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Interested in getting a jeep liberty.....

sport99sport99 Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Jeep
Hi, im so far planning on buying a 05 jeep liberty soon, but a lot of things i have been reading about the gas mileage has been bothering me, some say you get good gas mileage some say they dont, but my question here is how many miles can you guys go before you have to fill up?? In other words, my 99 ford explorer can go about 210 miles on one tank of gas, i want to know how many miles you guys can get to on your jeep liberty's before you have to fill up, dont tell me miles per gallon because i already have an idea to how many miles a gallon the jeep gets. And by the way, please state what year your jeep is because i know the 05 and up libertys have a little bit bigger gas tanks, and the 04 and lower have a smaller one.

P.S.- The jeep cant be as bad as my explorer gets, it stinks having to fill up about every 200 miles :/ , especially with a 17 gallon gas tank....


  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I have a 08 Liberty and if I wanted to go to the last drop of gas I could go 341 miles.Thats city only driving.It comes out to about 17.5MPG.If you want to figure out how far you can go MPG is involved.I'm not to thrilled with my mileage.I like the new Liberty very much,but Chrysler could do more for the mileage.I thind they should have the MDS system on all their cars,plus add a sixspeed auto in the Jeeps.I have a 19 1/2 Gal.tank
  • libbmannlibbmann Posts: 10
    I have an '05 Liberty Limited. I average about 18 MPG in overall driving which is mostly highway and some city. I always figure 300+ miles to a tank. Hope that helps.
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