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Honda CR-V Power Door Locks



  • lobelia2klobelia2k Posts: 2
    I too am worried about Honda quality. I purposely purchased a Honda because of their quality reputation. This car is not even five years old and barely has 31,000 miles on it and it too has been well maintained. Scary.
  • penguin59penguin59 Posts: 6
    2007 CRV - LX 2 WD ... Solenoid on rear drivers side door had become very loud when activated about two months ago. It and other 3 doors (and hatch) all worked fine otherwise as far as responding to key fob and manual lock activator and staying locked or unlocked. Auto lock worked fine after speeding up if doors were unlocked. Now, the driver side rear solenoid is even louder, but everytime the car accelerates through approx 9 mph all door solenoids relock the doors whether the doors were already locked or not. Will that occur if just one door isn't sensed as locked? I'm wondering if replacing the rear driver side solenoid might fix all problems?
  • sd73,

    I just finished replacing the auto door lock on the drivers door of my 2004 CR-V. This completely fixed the door lock problem I had which is identical to the problem you are having. The mirrors not working is posibly the connector has slipped off. Changing the power door lock was no easy task and took me about 3 hours start to finish. There are several sites that show how to do this but none were very descriptive and I had to figure it out as I went. Everything works like new again so it was successful. The part cost me $83 and change shipped to my house from autozone. Good luck!
  • hawg1983,

    Good to hear you finished and is working OK. Is the actuator the grey/black plastic box located on the left bottom side of the driver's side door that has two electrical connectors plugged into it? If so how did you detach it from the white plasic rod holder?
  • I see that I am not the only guy with a driver door lock problem. hawg mentioned having visited sites showing you how to replace the actuator. I would like to know where these sites are as I intend to do this myself. Additionally, I am worried about how to take the door panel off. In the old days I remember you had to have some special kind of tool. Any tips would be appreciated by this new member. Thanks
  • charlie121charlie121 Posts: 1
    the power door locks failed. I have the non antenna style so used the grey wire to re-run power to the module in the driver's door, got a used driver's actuator and module but the other three doors don't work even though there is continuity between the door and under the dash for the two wires that lock/unlock the passenger doors. Any suggestions.
  • kim_in_brkim_in_br Posts: 2
    If none of your locks are working, may be the electronic Modulator. I started having multiple symptoms... first locks wouldn't work, then my Brake light would come on intermitently and then my A/C wouldn't come on. Pulled into Dealership and they wanted to change out 3 different things, including $1600 for new A/C which they told me was fried. I paid them $75 for "checking my car out" and brought it to my local mechanic. They changed our the Modulator and that took care of the door locks, the brake light intermitently coming on and the A/C worked just fine! It cost me about 1/4 of what I was quoted at the dealership.
  • kim_in_brkim_in_br Posts: 2
    p.s. About 2 years later, I began having problems with ONLY the driver door lock not working with the key fob. Replaced the driver door Acuator and all is well.
  • dave361dave361 Posts: 1
    My 2002 CRV is having a similar problem. All power door locks have stopped working and the parking brake light stays on.

    kim_in_br you said that this could be an electronic modulator problem? Can you give more details. What is an electronic modulator?
  • stmradiostmradio Posts: 1
    Hope this helps someone. 1999 CR-V, but probably useful for other years. Just solved my uncooperative driver's side lock. For about a year I had to jerk on the outside handle before the key could lift the lock post and let me in. Sometimes I couldn't get out too. The electric lock would pull it back down. Pulled the door panel and unplugged, then found the problem was still there, except was no longer relocking itself, it just was hard to move, especially when hot. Took the whole thing out. Noticed a spring lying in the bottom of the door. Looked at latch mechanism and found two hooks with no spring. Loop on spring broken but I have a boxful collected over the years so was able to find a close match (about 1 inch long, medium tension). Now the unlatch lever returns to its place after the door handle released. The reason heat made it worse is the grease: slicker when hot, unlatch lever would fall back down when handle let go, blocking the locking lever. Now it stays up out of the way. Did have to adjust the length of the handle rod (take the handle assembly out while still connected to door, pull up and turn it around until the rod is right length [it is threaded at the top knuckle for this purpose]-- in my case about two turns CCW). Now everything works great. Decided I liked it better without electricity, left it unplugged. Can still un/lock the rest by the door switch, but do the driver door manually. Note: getting the assembly out is not very easy and getting it back in is worse. To get the window track out of the way: take off the screw below the latch on the end of the door, peel the rubber track out of the metal channel, and set metal channel aside. The rest is just paying attention and not forcing anything.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    Nice job..

    I bet you are pretty handy around the house, too... Wish you were my neighbor... ;)


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  • aplinaplin Posts: 1
    Does anybody have any experience troubleshooting Honda CRV electric door locks. The issue I'm having is a bit different than the others. The drivers door will lock/unlock with the remote and when inside by pushing the button. However, the other 3 doors will not respond to the remote or the button that locks all doors on the drivers door. I've toggled the master switch on and off. I've looked at the fuses and they're all good. Any thoughts?
  • Our 2007 CRV is having problems with the front passenger door lock.When I put the vehicle in drive and begin move the doors all lock and then the front passenger lock slowly unlocks itself.This also happens when trying to lock all doors from the drivers door or with the remote.Any suggestions?
  • gosabgogosabgo Posts: 1
    This should be a recall because too many of use having the same problem. Obviously, it must be a defect on this actuator. Within one year, two of minds broke and they told me that it is wear and tear when I don't even go in the back seat of my car and now the driver doors actuator.
  • jkhicksjkhicks Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2007 CR-V. I am also having intermittent problems getting the hatch to unlock so that I can open it. I think that it is related to lock on the front passenger door. Did you get your issue resolved? If so, what was the solution? Thanks.
  • I had the same problem on my 07 crv. I end up replacing the door lock actuator myself.
  • Have you found a solution to this! My son has 1998 CRV, and only the drivers side door unlocks. the other three doors do not. I replaced the drivers door actuator, but no change. I even swapped parts from my 1999 CRV to no avail.
    So any info would be greatly appreciated.
  • Our 2001 CR-V had the same problem: Suddenly the air conditioning, power door locks, and the intermittent wiper setting all stopped working and the brake light came on. The solution was to replace the multiplexer (not the electronic modulator). We had a used multiplexer installed and everything is working fine now.
  • My 02 CR-V is a heap. First my stereo went out. Then my A/C. Paid $125 to fix it and it just immediately broke again. Only it's $1000 to fix this time. Then my cup holder broke. Then the cruise control stopped working. Then the light on my "D" for drive burnt out. Then my wiper fluid jet on the back window stopped. Then my passenger window quit rolling down. Then my keyless entry quit. Then my driver side lock quit working from the outside. Then my passenger side lock quit working outside. Now I have to crawl through the hatch to unlock my back door. Open my back door and unlock my driver door to get in my car. I'm sure I'm forgetting something else. Seriously I thought hondas were supposed to be reliable. Even my mechanic is stumped at why everything is breaking because I take such good care of the stupid thing. I used to be a honda fanatic. Never again.
  • Surprising to hear how these cars must differ. My 02 CRV is the best I ever owned. It has 206,000 miles and I only changed the spark plugs once, brakepads once, tires once, serpintine belt once and typical oil changes. The only problem was the drivers side remote door lock, but I learned to live with using the key. Someone else I know has a 2008 CRV and also has had no problems. mmm I wonder what the diffence is.
  • I have just replaced the passenger side lock, it would lock then unlock automatically. It was a defective lock. Now the drivers side rear lock has a problem and won't lock. I have one on order to replace. You can not lock these doors manually it is all electronic.
    It is not a easy job replacing these locks and the dealer wants $250 for the part and installation.
    I have 2 other locks that will probably go next.
    I had a 2002 Honda Accord previous with no problems locking.
    There is a design flaw with these locks. Others will have the same problem, just a matter of time!
    When you hit the remote twice the car horn will sound, giving you a false sense of security.
    Guess what the "car is not locked" on the problem door , you can open it and the alarm will not sound.

    Honda will fight a recall forever, can you imagine what it would cost on a recall , all 4 door locks on every O7 CRV and up.
    2007 Honda CRV EXL
    Sarnia Ontario
  • rujruj Posts: 1
    Hello all,
    My rear passenger door lock tab will initially lock when I press my master lock switch or with the button on my key. It then slowly unlocks itself.
    When I am in the car and I try to manually lock it (and the drivers front door is locked) it also unlocks itself.
    When the driver's door is unlocked, I am able to manually lock the door.
    I have followed the directions in my manual to reset the master door lock switch and that has not changed anything.
    This leaves me with all the doors being locked except for the rear passenger door.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you for your input.
  • last1last1 Posts: 1
    My son's car purchased from Galpin Honda suddenly has the lock problem. The driver front door DOESN'T unlock - isnt that quite dangerous? The left back door DOESN'T lock and the hatch doesnt open/unlock! We took it to the dealership and they surely diagnosed it as the lock acuator motor ; however not once did they volunteer information that this is a common problem amongst CRVs. Have any of you found a permanent resolution to this issue? Furthermore, has Honda acknolwedged this is a problem they must correct free of charge? They should!!!!
  • bbboopbbboop Posts: 1
    I was actually completely locked out of my own car and could not get into it to go to work yesterday due to the lock issue! I tried both keys remotely and manually with no success! AAA came out and was able to get me into my car so I could drive it to the dealership today. I am so extremely frustrated and very upset about the fact that I am going to have to pay an estimate of $300.00 to replace the door actuator (sp?) It sounds like there should be a recall on all CRVs that have these door locking issues. I wonder how it is that parts get recalled . . .How many people have to go through this same issue before someone will do something about it!
  • I just purchased a 2011 CRV- the remote keys worked for one day or at least I thought they did. Then all of a sudden it stopped locking the car but will unlock it. I got out he spare key and same issue. Tried numerous times. Had to go to the dealer 2 weeks later anyway and they said they would check it out. All of a sudden when I was there they started working and worked for a day and half and started same issue. I called and they are like well just bring it in or go to any dealer. I do not have time to keep running up there I work a lot and it is a pretty good distance. And the service guy is acting like I am some kind of loon. This really concerns me after reading all of this with these older models that a brand new car would or could have these issues. This car is probably going to be my last car I ever own since planning retirement.
  • crv9crv9 Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2007 CR-V. I am also having intermittent problems getting the hatch to unlock so that I can open it. I think that it is related to lock on the front passenger door. Did anyone get this issue resolved? If so, what was the solution?
    Can anyone please tell me how much to get parts, and how to repair yourself. Why do we have Honda? I have this for dependability, but it giving me problems with power locks. It is not a bad car for its money, but i would like to get into my car when I want, not when car wants me to get in. I actually had to call locksmith to open my car twice already. I need help please.
  • There must be some systemic problem with these electronic locking module switches. I have replace, in order, driver's door, left rear door and now the right rear door is doing the same thing (automatically unlocks) and then relocks after a stop only to unlock again. I guess Honda needs another $250 from me. 2007 CRV-EX. Of course all occurred out of warranty.
  • peychaudpeychaud Posts: 1
    Just wanted to add my voice to the choir. I've got a 2008 CRV, and the doors recently began locking themselves immediately after I shut the door (despite the fact that I deactivated the auto door lock function). What concerns me most is you can't even manually open the driver's side door with the key anymore. The latch is stuck in the locked position and turning the key feels like you're forcing something that doesn't want to move. If the keyless entry system ever malfunctions, I'll be locked out of my own car.

    Has anyone spoken to dealer about this problem? For a part like this to malfunction in less than five years seems outrageous to me.
  • I just bought a 2011 Honda CRV and I am having the exact same problem.
    My remote will unlock the doors but will not lock them. When I get in the car I cannot lock the doors manually, which doesn't give me a safe feeling at all. I talked to one guy and he said the doors will not lock while the key is in the ignition. What happens when I am at a stoplight and I feel the need to lock my doors? Anybody else having these problems?
  • jai3jai3 Posts: 1

    I am having the same prob with my 03, wondering if you found any solution. I replaced the driver side actuator (and then the locks lock automatically after I would unlock them, and remain locked!). But I suspect that the actuator did need to be replaced, but maybe there is some kind of mechanical issue with latch mechanism, that is not allowing the actuator to work properly. Something seems stuck. Did you ever get a solution,

    Many thanks,
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