Buzzing sound when putting town car in ACC

jrokjrok Member Posts: 9
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I just noticed that when i turn my key to the position where just my dash lights, radio and compressor come on i hear a loud buzzing/humming that goes away in about 20 seconds that was not there before. It drives and starts normally but i was just wondering if my starter was going out or if i needed to get it seen? has anybody else had this problem its a 1990 lincolin towncar 5.0 v8. thanks


  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Member Posts: 3,425
    Could be the electric fuel pump making the noise. They all do to some extent.

    Have you ruled out the air pump for the rear air shocks?
  • jrokjrok Member Posts: 9
    i know its not the air pump, i know its failing though.. but the pump makes more of a growling noise. I am going to buy some springs from autozone and change them my self, because when i turn the car off i can hear all the air leaving the bags. But yeah its not the pump and its coming from the engine compartment. so i guess it isn't the fuel pump?
  • kopanatonkopanaton Member Posts: 1
    After I start the car I get a beeping sound .It beeps 25 times.5 times with 5 beeps each time.Then I drive and it starts aigain after a while.Any ideas? :mad:
  • jrokjrok Member Posts: 9
    well i figured out what that sound was it turned out to eb the fuel pump engaging
  • ltdkittenltdkitten Member Posts: 3
    Its the anti lock breaks performing a self-test .Perhaps yours does that , too
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