. They finally fixed it by installing Wagner ThermoQuiet brake pads which are made of a softer material that does not squeal and is NOT made by Nissan. And of course Nissan would never tell you to buy an off-brand product to fix your Nissan/Infiniti car.

    My problem was such a confusion for the CarMax dealer that they got the Nissan factory (located 15 miles from where I bought my Infiniti) to give suggestions, but none of the suggestions ever worked. The techs at CarMax spent over 3 months trying different types of Nissan factory brakes including changing out shims. The tech also found a couple of Nissan service requests that he followed up on, but all Nissan suggestions failed. My dealer even got the local Infiniti dealer in on it thinking they would be more help. The annoying thing about that is that I went to the local Infiniti service department at the same time I was harassing CarMax and the Infiniti dealer wanted me to spend over $1,000 to put all new parts (Nissan parts mind you) on the car which probably still would not have fixed it.

    I hope this fixes everyone elses problems too even though I know each problem is unique. I do have to thank the Jackson, Mississippi CarMax dealer for all the time and money they spent. I know it should be normal in the business world, but I’m not used to having customer service that finally resolves the problem like this. Lars is the service manager and he spent hours researching this… so much that he earned a couple of certifications on brakes while he researched my problem. Lars never once got angry at me even though I pestered the heck out of him. NISSAN KNOWS the fix and won't say it. Thank You Lars!!!
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    I have a 2009 Murano with 20k miles on it and for the last couple montsh I have been having loud squeals and squeeks when pressure is applied to the brakes. My question is what is the normal wear period on pads? is it possible I need pads or is this just more of the same problems with brakes making noises that people on here are speaking of? I look forward to anyones input. Thanks!
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    I had the same problem on my '07 when I got it new. There is a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) which Nissan has sent to the dealers on this issue. They need to add a shim kit to your brake pads. I had the front done and then a few months later the rears done and for 2 years no noise.

    You can search the TSBs for the veh on edmunds. Go to the dealer. Tell him about the TSB and make him look it up. If he doesn't know what you are talking about then go to a dealer than has some idea how to service the vehicles they sell.
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    I think the 2007's problem is a design defect they can not fix with their current material approach to it. I live in the northeast where it is damp, and the problem happens with brake squeal after the car has been standing and upon backing up and turning the wheel mostly. It can get alarmingly loud. My car is garage kept also, so not exposed to the worse conditions. The fixes last about two months, if done by Nissan, and include disk work, pad lubricating. I know they have changed the pads twice, in 20k miles. I know of one person who will not buy one because they heard my problem, and as you say Nissan can not fix it. I am going to lodge a formal complaint with HQ, Otherwise the car is great, rides well, handle good and is comfortable. Does anyone know if this problem has been fixed in the 2010?
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    Over a period of 3 years we had the ongoing probelm with the brakes on the 2007 Murano. Kits fitted, Shimes fitted, rebuilt, everything was done but still to no avail. After the ongoing problems i contacted Lemon Law Lawyer. They looked into it and told me that as i had not taken action in the 1st 12 month period, i could not proceed with the full extent of the Lemon Law. That is when pressed for a replacement vehicle or taking the vehicle back, Nissan stated they were in the clear because of the Lemon Law rule in Colorado. As i had not done anything within that 12 month period after buying the vehicle they were in the clear.. If i had pushed the case and followed through there was every chance i would have lost and been up for costs.
    Here i was trying to do the right thing, get the vehicle repaired within the 36 month period and all the time not knowing that i had to take legal action within that 12 month period. After consultation with Nissan they took the vehicle back, rebuilt the brakes front and rear, putting Ceramic pads on and offering $2000 cash as a type of " now run away and dont bother us again" payment. I told them i wanted more but they said that this was a one time offer, Take it or leave it!..I took it.
    The stupid part is that all the time i had dealings about the brakes i kept asking they fit Ceramic pads and Nissan refused all along. Yet in the end they said they were going to solve the problem by putting Ceramic pads on. Sure beats me!
    So, that is my dealings with them over the brakes. That was back in June and as yet things are okay. Sooo far anyway.
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