Hyundai Santa Fe headlights on with ignition off?

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Is there a way to switch the headlights on with the ignition off?
My headlights switch off automatically when I turn off the ignition, leaving just the parking lights on. When I remove the ignition key, the parking lights go off.
All very nice.
But, I cannot switch the headlights on without the ignition key in and turned to "on".
The owners manual says that if you turn the headlight stalk off then on again, the headlights will come on, but in my case only the parkers come on.
Is there something obvious I'm missing ?


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    The headlamps are wired into a relay that is inactive unless the ignition switch is in the run position. The only thing you can turn on is the parkers. this is to reduce the battery drain if the lights are lefton by mistake. Hyundai's have been this way since the early 90's and I don't expect that to change. Your car is working as designed.
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    The wording in the manual could be a bit confusing. Where it says "to keep the lights on when the ignition key is removed" is under the heading "Parking Light Auto Off". When I first read this, I too thought they meant the headlights. Every other reference in this section states "parking lights", one says "parklight", and the sentence you reference just says "lights". (2007 manual, page 77)
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    Is there a way to replace the headlight lenses on the 2000 - 04 Pontiac Bonneville’s?
    Volvo had a similar problem with yellowing and lenses were available for replaceing.
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    I checked that out and all thouse things have been tryed. A "person" talking on her cellphone ran into me on the right side. The pollish fix will not help the differance in clarity between the 2 sides. We can hardly see at night on that side and it looks like she has a cataract.
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