Nissan Xterra power door locks

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I own a 2006 Off-Road , the power door locks keep on locking , with car running , car off , while driving ... . Dealer cannot find the problem . They have so far replaced the BCM & driver door actuator . The prolem is very intermitent . It will sometimes do it for days & sometimes not for weeks . This has been going on for 4 months . Has anybody had or heard of this problem .


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    Have you replaced the keyless remote for your alarm?A bad button on your remote could do this.
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    sapo1's idea is good. Rather than spend $100+ on a new fob, put your existing one in the house and use the second one you got with the Xterra. Aggrivating I'm sure.
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    Hello, the power door locks keep locking and my security light on the dash flashes and clicks. When I try and unlock my doors, they just lock as fast as I can unlock them. Does this seem familiar to you. What could this be from. I seen that you said yours did it intermittently as does mins. The first time it did it was the day of my daughters wedding. After I shut the back door, it stopped. I do not know if this could be it of if this had nothing to do with it as the back door was not open or anything, it was closed tightly. And today, nov 19th,2009 it started again. I cannot hardly get into the vehicle.Do you have any ideas?????????
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    My wife's car just started doing this last night on our way home from a trip. I was driving down the road when all the sudden the relays under the steering wheel started clicking. I pulled the car over, and even with the key out of the ignition it continued. The security light was solid...not flashing, and any attempt to unlock the locks auto locked them again. It stopped the clicking after I locked and unlocked the driver side door. Now when I try to exit the car (if it is unlocked) the door IMMEDIATELY locks so the door gets to the safety position....I have to lock, unlock, and relock the door to open it. Even using the key to unlock and open the door it does it...

    Any ideas? I am going to check all the fuses...and do the key fob suggestion as well.
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    After my warranty conveniently ran out I also have this lock issue and I am about to have the dealer replace the door lock actuator. Whenever I have had to deal with this dealership I feel uneasy and that they have something to hide. Has anyone narrowed down what this problem may actually be caused by? The service counter also spoke of replacing the BCM??? They would replace everything if they could!!! I really don't think they know what the problem is!! Hopefully someone can shed light on the issue
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    I have awoken the last 2 nights to see the tail lights, side marker lights and instrument cluster dash light flashing itermittently. flash twice, wait 45 seconds or so, flash twice again. Did this happen with the door lock issue described here? my girlfriend did not lock the car the last 2 nights.... or it's unlocking itself perhaps....but Nissan Canada and the Dealer when "huh, no idea" when I called. Trying to rule out the same door lock issue here if not experienced. Starting the car cured the issue yesterday morning, but it was back today.
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