REMAN vs. NEW Engine Misrepresentation

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We purchased a 95 Windstar with a "NEW engine put
in it as a courtesy to a long-time Ford customer
who had head gasket problems". We had expressed
our concern over 95 Ford Windstar head gaskets.
This FORD DEALER told us the engine was NEW in
van. After 6 months we ran into problems and
found out the engine was actually a "REMAN" 95
engine. The dealer claims that these terms are
used interchangeably in the auto world. We believe
it is fraud and will go to court to get our money
refunded. It stinks that we have to spend our
money out of pocket to go to court when the dealer
has misrepresented this vehicle. We believed what
the salesperson was telling us "that the engine
NEW". He knew we were concerned about Ford head
gasket problems. We would not have purchased this
vehicle had we known the engine was actually a
REMAN 95!!! Any advice to where on the message
boards I can go to let other people know that this
is something to look out for!! OR is it just a
problem with our FORD dealer??? Anyone else ran
into this sort of misrep. of NEW and REMAN
engines?? Who's right??? Just want some of your


  • markbuckmarkbuck Member Posts: 1,021
    you are right.
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    Good guess, I suppose. You can post this under the "Vans" topic, Ford Windstar Problems II. There's quite a few people who have considered whether or not to get a new engine or the "buyback" and $3,000 towards a new van.

    Also, you might post down in this category about the 3.8 liter secret warranty.

    Finally, you should post a message in the guestbook at
    which is perhaps the best site on the web for Windstar/3.8 problems.

    Sorry for your problem, and good luck in getting it resolved.
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    New means never been used. Remanufactured means that is has been run to the end of it's useable lifetime and then rebuilt to "acceptable" specifications,which are not new.So,yes you are right. I would seek legal assistance,complain to Ford and talk to your District Attorney's office.
    You were misled.
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    Actually there is no secret warranty. We found out that the engine had been replaced when the prior owner had a head gasket problem on a vacation. He kept driving it and blew a rod. The van was not driveable UNLESS it had the engine replaced. It was not a courtesy by the dealer.

    OPATIENCE, We talked to Ford. They cannot make a dealer take back the van, since each dealership is privately owned. They basically just wrote down my complaint and did nothing. So much for maintaining an ethical dealership. We are talking to a lawyer now. How does the District Attorney fit in??
  • 0patience0patience Oregon CoastMember Posts: 1,712
    If it is fraud,then criminal charges can be filed.But it is often time consuming and a major headache.And the burden of proof is on you.But the talking to a lawyer is a good move.
  • hoppy5hoppy5 Member Posts: 11
    We have filed a formal complaint with the Department of Motor Vehicles - Dealer Investigation. We'll see what comes of this.
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