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Mice inside My Honda Pilot

rpowersrpowers Member Posts: 24
edited April 2014 in Honda
We have an 05 XEL that recently had the same
oxygen sensor wires chewed-up by mice or rats that a few other owners have had.
Now we find that there are mice droppings under the rear seats. Can anyone help me determine WHERE they are entering the cars interior? and is there a way to stop this?
Thank you


  • joeyjoejoejoeyjoejoe Member Posts: 68
    You could always just get a cat for guard duty. I'm allergic to them so my wife always says she's going to get a "garage" cat. I have a funny feeling, however, that the "garage" cat would very quickly become a "basement" cat and then a "house" cat.

    This of course isn't the best advice....more like a random idea. Good luck with whatever you do! :D
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Member Posts: 1,207
    put a few mouse glue traps inside your car and on garage corners. Don't forget to put a piece of chedder cheese in the middle. Best is use a lighter to burn it a little to make the smell stronger. I think a few pan-fried bacon also very tempting for these mice. May be cat chow, dog chow also.

    Put in location where you see droppings. That is their route and they are quite smart and take a couple of days for them to get use to the trap.
  • bnkausikbnkausik Member Posts: 5
    found mouse droppings in my wifes mazda5. any food left in the car by the kids was munched on.

    i suspected the cabin air intake. ripped off the shroud around the windsheild wipers and sure enough the mice had chewed through the plastic grille on the cabin air intake. cut a piece of quarter inch spaced hardware cloth to size (5.5x6.5) and pressed it into place. bought some new platic body rivets and reinstalled the plastic shroud. no more mice.
  • fred25fred25 Member Posts: 92
    If mice are getting into your vehicle as mentioned you can use cheese, but peanut butter is a better choice on the glue trap. You can also use fabric softener strips.
    They will keep the critters away since they do not like the smell of these strips.

  • rodutrodut Member Posts: 343
    Buy the WILSON Predator Snap-E mouse trap. It costs a couple of bucks and it's unbelievably efficient ! It caught my mouse in a couple of hours. Put peanut butter only in it.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Great reviews on Amazon.
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