Santa Fe Hood lifting at high speed

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My wife just returned from a long road trip in our 2007 Santa Fe and noticed the hood lifting about a quarter of an inch at highway speeds. In winds and turbulence the hood would shake as though not properly seated.
The hood was checked to see if if was properly closed and a preliminary call to our dealer's service department was met with an "uhhhhhhhh." They didn't know of a fix and hadn't heard ofthe problem. Looks like a prolonged problem-solving issue, so I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced hood lift at speed.


  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    I noticed that the hood does not fit that well on my S.F. either.First, Make sure none of the rubber "stops" are missing- there should be 4 I think. The seating can be adjusted by lifting the hood and turning the rubber "stops" that the hood rests upon anticlockwise . This raises them a small amount which should press more firmly on the hood when it is closed.

    Also check to make sure that you have no rubber tubing/strips missing on the water sealing system along the edge of the hood and the chassis. That also may be making the hood not seat properly.
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    Dealer is looking into it this weekend. Only noticed it this week after a trip to PA. Only seems to do it at high speed. Although it does not move that much it should not move at all. Very unsafe. Since this just started to happen at 15K miles I can only guess it will get worse if not corrected. Will post results of my visit...
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