Nissan Frontier Snow Plow

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I am considering an 08 Frontier 4X4 Crew Cab Long bed and may want to use the truck to plow only my own driveway.

Both Snoway and Fisher make light weight plows for that truck and Tacomas. My local Toyota dealership told me it would void the warranty if I put a plow on one, the Nissan dealership said that Nissan makes a plow for the Frontier and I should be all set as long as I buy it from them.

But I can not find anything online about a Nissan made plow ?? And apparently nobody was at the dealership who could answer my questions about one when I was there.

So my questions are:

Is anyone plowing with a new Frontier? What plow and how well does it work?

Will it void the warranty or not?

Does Nissan make a plow themselves? If so how is it?

If it will void the warranty I will be very reluctant to do so, however I would think the Frontier will have no problem plowing ONE driveway a year. If it will void the warranty I may be forced to save allot of money and get a 5 yr old Tacoma that is already beyond the warranty anyway. But I test drove a new Frontier the other day and want one :)
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