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Volvo C70 Accessories and Modifications

10scoachrick10scoachrick Member Posts: 74
edited March 2014 in Volvo
Well, spring is upon us and it's time to transport the bike to some organized rides. Dealer wants $1250 to install Volvo hitch and wiring harness...pretty pricey for hauling a 20# bike. Has anyone put a trunk mount bike rack on the new C70? I'm sure I'll upgrade from our 10 year old Trek Portage rack but I'm wondering what experienced folks would recommend. Thx.

Alternatively, has anyone mounted an aftermarket hitch that is a good deal south of $1200?


  • chiro4uchiro4u Member Posts: 2
    I have a Saris Bones RS. It's perfect. Has steel straps cover by rubber so it won't scratch. It's about 259.00. Here is the link to the web site
  • gsimangsiman Member Posts: 4
    I am new to this. Just got a C70 convetable. Is the spare tire supposed to be in a "bag" in the trunk and no cover on top of it. How are you supposed to use the trunk,the stuf you put in falls along the sides of the spare.
    Is the backseat armrest supposed to come out of the car when you pull it down.
    Is my dealer giving me the runaround.
    Thanks for any help
  • chiro4uchiro4u Member Posts: 2
    I don't have a spare. The bag has a compressor and a can of a special type of flat fix. read the manual it will give you the info you need. Yes the backseat center cushion does come out. It gives you access to the car cover in case the top won't go up and the compressor. but you can access it from the trunk as well. Like I said I did not get mine with the spare tire. has a spare tire cavity organizer and they also sell a reversible cover that I purchased. It will run about 115.00.
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