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LaCrosse Super

jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
edited June 2014 in Buick
I was wondering if there were any other LaX Super owners out there in cyberspace? I really like mine (red jewel tintcoat). So far no problems after 5800 miles. V-8 is awesome! OnStar and XM radio are great too.


  • g_alleng_allen Posts: 15
    If anyone is uncertain about what the Buick Super Series of cars are all about, please click the link below. And please, share with as many friends as you can. Buick is on its way back. 1/3898.html;jsessionid=1E2C48440B1852639055068BA82476C9?as=3898
  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    Thanks g. I hadn't seen that one. Here's another one you may not have seen yet:

    BTW, I noticed a small dent on my rear passenger-side door. It must have come from some idiot with a shopping cart or maybe an uncaring motorist with their car door. Anyway, my Buick dealer said he'd take care of it for no charge.
  • I also have a Red Jewel with the cocoa interior. With a tad over 2700 miles I've had no problems. My wife and I love it, we agree about XM and Onstar too. Very fast, very cool. I noticed a little torque-steer at full throtle, but very manageable, not a problem.
  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    I would like to thank everyone for their replies to this thread. BTW, I read where the GM Performance Division engineers had to give up 3 hp in order to get the exhaust tuning right. However, it was much too quiet for my taste, so I had the resonator removed and a straight pipe installed in its place. Now the exhaust sounds more aggressive during acceleration and mellow during crusing and idling, like a V-8 engine should. Fortunately, it's still pretty quiet inside the cabin, which I think is due to Buick's patented "quiet tuning" process. I read where they use laminated glass and sound deadening materials to help reduce engine and exhaust noise inside the cabin. I don't know if I've recovered some of that lost 3 hp, but the car does seem a little bit quicker. I also replaced the stock air filter with a drop-in K&N performance filter for better air flow to the throttle body.
  • papaboopapaboo Posts: 2
    Just bought a new 2008 Super (05/30/2009), great and get up and go! Amazed how it handles. Best thing about buying it now was it was still made before GM had problems. Everything I've read leads me to believe that the 08 and 09 are the most recent Supers produced since the '58.
    Has anyone changed anything besides the resonator and the stock air filter to a K&N filter? Did you have any computer problems with the increased air flow with the K&N?
    I like the idea of a more mellow sounding exhaust and a few more HP and better MPG wouldn't hurt either but not important. I purchased it as a second car for my wife and something for me to zip around with.
  • Has anyone driven both cars? I'm curious as to the driving and feel differences. I believe the LaX has no HUD and no Bilsteins. It's reported quieter and I'd guess a smoother ride but probably not as adept a handler. All four tires are the same size, vs the GP GXP larger front tires/wheels. Trunk is shrunk but it has a spare unlike the GP. Thanks for any other input or feedback. I'm heading out to drive both tomorrow.
  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    On the contrary, my 2008 LaX Super does have Bilsteins and a Delphi premium steering system. I believe the Corvette also has it. What's a HUD? All four of the Super's wheels are 18 inches. I haven't driven a GP GXP, so I couldn't say which car has a smoother ride. I did, however, remove my Super's resonator to give its exhaust note a deeper growl, without compromising a quieter cabin, ones that all Buicks are famous for.
  • cooterbfdcooterbfd Posts: 2,770
    ".....What's a HUD? "

    Heads up display. It displays the speedo on the windshield.
  • You are correct, jpstax1. It was probably a salesman who told me the LAX do not have Bilsteins. They most assuredly do, I saw those yellow struts poking out from behind the 18" wheels Thursday.
    I found a new 2008 and will probably make an offer Monday. First I drove a 2007 GXP, and after that drive I thought the issue was settled.
    Then I sampled the mocha Super and I thought, can I swing this deal? The dash is much nicer in person than online, the trunks appear the same size though the Pontiac is called 16 and the Buick 14 cu. ft. The Buick is just a more elegant car. I like the wheels much more, and though either car would work fine for me, the 4/50 B-B is a better warranty than the remaining part of 3/36.
    The lack of HUD is no big deal. The gauges are easy views, and nicer looking than the GP's which look a bit cheap.
    The adventure/headache of staggered tires is avoided on the Super. I've asked the salesman if a swapout is possible, since the stock rubber is some mediocre Michelins. The used GXP I drove needs tires @ 17K and that would be part of the deal AFAIC.
    Hopefully counting down...
  • If you buy the new 2008 Super, the Michelins may have flat spots from sitting for a year. Have the dealer check the tire for roundness. You may have to drive the car and put a few hundred miles on it to see it the flat spots go away if not, they have to check the tire and replace it. If you have flat spots you'll feel it as they make contact with the road. They replaced 3 of the four tires on mine and it rides great now. Don't let them try to put cheaper tires on instead of the high speed Michelins on it. I only have 3500 miles on mine and have it about 6 months.
    I drove mine about 500 miles and changed the oil and filter putting in 100% synthetic oil and a better filter. I want this ride to last.
    Oh, by the way the new 2010 Lacrosse looks nice and rides nice but the Super blows it away. Look for the Built by GM Performance Div Plaque located on the front left side when you open the hood near the radiator. This car has a performance suspension, Bilstein Shocks, larger front brakes for stopping power and is supposed to be able to do 159 MPH as per the dealer. I've had the car up to 100mph and it handles like a dream. ( In my previous job, I did high speed driving, in and out of traffic chasing bad guys, so I'm qualified to say it handles very well!) Good luck with your purchase, you'll love it. I had a kid in a new GT Mustang attempt to get me to go off the line at a TSL but I didn't want to encourage him too much. I guess he wanted to try it against the Super.
  • Thanks for the feedback, papaboo.
    I drove the car about 15 miles, streets and interstate, and there was nothing but smooth. The TP readout showed 26-27 psi, so they need pumping up a bit to 32-35. The dealer also sells Mercedes, so I'd guess they try to keep the equipment moved around and maintained.
    I've been researching tires, and at this point would choose Conti ExtremeContact DWS as replacements. But the stock Michelin HX MXM4 will probably have to do for a while, unless I pop them right on craigs list or something like that, and get a quick offer.

    I've seen an online video of one joker taking his GXP to 154. At night. Lucky guy.
    According to the car mags, these cars will run 149-155, the GP is governed at 149 IIRC. The Impala has slightly shorter gearing, 3.07 vs. 2.93 I believe, so that helps its top end. Either way that's fast fast fast. :surprise:

    The car is about 170 miles away so when I get it home it will be at 300 +/-. From what I've read at other sites, other dealers often don't like to deal with tire issues. I hope this isn't something that develops, if it did with 2 or more tires I'd try to work a deal for the Contis. Read about them at tire rack, test data looks good.
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