VW Passat Troubles, Older VW Platforms

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...to discuss any Maintenance and Repair issues
you may have with the "older" Passat platforms.
You know, the ones that weren't a knock-off of the
Audi A4,

Your host, Bruce.


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    I am looking for a "First" car for my daughter. She likes the Jetta but they are HOT on the used car market where the Passat is more car and in better shape most of the time. Any words of wisdom on 1991 0r 1992 Passats?
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    I have a 2000 Passat GLS with intermittent power window and door lock on passenger side.All the other windows and locks work ok. Has anyone had a similar problem with windows and locks not working?
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    This topic is for the older platform Passat's. Take a look at VW Passat Troubles (B5 platform, nee Audi) (Topic #1549) in this conference for discussions of issues with the newer platform.

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