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Jeep Grand Cherokee Intake System

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edited March 2014 in Jeep
I am trying to find an performance intake tube for the 4.0L engine. It seems that they only have it for the 4.7L. I looked at full CAI systems like the K&N FIPK but am woried about hydrolock (I do a lot of offroading). Any suggestions?


  • Rusty's Off-Road ( has an intake tube available for the 4.0 WJ. Last time I looked, you got the air tube for somewhere around $80-$90, and then you purchased the filter of your choice. I know that he offers at least 2 different sizes of K&N cone filters, but I recommend the Tru-Flow foam filter. It flows better AND filters better. I was going to purchase one from them, but I had a neighbor trying to sale a BBK Motorsports cold air induction system for the '99-up Mustang GT that I bought for $50 (filter with stainless plumbing). After a couple of modifications it became a '00 Grand Cherokee cold air induction system. I've had no problems whatsoever and can definitely feel the difference! It also adds a nice throaty growl to it when you really get on it. Anyway, give Rusty's a look and see what you think. If I remember correctly, the 90-degree elbow that fits over the throttle body is a silicone coupler which is much better than rubber.
  • 5213252132 Posts: 62
    It's a great price, but are you sure it wouldn't cause hydrolock? All that I am really looking for is something that connects to the stock air box and replaces the stock breather hose which has the restrictive resonator on it. I'll think about it though. :)
    By the way, great website
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