rear spoiler/wing blows off

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Ice got into the seam at the top of the rear-hatch. When I opened the tail-gate I heard something crack and assumed it was the ice. Driving down the highway I see my spoiler blow off. My dealer says he's had this problem with Pilots too. Is Honda dealing with this? (A new one costs $450. yikes)


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    And Honda should pay for a repair caused by your failure to clear ice from the hatch opening because?
  • morbachmorbach Member Posts: 2
    It is impossible to know whether there is ice in there until you open the hatch. I've had Gm and Ford minivans without this problem.

    If the dealers are seeing many of these come in, there obviously is a design defect.
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    Well, yours is the first such complaint I've seen in many years on this board as well as the Odyssey club website.

    I've never had any trouble detecting ice on my '05 Touring and clear it before utilizing any opening.
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