Did you use Consumer Reports car report to buy Santa Fe?

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I'm about to purchase my new Santa Fe on Friday and my husband has requested the Consumer Reports new car report which shows exactly what the dealer actually paid for the car vs. the dealer invoice and MSRP. Did anyone use this tactic in negotiating the price of your car? Did it work or did it stress you out even more?


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    While you're waiting for a reply here you may find Comments: Consumer Reports/JD Power Rankings helpful.

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    I bought my Santa Fe last week and found it helpful.
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    We're planning on buying our Santa Fe tomorrow, and I ordered the Price Report. Most of what it contained I already knew, but the one really useful piece of information was the "Bottom Line Price" category. This supposely gives you the TRUE dealer's invoice price, which is well below the "invoice price" you can find just about anywhere. It also gives you the holdback price. I've had no problem getting a quote well below "invoice" price, though we'll see exactly what that works out to be tomorrow. I think it was worth the price to get the report.
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    Holdback info is widely available free (link).

    So is incentive information, such as manufacturer to dealer cash.

    No one knows the "true" dealer invoice price. The dealer owner may not even know for sure until after doing quarterly or yearly taxes.

    You'll never learn about the various bonus, incentives and spiffs that dealers get for moving certain cars, agreeing to accept certain models, or selling x number of cars during a time period. Then there are all the financial kickbacks for packaging the car loans. Not to mention stuff like free trips and cruises.

    Most of the time the salestaff on the floor doesn't have a clue about all the perks and spiffs going to the dealer.

    Lots more over in Smart Shopper.
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    I used the Consumer Reports New Car Report when I bought my Santa Fe back in Feb. Santa Fe's are already discounted quite a bit and the offer I made to the dealer was already lower than the Consumer Reports bottom line price. Still it was useful to have the information, if for no other reason, to confirm that I was "in the ballpark". I think the report is good value for the price.
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    Why go to CR when all of the info you need is available right here at Edmunds?
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