Mazda 323 Engine Problems

wogom323wogom323 Member Posts: 2
hey guys i have a problem with ma mazda 323 stalling which is od for automatics. i have put a new fuel filter in/ new spark plugs/ new air filter/cheecked my leads and distributor/ ive even had my batt tested and its fine. wot other things could cause this never ending mission 4 me? it also has new trans and engine head new tapet gasket/ new oil and filter and sump plug. in other words its been fully serviced and i still cant work out my situation. any help would be good. and do you now of any local mazda 323 groups in Lower Hutt Wellington NZ? Thanks


  • darren7darren7 Member Posts: 3
    hey guys.....
    bought a mazda astina 1989.....
    it has a doesnt seem to start very easily and sometyms takeas a long tym b4 it does.....sometyms it starts in a jiffy but sometyms no!!!
    afta a run around the streeets i [non-permissible content removed] hme...turn the engine off...afta a while i go back start it again and it doesnt...
    pump the gass while stating it and it does start afta a while....
    got it checked...evrithing..fuel pump,injecter, evrithing...cant seem to work it out.....can nyone out there help me out......i need the car for work.....
  • bbirkettbbirkett Member Posts: 1
    hi guys i have blown up my 85' BD 323 engine and was wondering if there are any 6cyl that would fit if not which 4cyl can be mounted without having to install a diff
    ...thanks ben
  • speeddemonchkspeeddemonchk Member Posts: 1
    My Mazda, familia, GTX has been sitting for just over two years, i started it from time to time but never drove it.. I have changed fuel pump and spark plugs..

    When idiling after being warmed up, the idles dont sound right! Maybe timing?? Vacum Leak?? Im a female so i am really puzzled, and i dont want to waiste money i dont have! Does anyone know how to check and find vacum leaks?? I got told brake cleaner sprayed lightly around the hoses will make the cars idle rev a little... I dont understand this?? Is there any other way?? Also i got told it could be air flow sensor?? Im puzzled... And yet when i compared to my m8s hatch gtx, all my hoses and plugs are jimmied up different!

    When i am not thrashing it and using high rev's... It surges!! But when it goes, it goes real fast! Its got a TO4 Garet turbo, GSR Chip! Yeaha i luv my baby! :)

    I just want to brainstorm what could be wrong, before it got parked up ... I had no problems...

    Any help or advise will be appreciated! :)
  • steventerristeventerri Member Posts: 2
    we just bought a 1995 mazda 323 ,, recently ,, and its all on the road ,, problem is you need a full tank of gas or it will stall on right turns ,,can somebody give us any suggestions plzzzzzzzzzz,,,
  • shrub69shrub69 Member Posts: 3
    i had a problem which sounds the same as yours it turned out to be my started cellinoid needed to be replaced. maybe this helps if not good luck to u
  • marcelluscmarcellusc Member Posts: 1
    my car cut off willnot get fire to engine good timing belt. took off wire to distributor no fire were do i start. have lots of spare parts 4cycle engine pure gas in carburator What parts can i start replacing
  • wogom323wogom323 Member Posts: 2
    could be spark plugs or leads. or fuel pump. could be water in fuel. or worst of all electrical problems. where do you live?
  • rickmurchisonrickmurchison Member Posts: 3
    I have a 89 Mazda 323. its been a reliable car. it has a new timing belt plugs wires etc. The transmission was recently serviced and all mounts have been replaced. however in the last few months the idle has gotten rough and sometimes requires gentle pressure on the accelerator to smooth out. its two primary issues (rough idle and harsh shifting) are not consistent with temperature......the compression and timing both checked out at Mazda dealer...i am scratching my head.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    A lot of things can cause a rough idle. Vacuum leak, clogged filter, electrical issues. Since the timing checked out, I'd start at simpler problems and work my way up to the more complex. The harsh shifting may or may not be related to the idle issue, but it's not a conclusion I'd jump to right away.
  • rickmurchisonrickmurchison Member Posts: 3
    vacuum advance......i went back over fundamental things. plug gap, plug wire connections, etc... i tested the vacuum advance for resistance.....nada. so i ordered a new one....i will write back after i get it and install it. Hopefully this gets the problem sorted out...:)
  • rickmurchisonrickmurchison Member Posts: 3
    After reading your post i started looking for simpler things...checking fuel pressure, plug gap, air/fuel filters etc. Then in the interest of being thorough, started looking through vacuum lines again to see if something was missed. I discovered that the vacuum advance/retard module was defective. I plugged both lines and a small improvement in shifting occurred. So i ordered a new one, after it arrived i got down to the business of marking and removing the distributor to give it a good cleaning....200k can apparently put a lot of grime in there. got it all back together and bang zoom what a more sluggish, crummy, or otherwise seemingly appalling my issue is being sure the timing is right.

    I cant see the timing marks well enough with the timing light. which makes me wonder how the dealer technician could??? i set it with a vacuum gauge. its not to factory spec or at least i couldn't say for sure...but the idle acceleration and shifting have all improved quit a lot. is there some tricks i should learn?
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