ignition coil on my 2002 rodeo

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I recently changed the spark plugs on my rodeo with very little problems. That is until I attempted to remove the coil around the number 6 spark plug. After removing the two screws I removed the header and the coil stayed lodged in the cylinder. I attempted to remove it with pliers but I was concerned that I would damage the coil.

Has anyone else come across this problem? Any suggestions?



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    If your talking about the one on the drivers side at the firewall, oh yeah, I actually broke that boot because of the same problem. You could try removing the coil pack from the boot (they separate with no problem) and spray some wd-40 down or something. If you twist it a bit, it might break it free. If you damage it, or completely break it like I did, it's a NAPA part # 727-74445
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    2.6 4 cyl rodeo isuzu . changed ignition coil and crank sensor, and still it shuts off while driving. Any suggestions please.
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    I did not see this post earlier, but to remove the stuck boot use a little compressed air down the center hole...it will break the seal and pop it right off.
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