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I purchased a 2005 Hyundai Tucson. It was new when I purchased it. I only have 34, 000 miles on the car and I am on my 2nd set of tires already. Could there be something else wrong with my vehicle? I'm totally frustrated and everyone is telling me that shouldn't have happened.


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    I assume your tires were not replaced due to cut by spike or knife or that kind of damage.

    I had the 2005 model, too and still use the original tire and they lookd still good. But I had only less than 11000 miles.

    However, your original tires should last about 50000 miles or more. A lot of things may affect the life of the tire: temperature, alignment of the car, driving style, inflation. Some people always hit the tire on curbs, directly or with its side wall. Check all these and pay attention.
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    just to let you know i have a 2005 hyundai and am on my third, yes 3, sets of tires since buying it in Aug of 2005. Hyundai tells me there's nothing wrong that they can find, but my bank ccount tells me differently.
    I get an alignment regularly, don't drive erratic, don't hit curbs...yet I have no answers!!!!!!
    I can tell you i PROBABLY WON'T BUY another Hyundai!!
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    My Tucson is an 06 model currently with a little over 43000 miles on it. I live in the mountains of southeast WV with about 50/50 interstate and mountain roads. I drive like I have some sense and do not "hot rod" my vehicle. I work too hard for my money to be stupid.

    I replaced my factory tires at around 20000 miles. I know that this sounds like a really low number but the fact is that tire manufacturers have retail and builder tire contracts. The fact is also car builders want to use a tire that is good enough to get the vehicle off of the dealers lot but soft enough to give the new vehicle a smooth, quiet, luxurious ride to increase sales. Bottom line: new car tires are cheap to improve the buidler's bottom line.

    I expected to not get a lot of miles out of the stock tires.
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    so dj2cohen what tires did you buy and do you like them?
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    I bought a set of four Goodyear Assurance.

    These are found at Goodyear dealers not Sears, Walmart, etc. and only at an authorized Goodyear dealer.

    There are two different Assurance lines. One is an all season and the other, I think, is an aqua tread style. I bought the all season line.

    They are covered by a 65,000 mile warranty.

    I absolutely love them! They are a nice soft ride but stiff enough that the performance aspect of the Tucson is not lost and they are great in the snow and mud.

    I would recommend them to anyone. They are great! And no, I do not work for or own stock in Goodyear. :blush:
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    Thanks for your response. I just ordered tires about 30 secs prior to getting your message!
    I ordered Michelin Symmetry which is supposed to be an all season tire.
    I live in Alaska and get a lot of rain and snow.
    The Hyundai deal in Anchorage said most problems are due to lack of rotation.
    I use my car on highway only.
    Have to let you know later.....
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    I took my Hyundai Tucson into the dealership on Friday morning, October 3, 2008 for a broken valve stem on one of my wheels.

    When I called to make the service appointment, the first question that I was asked was if the valve cap that is on the stem is a factory installed valve cap. I thought that is was and answered accordingly. When the service tech inspected the wheel, he found that the valve cap is, in fact, an aftermarket cap.

    I was informed that since the cap is aftermarket, the broken stem would not be covered under warranty. The dealer then told me that the new part would be the entire Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor (TPMS) would have to be replaced at a cost to me of $55 for the sensor, one hour labor to install it, and an additional $35 to place the computer scanner on the vehicle to clear the TPMS light on the dash.

    I said that I would not pay that. I also said that I have seen the Technical Service Bulletin on this problem and that the valve stem is replaceable without replacing the entire sensor. I was told that is not the way that they do things at that dealership.

    The dealer then volunteered to place a standard valve stem in my wheel, minus the sensor, just to get a full size wheel/tire back on the vehicle but the TPMS light would remain on. I agreed to this since I do not fully trust the compact spare tires and the handling of the vehicle is very bad with these. The service manager returned in about one half an hour to say the vehicle was ready and handed me an invoice of $15! I was so infuriated that I could hardly see. $15 for sticking a $2 at most valve in my wheel! I was told that they rebalanced the wheel and that is why the invoice was so high. I paid the invoice just to keep things from getting ugly and demanded that my TPMS sensor and broken valve be returned to me and that I was leaving.

    I then went to NAPA Auto Parts, Advance Auto Parts, and Auto Zone. All three stores had a listing for the correct replacement valve stem after being told that they did not have a listing. I ended up purchasing a replacement valve stem from Advance Auto Parts for $12 and went to the closest store belonging to the tire dealer where I purchased my tires.

    My tire dealer installed the valve stem and sensor for me but told me that Hyundai has the TPMS system locked and they cannot access it with their computer system to reset it. They charged me $8 to rebalance my wheel and apologized for not being able to reset my light. On my way home, the TPMS light reset itself as the system and wheel sensor started communicating.

    All in all, 8 hours total time and $20 to repair my Tucson.

    All is well now.
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    I too have a 2005 Tucson-and so far have had to have the front tires replaced-and I have about 26,000 miles on my car-which when I bought the car new and drove it off the lot it had 6 miles on it! I've been wondering the same thing-why did my tires go bad in such a short mileage age-I granny my suv-it is well taken care of!!!! We replaced them just the other day because the last time I drove it-in the rain-it tried to hydroplane on me several times at 55mph and it wasn't a heavy rain either-we're talking small puddles on the road-I thought well maybe because it hasn't rained in a while-but now I'm starting to think they were just cheap tires-and nothing was said about the tire sensor gauge-hmmm-but they we not done at a dealership-but at a respectful tire place-guess I'll find out-I have had other problems-I'm gonna check out the rest of the forum to see if these problems have come up! thanks ya'll.
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    When I changed the tires on my Elantra I went online to the
    I input my info for what I was looking for and ended up buying the most popular tire.
    It was a Kumho Ecsta ASX.
    It was like night and day. True, the stock tires are not the best and don't expect them to last as long as a preminum tire.
    Some folks order the tires online and have them sent to a local tire dealer to mount.
    I called around until I found a local tire outlet and never looked back.
    I have 20,000 miles on my '07 Tucson now and so far so good. :shades:
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    I have a 2006 Tucson, and as most of these messages are about, I also went through a set of tires.
    At our 30,000 mile service the dealer said my tires were due to be replaced. When we bought the car it came with free lifetime tires. They sent it to a tire dealer and when it returned the TPMS light was on. They checked it out and decided the sensor went bad. They ordered one and say it will be in next week. As I said, the tires were replaced at no charge to me, and this deal with the sensor is all under warrantee. :)
    I don't know why changing the tires would blow the sensor, but they said it did.
    The tires they bought were All Season Bridgestones. A very good tire indeed. I looked them up on line and the Bridgestone site said they were 60,000 mile tires. A lot better than the factory tires. So far, I am very happy with them. They have a much better ride, but I am wondering about the old ones not lasting more than 30,000 miles.
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    I was told that there is additional $5.00 charge for a kit that has to be installed when replacing tires on vehicles with TPMS.

    Anybody heard about this?


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    I keep losing air in my tires and was told my a Tire Store that it was the TPMS on the car. I can't be repaired with just a valve cover because the whole stem is the problem. I will not bring it to the dearlership here because they grab every dollar you have and then some. Just bought two new tires, after 20,000 miles. Front. Now having trouble again with losing air. Will take car back to tire place for help again. I don't even go that far as you see and had to buy 2 tires. Never hit them , etc.
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