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Hello, Has anyone install a Stillen Dual Intake system on a 2008 G35 Sports??


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    Tons of people have them.
    They're a little pricey but offer heat sheilds which Fujita has yet to provide for their system... which is approx $100 less in price.
    Stillen is now offering a kit with longer tubes, but the price is a complete ripoff, IMHO. Stillen makes some nice stuff, but the pricing has me shopping else where.

    Don't expect much in terms of gains, but it does add a nice throaty sound.

    Nismo has one in the works as well, but no ETA as of yet.
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    I bout a new car just about a week back... now Im already thinking of replacing/upgrading a few things... so my question is what do I do with the old(used) parts? Is it worth selling them at all?
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    eBay is one option, but there are marketplaces on some of the more popular G35 forums and members are allowed to post classifieds.
    Original OEM parts are always being sold and are very popular.
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    Just purchased the intake and when I installed it, it started giving me trouble. It takes about 3-5 times me turning the car on for the car to stay on. Also it doesn't let me go above 2500 rpm. Once it reaches that point it seems like the car is red lining even though my car is automatic. It seems like its chocking. I checked everything the mass air flow sensor and made sure everything was tight. Can any one help me out with this problem.
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    yes d t do it it does noting for the car
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    tk the battery cable off and put in bk on
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