Matrix Reliability - Extended Warranty Necessary?

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Recently bought a Toyota Certified 2006 Matrix XR with 19K miles. What has been your experience with this vehicle's reliability. Certified vehicles offer a seemingly great ext war covering the car w/ essentially 'wraparound' coverage for 7 yrs/100K miles for about $1,500. Is it really necessary with these cars or better to do without?


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    Hi everyone, I just picked up by 07 Matrix XR on Fri with 10k on it and I wanted to know what everyone thought about getting a extended warranty. It will cost me $1000. What do you all think? Thanks all, Mike280
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    These extended warranties are a great deal - for the dealer! That's why they push them at time of sale. Toyotas are dead reliable, anyone could get a lemon but not very likely withToyota. Only exception might be the stick shift Matrix, I'm reading about some problems there.

    San Diego
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    Just purchased an '06 Matrix XR with 19K miles and the manual transmission. I originally sucumbed to dealer's doom and gloom pitch about the need to purchase the extended warranty - at their inflated price. Car drives great and the previous poster is right about solid rep for quality but still want to make sure you're covered. At best it saves you a bunch of money in the event of any costly repairs and gives you peace of mind while you own the vehicle - at worst you break even or are out a couple hundred dollars.... but you've got peace of mind either way. I did some looking on the Web and found a post that basically says Toyota warranties are honored at all Toyota dealerships nationwide and can be had for relatively low cost. A guy who's name kept coming up is Neil Hull at a dealership in KC who quoted me a $0 deductible warranty for the following:

    7 yr/100K: $745
    7 yr/75K: $520
    6 yr/100K: $635

    With the year and miles on your new car, I'd imagine you'd be a little cheaper. His name is Neil Hull and number is 800.228.8559. I called, he's legitimate. Good luck.
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    as you note, you can get that $1500 service contract for quite a bit less if you shop around ... given Toyota's sliding quality rep over the past few yrs. at the reduced price it's a good deal, at "list" price it's a gamble but service contracts always are. One big item or 2 and you'll cover it.

    Check with Troy at Toyota of Greenfield (Mass) for a good price, I have no affiliation w/ them etc but got one on our Tacoma from him.
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    My ? - do you have to make a decision about the Extended Warranty when you go to pick up your auto. I purchased an '09 Matrix S AWD - I will be picking it up on Friday. The finance agent is trying to get me to purchase the Extended Warranty as well as the LoJack.

    Any thoughts about the pitch?
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    Buyer beware,
    First of all your buying something thats not tangible. They are certainly getting hefty commissions to push these non tangibles. Sewell Cadillac here in Dallas will no longer honor the extended warranties other than GMAC. They cite no pay and or the risk of these companies going belly up. I now have to see if and when Warranty Direct will pay up, they haven't returned my calls. Now I see Sewells point.
    You just have to learn to say NO. Then too they make money selling you car note to some finance company. Go to lending tree dot com and see what your interest rate really is. I saves $40 times 60 payments just by walking out and getting a quote. They soon after matched that quote and I will have saved $2400.
    If your insurance company will pay for the Lo Jack and only then is that worth it. Get what your paying for.
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    No, you don't need to purchase the warranty at the time of sale, though the sales and finance folks will high pressure you - obviously they want to increase the amount you spend at their dealership and the amount you finance if it's through them. It's all bogus - shop around like you did for your vehicle and get the best price on your warranty.
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    I am currently thinking of buying a 2009 XRS , 5 speed auto but based on the info on another forum here at Edmunds I am not sure what to do. the forum is dealing with a faulty trans. So, if your car is one of the unlucky ones with this trans - I think you may want to consider the warranty
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    My Matrix, like everyone who has had one for a few years is a lemon. The tranmissions suck. Please read:

    Dont get the extended and dont get the matrix. Both are a joke. Sell your car and go to honda now, before everyone else realizes that the car is a lemon. Dont want to be stuck with a car equal to that of a Dodge Carvan.
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    My 2006 Matrix XR (21,000 on the od) was purchased new and is a total LEMON. We have been dealing with this idle / surging issue. It has been in the shop four times now and the issue is still not resolved.
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    When I bought my 09 Matrix S, the dealership (of course) tried to sell me on an extended warranty. I declined because I found out that Geico (my insurance) offers an extended warranty! You don't have to buy it at the time you buy your car, it's less expensive than the dealership, and they offer different coverage levels. It may be worth it to check with your car insurance company before actually purchasing the extended warranty through a dealership or some other random 3rd party. Besides, if you wait to buy it until Toyota's manufacturer's warranty is close to being up, you might have a better idea of the type of coverage you will need, should you decide to get an extended warranty.
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    In a word-fugetaboutit! I have 84,000 miles on my car over the last 3 1/2 years. If you don't buy it new as I did, buying a certified one will definitely give you peace of mind. Change the oil at the recommended 5K, and change the trans fluid every year. Put the $1000-$1500 in your saving! :)
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    According to the forum that was cited, the transmission problems with the Matrix seem to be confined to the 2003-4 models with the 5 sp. manual and 1.8 liter engine. With any other year/transmission you will probably be okay without the extended warranty.
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    I have had very bad experience w WarrantyDirect/Interstate National (their alter ego) ... failed to pay anywhere near full value on a blown engine in another make of car, and they regularly lowball now and want to provide parts of questionable quality or an allowance for price of same if you want OEM parts. So you recover only a % of your actual costs of repair. Avoid them.

    We have a Toyota xt svc contract on our '05 Matrix, bought CPOd. So far (16 months, it's paid for a new belt tensioner & belt, about 25% of the cost of the contract). It was very easy dealing with that compared to WarrantyDirect/INDS and their nickel&diming runarounds.

    In general I no longer think these are worth it esp. from 3d parties (not the vehicle mfr.).
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    Has anyone had an issue with the 60K/60mo powertrain warranty? Not the basic 36/36 one. I'm looking to buy an 07 Matrix and the previous owner had a coil/spark plug replaced at 39K and Toyota wouldn't cover it. What is excluded from the powertrain warranty?
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    :lemon: If you have the 5 speed manual transmission it will fail at great cost. $3000 or more. Just get rid if the car. See the Edmunds section on that problem. Mine failed. Not happy with Toyota. It will be the last Toyota I own. My '95 Neon was a better car. Sure spent less on repairs.

    NEVER buy the extended warranty. The sales person makes a bigger commission on the warranty than the car, same with the dealer. They have lots of loop holes in them. Also they seem to go out of business in a few years. This is a very sleazy area of the retail auto business.
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    The drive powertrain warranty will not cover electical parts, or gaskets. Things like the crank shaft or the engine block. The heavy metal parts that are touched by oil. They will not cover wear, normal or other wise. It's almost worthless. That's why Chrysler had a lifetime one a while back. My wifes van has it. Actually my wife's van ('09 Caravan) has been perfect for over a year. My Matrix cost me $3000 for a transmission, and has more squeaks and rattles than my 65 Corvair convertible.
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