FJ Cruiser Air Conditioning Cooling Rear Deck Area

mwhunter1mwhunter1 Member Posts: 5
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We are going to buy a new FJ after we move to
New Mexico.The FJ only has 4 vents on the top of the dash providing cold AC air to the entire interior. Are the fans strong enough in these vents to provide cold air to the "very back deck area" of the FJ where my dogs will be sitting?

Has anyone been out in their FJ in 100+ temps with their dogs/kids in the very back and felt that
the AC will keep that area cool? Thanks......


  • fhrabetinfhrabetin Member Posts: 34
    Look under the front seats and you'll see additional vents for middle area. I don't think anything goes to the back deck which will probably get warm/hot with that large window and no way to vent except fan on hi for floor vents or open the windows. Lite colored vehicle, yellow or silver may help.
  • zenpunkzenpunk Member Posts: 3
    I live in Arizona and our dog goes everywhere with us. So far no problems keeping the dog cool, but we ride with the back seat down most of the time. The good thing is the FJ cools down quickly in the summer heat here.
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