2008 Santa Fe Owners - What color do you have?

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I'm purchasing a new Santa Fe this week and while I'm waiting for the dealership to let me know what colors they have in inventory, I'm curious to find out what colors other owners have and what they like/dislike about it. I'm leaning towards the Powder White Pearl but worry about it showing lots of dirt. I'm also leaning towards the steel gray and the slate blue but also worry about dirt showing. Yes, I realize I can go through a car wash :) but as far as which color is the easiest to maintain and what looks really good, what do you think? Would love to hear your comments! Thanks!


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    I would choose the Slate Blue metallic. I have it and it is the same color as the S.Fe in the Brochure. It shines like liquid metal and subtly changes color in sunlight from dark grey to light grey to a sparkling light blue.
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    My 2007 Limited is Steel Gray and I'm very pleased with it. It's surprisingly forgiving of dirt and dust and has a beautiful metallic sparkle to it in sunlight.
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    We purchased a 2008 Santa Fe Limited last week and got the Powder White Pearl. The dealer had every color and we looked closely at them all. Finally decided on the White with the Khaki a close second. The only colors that we really didn't like were the dark cherry red (looks like a faded red color to me) and the silver blue (a powder blue),

    Colors, of course, are in the eye of the beholder. Strangely, we got the black leather interior in our Santa Fe rather than the beige. We liked that the black interior matched the black dash and door tops whereas the beige was a contrast.

    Dirt-wise, every car I have owned (variety of colors) has shown the dirt, so I would just pick the color you really like and not worry about it. Maybe that is because we have so much of it here in Ohio with salt and slop on the roads pushing six months of the year.
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    I have the dark cherry red and I love it, but it DOES show the dirt. Actually, it shows the sand, since we live at the beach. I wash it every week without fail, even when it's only 40 degrees out. My first choice would have been the Khaki, but they only had that one in 3-row seating.
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    jcwsbltd, how is the slate blue on showing dirt? Do you find yourself having to wash it a lot because of the dust, dirt and pollen?
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    I have the Deepwater Blue which is very pretty when it is washed and clean, but it is hard to keep clean and every little scratch and imperfection shows up. If you like to wash your car a lot or you own a car wash, I would say go for it!
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    I also have the Deepwater Blue. It shows the blue tint in sunlight and certain parking garage light. Other times it looks Black. I'll be pretty busy this spring & summer keeping it clean, but I knew this when I selected the color and really like the way it looks.
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    Everyone has their favorite but in my opinion slate blue is the way to go, beautiful color changes in different light as has been mentioned and not that difficult to keep clean. Never had a second thought about the color choice. :)
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    I have a Dark Cherry Red SE model, I think the paint has some nice depth and looks great when clean. It does show dust, but even my wife's Powder White Azera shows dust as it builds. That's what hoses or car washes are for!

    The interior (tan cloth with black carpets and dash) is a nice contrast, but I did invest in a can of Scothguard for the seats, hope they stay clean because they are very light in color.

    As another writer said, color is in your eye....get what hits you! The Santa Fe is one of the best vehicles I've owned, and I am very pleased with it.
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    Natural Khaki here, with beige interior. We live on a dirt road, so that was a consideration - we eliminated all the darker colors right away, plus the white. Looks like a commercial vehicle in white, IMO. When we compared colors at the dealer, we liked the platinum sage, steel gray, and the khaki. Silver blue looked good in the brochure, but not on the actual car. Bright silver was ok, but kind of blah. The khaki really caught our attention, and I think it might have been our preference even if the dust and dirt weren't a problem. I'm not a constant carwasher!
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    Like others have stated here, I also had my doubts about silver blue. We were considering Naturak Khaki but went with silver blue instead as it was more readily available the way I wanted it equipped, and was within my wife's top three colors (her car). I can honestly say that the color grows on me the more I look at it, and is by far the best color I've ever had about not showing dirt.

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    In July of 2007, we got a Santa Fe Limited AWD with the deep water blue as the exterior and the taupe interior. Originally, we wanted the slate blue, but they couldn't find one with it in a 400 mile radius at the time. So, we decided on the deep water blue and had them drive about 150 miles to Pennsylvania to pick up the car. We love it, except when there are scratches, you can definitely see them. Also, in dark conditions, the color looks black, but in the sun, it looks sparkling blue.
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    Nothing looks better than a clean Black car!

    Nothing looks worse than a dirty black car!

    Nuff Said

    Mobo :shades:
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    Platinum Sage and I love it! Initially I wanted Steel Gray but they didn't have the colour. My husband actually preferred the Platinum Sage but I was concerned that it was too green.

    However, the colour has really grown on me. It is a relatively special and unique colour too.

    Pretty easy to maintain since it is a metallic paint. Haven't had any problems yet!
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    i just bought a 2007 santa fe se touring (7 seater) its matalic gray hides the road dirt well i like the color and i love the car could not be more pleased,the ride is incredible. i have owned 3 new cars over the past 19 years ranging from 8000.00 to 34000.00 i paid 20,750.00 for my santa fe bought it in april it had 40 miles on it, and i can say its the nicest and safest car i have owned, now only time will tell me how well thay are built
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    I also have the Deepwater Blue, I am picking it up on Thursday. Cannot wait.
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    I have an 2007 limited awd touring in Beige exterior and beige interior. I'm a bit concerned about keeping the light beige interior clean. The beige carpets already shows dark patches from dirty shoes. I've order some weathertech mats (my 4th set) to keep everything manageable. The exterior beige is good with hiding dirt and so is silver. Everything else seems to show dirt right away.
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    The Weathertech floorliners have done an excellent job keeping my carpet clean and dirt free. I have the gray interior in my '07 limited and after 14 months of use they still look brand new.
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    My wife has the Natural Khaki also, she loves it & nice in 08 that the carpets are black so it does not show the dirt! Have seen other Khaki from other Manufactures but does not compare to the 08 colour & we are not lovers of the colour Green. :D
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    Just got a limited in slate blue. My 2004 was the equivalent of the deepwater blue. I didn't like that because 90% of the time it looked black, not blue. Every tiny scratch showed up white as well and it showed dirt like crazy. Despite all that I probably would have gotten the deepwater blue if they had had any on the lot-LOL. The slate blue is growing on me every day. The amount of metalic shimmer is really pretty.
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    Picking up our 08 LTD on Monday. We have bright silver, black interior.
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