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2003 Toyota ECHO headlights

weekendwarriorweekendwarrior Posts: 7
edited March 2014 in Toyota
Hi every one I am new here so I wanna say hI and thank you to anyone that might be a help to me.
I got the wife a 2003 toyota ECHO a year ago and it's been a great little car for us sinc. we drive 60 miles round trip to work every day. Til a few nights ago the Hi Beams went out! Went to turn them on andall I coud see was just the parking lights, I checked the headlights out and the Hi beams work so thay are not burned out and I also checked the fuse box in the car all good?? also under the hood all good??? hmmmm? The only thing I can think of is that it's gotta have a relay in it! I am guessing that went out. Just that I don't know what funky box it is. Could any one help me out here all I got is low beams and she works nights. and not a lot of $$$$ to go to the Toyota dealer! Thank you once more to anyone thats a help :)


  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    I dont understand how the high beams dont work when your wife drives the car but they work when you look at the car. In the service manual which shows all the fuseboxes, there is nothing that is called a hi beam headlight relay.
  • I took the both bulbs out and tested them on a 12 volt batter charger! Also I know the service manul does not say any thing about a headlight relay, I bet it also does not tell you what them small boxs are in both fuse boxs, Such as one would be a horn relay and an outher would be a wiper relay. I could be wrong but I don't recall seeing it in there! :(
  • dakedake Posts: 131
    There is a relay, it's on the steering column. The headlight stalk is attached to the relay box, which clips into a bracket on the steering column. If you look in This Thread Here, you'll see a picture I took of the windshield wiper stalk and relay - well the headlight one looks and attaches in pretty much the same way on the opposite side.

    If you turn the steering wheel to either side, you'll see a screw in the plastic steering column housing. There's a third screw underneath near the latch that allows you to adjust the height. Once you unscrew those three screws, you just pop the plastic housing off and you'll see the relay and how it snaps into the bracket.

    Not sure if you can test that switch, but if you need to replace it, it's probably the same as the switches in 03-07 Corollas (and maybe Camrys).
  • Thank you much!!!!! I would have never thought that it was in the steering column!!! Thanks a million, I'll let ya know monday night if I get it working! :D
  • dakedake Posts: 131
    No sweat. A salvaged switch shouldn't cost you more than 20 or 30 bucks.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    I have a headlight/turn signal switch that came with the 03-07 Corolla wiper switch I put in my ECHO. The Corolla wiper switch fit my ECHO and I would think the headlight/TS switch will fit an ECHO also. Its yours if you want it.
  • That Would be great how would I go about with giving you an address or email since they state in here (Your personal security is important to us, so please do not post your email address in a message.) I would be more then happy to pay you for shipping. :) I was going to check in the junk yard up here but the odds on them having one is slim I live in like no mans land so they don't get to many cars like a bigger city would.
  • Well I though about it and a updated my Forum Profile it should show my email and name. E-mail me and I'll give you my address. get back to me A.S.A.P. So I can clear it, Thank you :)
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    I emailed you but so far no response. Still want the switch?
  • I got your message, Emailed you back thank you :)
  • Hi there I know its been some time sinc my last post (had to go on the road for work) I just want to say thanks to all that have help me out with my wifes Toyota ECHO headlights it was the switch! That went out on it. My biggest thanks goes out to kneisl1 :) he sent me a switch and I got it working, Thank you!! kneisl1!!! :shades:
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    Goody goody and a Tiger for me!
  • ridley2ridley2 Posts: 3
    Hi i have recently got a 2000 echo sedan lot of kms on it but it runs great.Was wondering if anyone knows if the head lights are one unit or do they have a plastic protector shield clipped on in front of the light. As i wanted to take them out and clean them.Thank you..........
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    Have an 03 Toyota Echo. The right headlight needs raised to point down the road. How do I adjust these headlights?
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