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2003 Rendezvous Liftgate Switch

achopraachopra Posts: 4
edited April 2014 in Buick
Hi I bought a 2003 Rendezvous CX with the exterior liftgate switch, that's located under the liftgate handle on the outside of the liftgate.

For some reason that switch does not work. The only way that I can open the liftgate is with the remote.

I tried opening the cover (inside the liftgate) for the tail bulb replacement and found out that there is a yellow/black wire with a 2-pin socket at its end hanging there.

It seems like that this wire has come lose of the switch and needs to be plugged back in.

Now my question is that does anyone know how to remove the panel inside the liftgate to access that switch from inside.

If I just remove the panel covering the Tail Lights, that is too high for any work to be performed on the liftgate exterior switch. It seems like the whole panel at the bottom of liftgate needs to be removed.

All your answers will be greatly appreciated.

Please Help!


  • lgret13lgret13 Posts: 21
    As far as i know there is no exterior liftgate switch on a 2003 (I had an 03 CXL for 5 yrs and sold it in Nov. 07). Only the remote switch and the interior dash switch. The outside handle is a dummy handle to just lift the hatch open.
  • achopraachopra Posts: 4
    Thanks for the reply!

    Some of the later models of 2003 Rendezvous did have a liftgate switch on the exterior of the door, like mine does. Its rare, but it does exist.

    On my 2003 RDV, there's no liftgate release switch (on the instrument panel) inside the vehicle .

    Check the scanned page from the owner's manual.

  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239
    My 2003 RDV has "lift gate handle / switch" on its lift gate hatch door. NO electric switch on its dash area. Thus, sounds like my 2003 Rendezvous is a later model. Hopefully, it has the better intake gasket on its engine as well. Only time will tell...

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