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2009 Nissan Maxima



  • The funny thing is I knew it was a 3.0 liter and for some reason associated 328 with a 3 series 2.8 liter (My fuzzy logic).
    It is Mercedes that designates model number based on engine displacement (E350 is a 3.5 liter, C300 is a 3.0 liter, S550 is a 5.5 liter, you get the idea, makes sense too).
  • I totally agree with you on the M35/45 model from Infinity, here in the D.C. area, they are allover the place but I still say the design is uninspiring. I don't quite know why Infinity struggles with the design/appeal when it comes to this vehicle. In pricing an M45 a few months ago, I almost dropped when I saw the sticker price over 50K, BMW 5 series is definitely the choice when looking at that price range.
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    My assessment of Infiniti might be tainted as I have owned G20, I30, first gen Q45...

    Good luck with the MDX. The discounts are amazing. My wife drives a 98 I30 and I recently traded by 1990 Q45 (had for 14 years) with 180K miles for a new GS350 ($7K discount off $52K sticker). I must say the Infiniti service department is great. Still gave me a loaner just for an oil change on my 18 year old Q.

    The current Infiniti offerings turn way too high RPM on the highway for me.

    What is up with the E350 in January? I did not consider Mercedes since Consumer Reports rates them the worst reliability of any make sold in the US.
  • I love it. It is a sexy and beautiful car. :)
  • Does anyone know if there will be any incentive's on the 2009 maxima in the near future. Could someone post what there leases are on either a sport with navagation or prem with navagation. Thank you
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Thanks for the response - and referral to carsdirect. I haven't used them in the past, but will certainly consider them as an info source in the future.

    Unfortunately (or not) it appears that economic conditions are better in my zip code (20815) than yours. The prices on the Acuras and Mercedes are $2-3k higher here in the DC area than in Southern California. But there are still some impressive deals.

    Regarding the E350 at $45k or less loaded, that is not my first choice in a luxury performance sedan, but at $10k under MSRP, seems hard to beat as the best deal. The carsdirect price for a 535i is full MSRP. I can get a 535i $1k under US invoice by cutting a deal in PA and doing a European Delivery, but that isn't comparable to going down the street and buying from your neighborhood dealer. As for Mercedes reliability, I know it's only anecdotal, but I have at least 4-5 friends and business assocaites who have logged 150k+ miles on E-class's without any major issues. One bought a new E320 Bluetech last fall and his two kids have the previous E-classes, one of which hit 300k miles recently. Other than the fact that diesel is 15% higher than premium gas in our area, he is pretty happy with 25 mpg in the city and 35+ mpg on a recent 1,000 mile roundtrip to Kiawah Island with 2 (large) passengers and 3 sets of golf clubs in the trunk.

    All of this doesn't bode well for Maxima dealers trying to get full MSRP (i.e. $37k+ ). When a Maxima is effectively priced halfway between a TL and a E-class and approaching some other true luxury cars and RWD sport sedans, even the most loyal Nissan customers have to question the prudence of spending that much. I suspect that with the economy the way it is, 2009 Maxima's will soon be selling for under invoice.
  • 2009 Maxima's will soon be selling for under invoice.

    Sooner than you might expect. (Atlanta) (Memphis) (PA)
  • Everytime Merc revamps the model completely the o;d one sells at a steep discount.

    Last time when they rewamped S class the outgoing S class was selling for 20K off MSRP.
    New 2010 E350 is scheduled to arrive in March 09...My guess is we will see discounts begning January

  • Few of my friends have used carsdirect and have been happy with no nonsense shopping experience.

    So Cal seems to be doing well...There is lot more competition...and people, I believe, like to show off more then east coast.

    As they say So Cal is famous for
    Beaches, Cars, and Structured Bodies.

    OUT4CAT: Max is a beauty...dont get me wrong.
    Take good care of that VQ engine...Its very sensitive to gasoline you put in...My 2000 I30 needs either Cheveron or Shell Gas. Else Check engine light comes on...
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Yep, you can get close to $4k off MSRP - if you look hard enough. Dobbs Nissan had great prices on the internet. However, when I started to negotiate, they added on "required" extra options (pin stripes, protection packages, nitrogen tires, etc..) and much higher dealer prep fees than the other guys.
  • When you consider a brand new model hitting the streets and in less than 3 months already at 4k discounts, sales must not be as expected. Usually new models go for over sticker in the northern Va area, not with this car.
    I am still waiting to see on in Tuscan Sun with Cafe Latte interior, around here dealer lots are full of grey with black seats, no variety at all. Mystic Jade is a nice color too.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Back when I bought my 1995 Maxima, the dealers in Northern Virginia set a new standard for "sleeziness". Rosenthal and Browns were particularly scummy. As was Darcars on the Maryland side.

    VOB was the only Nissan dealer at the time that was professional and had integrity. And they were generally great for service, as well. I'm not sure what they are like today, but it's a good bet that the others didn't find any religion in the intervening 14 years.

    Also, consider Baltimore. Back when I bought my 911 in 2005, HBL, Arlington, Rockville and Tischer all said $1,000 off was the best they could do on the new 997 Cabriolet S model. And that I should be happy that they would even take $1k off. I went to Hunt Valley Porsche and got $10k off.
  • Ahhh, I thought this may be the case. How much was the dealer prep fees? (what do you consider high?) Not much point in posting an internet price if it is not the price. Silly games that waste both parties time.

    I just skimmed the last few pages and see that you are in NC. I am in SC. What were your impressions of the NC dealers you visited? Any dealer along the SC border from the NC mountains to the coast is in driving range from either my home, the inlaws home, or their beach condo.

    Over the years, I found that smaller mom & pop stores are easier and better in every way. Big corporate owned stores = sleazy, old school, high pressure.
  • You must have a crystal ball, I deal with Rosenthal's and have been doing that since I got my 2001 Maxima. My salesman may very well make money on the deal but the numbers on my lease are always within my expectations and financial tolerance. I walked away with my 07 lease costing me less than my 04 lease in initial cash and same monthly payments for a car that was about 1k more in sticker price. My wife is on her 3rd Altima and the lease payments have not gone up since 2000 even though the car's sticker price has creeped up. Maybe it is just my salesman, I have dealt with others and found them to be right down disrespectful even. So the Tysons area has surely changed since 1995, basically I deal at Rosenthal's and dream at HBL.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Sounds like Rosenthal improved or you have a higher tolerance for pain than me.

    Just out of curiosity, since I have never leased and have always paid cash, what do the lease payments on a Maxima / Altima look like compared to, say, a BMW 3 series? I was under the impression that, if you are inclined to lease, BMW's look relatively more affordable because they have both higher resale (residual) and more leasing incentives. A couple of years ago, a friend leased a 530i for only about $100 a month than his wife's Maxima, even though the MSRP's were nearly $20k apart.
  • Nah our tolerance is most likely just about the same, I do my homework on residuals and fees ahead of time, walk in with a monthly payment in my head and we have always agree except for about a $10 to $20 difference. Then we discuss it with the Manager for about 20 minutes and I get my payment. It is the usual dealer high ball low ball game except unlike other horror stories I have heard of, I do not stay there for 4 to 5 hours haggling, I can do 20-30 minutes and then I walk away.
    As far as payments vs BMWs, I agree that the higher residual on a BMW can sometimes make the payment difference even less than $100.00 a month. Add to that the free maintenance the BMW throws in these days and the customer certainly has options. In seeing the incentive plans on leases by BMW and Benz, the initial cash payment is way out of control. It used to be that leasing was attractive because of no down-payments, not that way anymore. I have seen Benz deals with 5K initial payments, and BMW with about 4K. Between the fees, capitalized cost reduction (Fancy term for down payment), acquisition fees and all that nonsense, the incentive of leasing goes away for someone without that much cash to lay out. I always tell my salesman that all I have is enough for first month's payment and he even works the tax into the lease, at end of year the incentives to the dealer must be enough to be able to work some magic.
    07 SE 33, 830 sticker/ 429.00 1st month and 38 more payments of the same amount, right out the door.
    04 SL 32,700 sticker/ 800.00 including 1st month and 41 more payments of the same amount, right out the door. (the incentives on the SL did not match the SE in 04, don't know why). My 04 by the way had the elite package with 4 bucket seats which was very nice.
    02 Altima for my wife, 21k Sticker, paid 1000K including 1st monthly payment and deposit with another 35 payments of $289.00.
    06 Altima for my wife, 23K sticker (special edition with more equipment than the 02) paid 289.00 first month payment and right out the door with 38 more payments due. (4 weeks later I got a check from Nissan for $600.00 because the salesman took the 02 in as a trade instead of a lease return vehicle and it was worth $600.00 more than the pay-off). This refund made up for the extra money I paid at the beginning of the lease. I am mostly loyal to my salesman than Nissan, so far so good. Since 99, I have taken delivery of 7 cars from him, including some Sentras for my older son.
    Now here is the kicker, by contrast an American car, my daughter's 07 Pontiac G6, 18K sticker, that one is 240.00 a month, no deposit but it is for 48 months, totally different depreciation schedule. She is in College and the town she lives in (Farmville Va.) does not have a Nissan dealer for service so I had to go with GM.
    I still follow the advise that a Honda salesman once gave me, buy appreciating assets and lease depreciating assets. Since my cars are selected for transportation and out of being in love with the darn thing, I can follow that advice. If I were to suddenly be looking for a 911, SL550, Audi A5/S5, BMW 6 series, then I would be selecting out of loving the darn thing and would want to own it regardless of the depreciating asset advice. Oh I also love the new Maserati Quattroporte....
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135

    I ended up getting my car out of Crown in Greensboro. Apex also had very similar internet pricing. The bigger cities like Charlotte and a few of the dealers in Raleigh had the poorest prices. I also even shopped my Maxima in Atlanta, and they were also way too high.

    BTW - I like your userid as I have a big HO Train collection...
  • Thanks, mdx. I always like to find out which dealers will deal when I find that someone is from my neck of the woods.

    BTW - I like your userid as I have a big HO Train collection...

    Honestly, I can't say I am much of a fan or collector. My user id comes from the fact that it's my occupation....(locomotive engineer)
  • Ok well i am dying to get the 09 maxima. Ok here's my story. i have a 05 pathfinder lease with 37000 miles and aloud 39000 miles. my lease is up in July so i will be going over my miles. i pay 409.00 a month. Would it make sense to roll the final 9 payments into the Maxima or pay the final payment'S off. i was told from the dealer for the sport 37,500.00 would be 2000.00 down 500.00 a month or roll the payments from the pathfinder and it would be 463.00 a month. Need some help. Thanks
  • Sorry $563.00 a month
  • I suggest you call NIMAC if they financed/leased you the Pathfinder. Ask if for customer loyalty they have a deal where your remaining payments will be waived. I have done that for 3 month remaining but not for as many as you have left, never hurts to call and ask.
    What is the sticker price of the Maxima you are leasing? How many monthly payments of 563.00 (that seems way high). What is the 2,000 down for (You need to know where your money is going because they will pocket it in fees and you will just lose your hard earned money). Ask for the residual for your Maxima and work your deal backwards from there. If you want a simple way to calculate, take the sticker price multiply it by .0125 and by .015, your monthly payment should fall within that range with only 1st month and tags out the door.
  • Hey also look at message 415, some of the prices I have paid in lease monthly payments with the actual sticker on each car.
  • I called nissan and asked for early termination figure and it was something around 3900 wasn't worth it. $563.00 was for 39 month lease with the remaining 9 months at 409.00 from the pathfinder and if i didnt have those pathfinder payment the lease would be 500.00 for 39 months. the sticker of the 2009 maxima is 37,500.00 and sales tax in new jersey is 7% so what do u think i should be paying for the maxima. 15000 miles a year. thank. need help please
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I think you should just keep the Pathfinder for at least another 6-7 months, pay the cost of the additional miles, and then switch to a Maxima if the economics make more sense. As I have indicated before, I'm not a leasing expert, but if I take all the figures you are quoting and net them out, it looks like you are grossly overpaying for a Maxima. There is a good chance Maxima's will be selling under invoice well before your Pathfinder lease is up and your negotiating power will be considerably greater.
  • HOLD ON WITH PATHFINDER and IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PAYMENTS. In 9 month 2010 maxima will be out and most if not all issues/ problems 09 has will be addressed. Compare for example 04 and 05 maxima for recalls and TSBs.
  • If I were you I would keep the pathfinder and curb my desire to get a Maxima...This is purely based on financials..

    There is an emotional aspect to owning the car. If you are dealing with GOTTA HAVE MAX and get rid of Pathfinder..then I would do the following:

    Negotiate better price on Max
    Try to negotiate 3900 for lease termination
    if everything fails and the numbers are written in stone and YOU GOTTA HAVE MAX then terminating pathfinder lease and getting a max seems like a simpler and cleaner option.

    I generally dont lease cars...but if I was bitten and HAVE to lease I would only lease it in multiple of 12 months (So I dont pay taxes/use fee for 48 months & use the car for 39 months) and NOT more then 36 month (at which the warrenty spend $500 to reset the chk engine light in 39th month just before returning the car)
  • Eric I know what it is like to have the itch for a car but the best advise I can give you when it comes to Nissans is DON'T GET 1ST YEAR OF PRODUCTION. In July the 2010 model will be out and hopefully tweaked to address recurring problems (I second that advise).Don't be the guinea pig with the 09, I was that with the 04 and it does not feel good at all to have 32K tied up in a nightmare. Each of the replies to your questions have merit, calculate how much you will pay in excess mileage by end of lease and figure that against the $3,900.00 early termination cost, I doubt you will hit that. But if you absolutely don't care about that and just have to have the 09 Max, the monthly payments on your car at $37,500 should be between $469.00 for 39, or $562.00 for 30 months or so. These are just target figures based on my experience with leases. Certainly the car will have a good discount and that will help with the payments. By the way those figures are out the door with 0.00 down, tax included, 0.00 deposit because you are a repeat customer, plus tag and title. Also shop around, dealers vary in sleaziness, car is an option. Yellow pages used to have auto brokers instead of auto dealers, they do not have inventory costs and therefore you save money. If you do not have trustworthy dealer with which you have a relationship, shop around.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    I’ve had my 2009 Maxima for over 1 month now and nearly 800 miles. I’m very happy with my car purchase!! It's 60% luxury and 40% sport which is just the right amount of luxury/sport for me. Those wanting more sport, go with the new G37 or 328i. Those wanting more luxury, go with the GS 350 or M35. Of course, these cars are a bit more money and may not be considered direct competitors to the Maxima. But, for me, they were.

    - The ride and drive is a perfect blend of luxury and performance. 0 to 60mph in 6.3 secs, yet a nice comfortable ride on the highway.
    - Very little road noise at highway speeds. Check out the sound insulation in the wheel wells!
    - Highly recommend the Premium Package (dual moon roofs, air conditioned seat, rearview camera, rear seat ac/radio controls, power sunscreen). This option package sets it apart from its competitors such as Accord, TL and G35.
    - Air conditioning is extremely strong – this has always been a strong suit of Nissan’s. Lexus/Acura “low flow” air conditioning are a step back in my opinion
    - iPod integration is the “best in the business” according to most car reviews.
    - HID lights offer perfect light projection on the horizontal and vertical .
    - Maxima does an excellent job on the “little touches”:
    - Door lights are curved 90 degrees at the bottom doubling as puddle lamps.
    - Sun visor extensions are provided.
    - Video cable outputs allow you to watch movies on the NAV screen.
    - Extremely large glove box.
    - Extra large cup/map holders on the front side doors.
    - 2009 Quick Reference Guide is great! 30 page manual - short and sweet.

    - Bose Radio has two subwoofers in the rear which gives an extremely strong base sound – especially for those who sit in the back seats! I’m surprised there is not complaints about this.
    - Braking power is not as strong as the competitors.
    - While the trunk is fairly large (14.2 cu ft.), the trunk opening is small!
    - Navigation software is nearly a year old (software version says 07-08 model yr)
    - Zig-zag oil dipstick from the Gen 4 Maxima is still there!
    - Tire Pressure Monitors should show air pressure for each tire – like on the Infiniti

    Gas Mileage
    - I’ve been getting 21 mpg mostly city and 28 mpg pure highway. Overall, I’d say the gas mileage is very close to the EPA ratings.

    - None so far.
    If I was on a market for a new car, i will follow your opinions.
  • Your critique of the car is exactly what I was looking for since June 08. I believe I will love this car as you do. The weaknesses I can tolerate. I am sold on this car.
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