Hyundai Santa Fe Cabin Air Quality Button

tallyclassictallyclassic Member Posts: 14
In my '07 SantaFe Ltd there is a cabin Air Quality Button that senses when the incoming air is introducing traffic exhaust into the cabin. This button seems to be very finicky lately and will not light at all. Then some days it will. I've tried it with the Auto Temp on and off, manual heat, manual air and it just won't come on.

Has anyone else experienced this? The only thing that I haven't done is checked the cabin filter.


  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    is exhaust smell coming into car?
  • tallyclassictallyclassic Member Posts: 14
    Of course..... Since the Air Quality button light doesn't light, it doesn't light the recirculate button either. If I manually push the recirculate button, then it switches.
  • tallyclassictallyclassic Member Posts: 14
    Figured out the button. I had taken out the cabin filter, just in case it was clogged and the air quality button light still would not stay lit.
    Got a filter, installed it, now the button works as advertised. Guess there must be some sort of sensor to tell if the filter is installed and flowing.
  • mikebutkusmikebutkus Member Posts: 18
    Check your "cabin filter". It's pretty easy to replace and you can get them on EBay for $11. They get rather filthy fast. Just like a "replace bag" in your vacuum, there is a sensor.
  • bnberniebnbernie Member Posts: 20
    I just changed the cabin filter in my 07 santa fe. I got one locally for $19.00. You are correct, it is easy th change. I park mine by a tree most of the time,so will need to change it more often. Mine was so nasty, im suprised it even worked.
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    it's easy to do - i paid to have it done - then i realized how easy it was i told the people at the dealer i'd do it myself. to my surprise - one of the clips was broken when I went to do it - i wonder if it was done intentionally to make it hard for me or they just broke it last time they did it and didn't say anything. I now use a custom made filter that is washable so it will pay for itself over time and i won't be buying anymore filters...
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    Somedai - please explain how you managed to get a custom made cabin filter - did you make it yourself, or is it off the shelf ?If so, where from?

  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    LOL! My secret- if it works well over time - i'll have to market it!
  • mikebutkusmikebutkus Member Posts: 18
    These are available on-line. Ebay or any auto on-line store and maybe some local stores. They are $12+. Not that hard to replace if you read the instructions. They are behind the glove box. Getting to it and understanding the instructions is the only problem. The dealer may charge your $30 just for the filter.
    They are just like the filter on vacuums. They cost $2 to make and stores sell them for $22+ I can buy a jacuzzi water filter for $48 at the pool store or on-line for $8. They are from the same companies. Just going through fewer hands and less mark up.
  • falmar1falmar1 Member Posts: 12
    Just getting around to replace my cabin air filter for my 2004 Santa Fe.
    You mentioned "Read the Instructions". Where do I get the instructions?
  • paul79ufpaul79uf Member Posts: 5
    The procedure for your 2004 should be similar to my 2nd gen (2007-2012).

    I took some pictures and created a quick guide.

    Hyundai Santa Fe Cabin Air Filter Replacement Guide

    I hope that helps.

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