Extended warranty 2006 WRX 38K miles.

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I'm looking at an automatic 2006 WRX with 38K miles. It's out of basic warranty, do you think it's a good idea to purchase the 4yr Added Security extended warranty for $1700? I only drive 8000 miles a year. In 4 yrs, I would only have driven 32K miles, is it worth throwing in an extra $1700 given such a low mileage coverage. I hear Subaru OEM parts are very expensive, if this is true then maybe I should get it.


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    I don't think you can buy a Subaru ext warranty if you are over 36K miles, maybe an aftermarket one. FWIW I have an 02 and I have only 41K on it and I am close to breaking even on my ext warranty already. were you thinking of getting the 7 yr/100K warranty?
    for some reason this is the Subaru I put least miles on of any I have had (and I am on my 6th) and it has had more warranty work than any other,( including ones with 130K!). maybe it needs to be driven more! :-)
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    Actually you can but only the Classic and Powertrain plans, not the Gold Plus. It is still Subaru Added Security. I was thinking of getting the 4yr/48K miles extended warranty which is the longest period I can have for the car I'm buying. With taxes, it's comes to about $2000. I was thinking of forgoing it since I drive so little.
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    Don't waste your money. I can just about promise you Subaru will deny any claim. Especially if it is powertrain related. Be careful !!
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    nice blanket statement which does not jive with my experience, oil leaks replaced on a 98 Legacy and leaking fuel line, clutch and ball joint on an 02 WRX both under factory 5/60 powertrain warranty or SOA Gold warranty.
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