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Nissan Frontier Vehicle Security System

sapper4x4sapper4x4 Posts: 5
edited April 2014 in Nissan
I recently purchased a 2008 Nissan Frontier King Cab which included the Vehicle Security System and Vehicle Immobilizer as part of an option package. When I went to use this option it did not work and further investigation by the dealership showed that it was not installed at the factory.
Has anyone else run into this problem with any model year of the Nissan Frontier King Cab?
Can you tell me what the dealership or Nissan did to correct the problem?
Thanks in advance for your input.


  • skip22skip22 Posts: 4
    Hi TV,

    Same deal with my 08 Frontier King Cab NISMO -- came with the technology package that was supposed to include the immobilizer and security system. I assume the chip in the key is the immobilizer part of that, but I've found nothing that resembles a security system. I asked the dealer and they didn't have an answer. I then ask the main Nissan customer service department who explained that they are just an administrative office that arbitrates disputes (e.g. when you can't get the dealer to fix your car) and they just referred me back to the dealer....who referred me back to the Nissan customer service department....who referred me back....

    Your having the same challenge helps to confirm that my Frontier is not the only one. I've pretty much given up on looking to Nissan for a fix, but if you find anything different, please let me know.

    Aside from this little glitch, I just love the Frontier!

    Good luck! Skip
    Alexandria, VA
  • sapper4x4sapper4x4 Posts: 5
    It sounds like your dealership and the person you spoke with at Nissan are giving you a run around. My dealer, in conjunction with Nissan, offered to find me a new truck and actually found one, but it also had the same problem. In the meantime,
    representatives at Nissan were absolutely fantastic and stayed with me until the problem was eventually solved. Nissan did some research and came up with a fix and repaired my truck. They replaced the main computer and reprogrammed both keys. The security system works now and I am happy that it was resolved.
    Don't settle for anything less than getting your truck repaired. Also, don't install an aftermarket security system since that may void your warranty and Nissan does not recommend installing one.
    You need to contact your regional customer service representative. The number should be in your owner's manual. I cannot give you any numbers or names over this post, but you should not have any problem getting in touch with them and getting help. The two people I dealt with were extremely professional and very helpful and customer friendly. Because of them and the actions of my dealership, I have the utmost trust and confidence in Nissan. Let me know how it turns out for you.
    Good luck in solving your problem.
  • skip22skip22 Posts: 4

    Thanks for the info. I also received an email from "Jeremy" who had the same challenge. He said nissan consumer affairs had just issued on 23 Jul 08 a "voluntary service campaign for the 2008 king cab/nismo technology package" and that it took about two hours to fix and even went on to say the free fix included a rental car if it took over two hours. He didn't say exactly what the fix was.

    I call nissan consumer affairs yesterday and referenced the campaign and asked if there was a specific ID number for reference at the dealer. They said no, that each "fix" was tied to specific VINs and that there were no "fixes" against my VIN. I even called back to ask a second rep and got the same response, so I asked that they elevate it to a supervisor and I'm still waiting on a response. We'll see.

    Do you know if it was the dealer, nissan consumer affairs, or someone else that actually came up with the computer-swap solution, and if it's tied to the campaign Jeremy referenced? Also, do you know if they actually put in a new computer or just reprogrammed the existing one. If it was a new computer, what vehicle was it originally intended for and how was it determined that it was an exact match/replacement (I assume it wasn't originally intended for your truck or the truck would have come with it....or maybe it was just a specific plant that put in the wrong one???)

    Thanks for your help! I wish I had as much confidence in nissan as you do, but so far all I get from them is "humm". I'll let you know how I make out.

  • sapper4x4sapper4x4 Posts: 5
    The fix was initiated by Nissan and not the dealership. The dealership installed it once they received the new computer from Nissan. It only took about an hour. The modification was a new computer module (I think it was the main computer that controls everything) along with reprogramming the keys and fobs.
    If they say they can't fix yours, then I would demand a new vehicle. That is what got the ball rolling with Nissan after they found they could not buy me off with a cash settlement. If they balk, you can contact your Motor Vehicle Department and ask about submitting a complaint against the dealership. They were the ones who entered into the contract with you. I would look for all the information you have on your truck, especially the window sticker that shows the Vehicle Security System and Vehicle Immobilizer. I never had to go that far as my dealership was very helpful and courteous. I can't say enough good about them.
    Good luck.
  • skip22skip22 Posts: 4

    Success! The Nissan folks finally fessed up to the recall, although I had to talk with them several more times before they recognized the recall and that my truck was covered. They also sent a recall notice in the mail -- not sure if that was just for my truck or a blanket distribution. With that, the dealer (who recognized the recall immediately when I called) ordered the kit and installed it a few days later when it arrived. The kit included:

    2 keys (the dealer also replaced the valet key although the recall only covers 2 keys)
    1 controller assembly
    1 control unit - IM
    1 screw
    1 cover- steering

    Took them all day, but that included their normal "all around maintenance check" and a really good car wash for free -- my tires look new again!

    My Frontier security system is now installed and working like it should (and they didn't botch anything while installing it). Thanks for your help!

  • Skip,
    I am glad it worked out for you. I also received a notice from Nissan, so they must have sent it to all Frontier LX owners. Thanks for letting me know about your success.
  • I have the nismo and I just received my letter yesterday. I live in the Denver area and you would think by now the dealers would know about the problem, but so far none of them have the slightest idea what I'm talking about. This is my first Nissan and I'm not the least bit impressed.
  • I was wondering if you know if they take your dash apart to fix this problem. I'm concerned because there is nothing worse than a squeaky or rattely dash that hasn't been assembled properly.

  • skip22skip22 Posts: 4

    I don't think they take the dash apart but I'm not sure. I can say that my dash looks just like before I took my truck in and there are no rattles or other "after-service" challenges.

  • My 08 KC Nismo w/tech pkg. & 5K miles was recalled. FYI the time to complete the installation was to be less than thee hours by the notice I received from Nissan, be advised it may take longer, my vehicle was dropped off 10 A.M. Wednesday, I was told it was ready 2 P.M FRIDAY! This was the first unit the dealer had performed and it was more than just plugging in a black box. It included removal of the dash and maybe other things I was not aware of until five hours into the job. No loaner car was provided, but the service rep. said (by policy) they would cover the cost of a rental minus 1/2 of the taxes, which I argued I should not be responsible for any charges less gas and damages. An ignition ring was not included so I am waiting for that part. I am hoping there are no problems in the future related to this work, and I hope if anyone else goes through this it will be less of a shock than it was for me.
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