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Mazda MX-5 Miata Interior and Trim

rerednawrerednaw Member Posts: 16
edited June 2014 in Mazda
Summer's approaching here in Las Vegas...and that nice black interior gets scorching. Most of the searches I have done give me leather (which gets hotter in summer), or any of a variety of materials....all usually black and most are $300+.

Short of getting sheepskin...which I don't like the look of, is there an relatively lost cost alternative?

If I have to custom-make a light colored cloth one, I will. I just thought someone else out there had already done it.

By the way, I've tried a few 'universal' (with space for headrest) seat covers..and they don't fit.

I just found some seat covers that supposedly have a built-in fan system. Anyone try one of those?

Thanks in advance.


  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    You might want to look under Auto - Upholstery in the yellow pages and get quotes for custom seat coverings. Leather runs $900, so if they have fabric it should be cheaper.

    I called once and they even offered heated leather for $1200.
  • rdryderrdryder Member Posts: 2
    This is my second Miata. I had a 97 (NA) before and now have an 06. I could only find a few seat-covers that fit all were custom made for Miata's. Try or both have a good selection of accesories and have custom seat covers around $150 for cloth.
  • rerednawrerednaw Member Posts: 16
    I checked the sites. Gomiata stopped selling the cloth ones. Miatamania does not have any pictures. Tough decision. Have you tried the ones from Miatamania? Is the black/x all black with a splash of non-black? Or is it mostly the other color with some black highlights. I need these for in the sun Las Vegas desert applications...

  • rdryderrdryder Member Posts: 2
    I have purchased seat covers from miatamania a few years back but they were the neoprene black/red. The red seemed to fade after a few months. I recently purchased new custom neoprene seat covers from They're a bit pricey tho and Im not sure if you want neoprene. Also you can check They have custom seat covers in different materials and the prices are more reasonable. One thing I was looking for in the seat covers was how they would work with the side impact airbags in the 06 and newer mx-5. Both these two sites work with them. As far as fading goes. If your top is down as much as mine, I would find some UV protectant to spray on the covers.
  • danldanl Member Posts: 6
    I have a 2001 LS with tan leather, it gets over 100 degrees here in the summer. The leather is very warm but nothing like my black leather steering wheel. I have seen many photos of the seat insert being a different color, you might want to consider a two tone scheme. Go to miata .net and search for leather seat vendors, you'll find lots of options, good luck.
  • bert73bert73 Member Posts: 2
    about seat covers.. i've purchased my seat covers from miata parts and their prices are very affordable.. you may try to visit the site and they offer also different color and different materials..
  • choolie07choolie07 Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone give me some suggestions of where I can purchase new inner door panels without the cupholder in them. The cupholder digs into my leg after a while of driving.. Please help
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    The 2009 models are better, but you'd have to get 2 new door panels and it may be too expensive to be worth it.

    I can make 2 suggestions -

    * consider removing or modifying the dead pedal. I cut about about 1/2" off the spacers on the back of mine, reinstalled it, and gained half an inch of leg room. That lowered the angle of my knee and put less pressure there.

    * add padding to the outside of the cup holder. I used two-sided tape and put some black foam padding there

    So now my knee is at a smaller angle and it's padded, so it's OK. Budget home-made solution but it works, I'm far more comfy now.
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