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Toyota RAV4 Noises and Sounds



  • travanatravana Posts: 1
    For almost a year, my 06 RAV4 Limited 4cyl 4wd has been making this awful sound like something is dragging on the road underneath it. Not always, not consistent with any particular conditons. Looking underneath, nothing is out of place, nothing is dragging. It used to do it in forward and reverse, now it just does it in reverse...a horrible, clunky, metal dragging type of sound. Dealership claims they can't duplicate it and insist nothing is wrong. They've checked brakes, front and back, several times and can't find anything. I see that one poster had a rock stuck, and another hadn't yet found an answer...while I haven't been told that "they all do it"...I have been told they can't find anything wrong and kind of brushed aside. Are there any others out there who have experienced this and found out what it was? Thanks...
  • dee911dee911 Posts: 8
    I have a 2009 Rav 4. When the a.c. is on and I'm driving at about 30 mph and take my foot off of the accelerator, a rumbling/rattling sound emanates from the dash area. It only happens when the a.c. is on and only at low speeds. The dealership told me there was a TSB about it and determined it was a brake booster vacuum valve and replaced the existing one. I still heard the noise but it was faint. It has now become more prominent so their fix couldn't have been the cause. If anyone has had experience with this and especially solutions please share. Thank you.
  • I got my 2010 RAV4 (4cyl) last October. Same symptoms your vehicle makes. It feels like the transmission is hesitating to downshift. Reminds me of when I forgot to downshift a manual transmission and the car almost stalled. Same rattle sound as that.

    The dealer says they reset the ECM and flushed the transmission fluid. The problem has not gone away.

    I don't know what the problem is. I hear it when I coast from around 30 mph. The a/c has to be running for this to happen. There's a clue.

    Let me know if you hear any other ideas.

    Thank you.
  • dee911dee911 Posts: 8
    Thanks for sharing your experience albeit an unsuccessful one. This is quite puzzling.So it's obviously not the ECM or the brake booster. I guess we've excluded two of a thousand possibilities. Will be taking it back in this week and will let you know of any recent developments. Someone out there must have a solution. Keeping fingers crossed.
  • stew16stew16 Posts: 17
    I've noticed the faint sound as well on my new Rav-4 limited, it faint but noticeable by the way how is your paint holding up? Have you noticed any chips?
  • dee911dee911 Posts: 8
    Well, my rumble/rattle started off faintly as well and only got worse. The latest info from the dealership is that they believe it is a drive-train problem. And, the plant in CA has gotten many similar complaints. No solution has been forthcoming however but I'll keep the forum posted as I learn new things. So far, no real paint issues.
  • bem521bem521 Posts: 10
    Hi, I have just purchased a 2010 v6 rav 4 limited. I have had the truck for only 3 weeks and within the first couple of days of driving the truck I hear a terrible noise also. It happens between 38-40 mph. It is very annoying. Went to take the service manager for a ride today and he was trying to tell me it is because it is an all wheel drive but I dont buy it. He did call a toyota rep which I will meet with on Sept 2 and he did say they are having many complaints about this problem which may eventually lead to a recall but in the meantime I cant even enjoy driving my new suv because the noise is enough to drive me insane. I hope they find the problem soon. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • dee911dee911 Posts: 8
    I just read your post. Does the noise occur only when the a.c. is on? The rattle doesn't occur in mine when the a.c. is off. But, the mph you report is similar to my experience. One of the mechanics at the dealership said that the transmission goes through a "lock up," at that rpm.
  • ang33iefang33ief Posts: 57
    It annoying and yes it is noticeable between 25-47 or so. Dealer says that it is normal for the 08-6cyl limited. I am thinking of trading it because of the noise. I will try another dealer first. Dealer says it is the tranm. but he has replaced some and it is only worse. Noise is just load enough to bother me, only 22k on the vehicle. I bought it with 12k and had I noticed it then, I sure would have gotten something else. I did get good gas mileage on a long trip but the wind noise was so bad I did not hear the humming. Harryt
  • dee911dee911 Posts: 8
    I'm not experiencing the humming, just rattle intermittently. The latest word or non-word from the dealership is that the rattle poses no problem mechanically. And, the a.c., involvement is only reflective of the extra load placed on the vehicle (4-cyl) that somehow causes the rattle to occur. It is tempting to wonder if they will drag their feet on the solution until warranty expiration. By then, no doubt the rattle will become more of a mechanical problem. I too am considering selling or trading.
  • bem521bem521 Posts: 10
    Hi, No this noise does not happen when the a.c. is on it happens all the time . So annoying I cant even stand driving the truck. I wish I heard it when i test drove it because i would of never bought it. There is obviously something wrong here or are we all crazy. Outside of the noise I love the truck I only have 1300 miles and I have not had that great gas mileage either so far 20.3 mpg with city and highway driving. I do not believe this is a normal noise because i owned a jetta about 10 years back and I had the same noise and it was the transmission. They put 2 brand new transmissions in and it still continued. They gave me a choice to buy the newer model which i did and the same problem continued. They had a bad batch of transmissions so needless to say they finally bought the car back from me but at least they could admit to the problem. I hope we get somewhere with the toyota people. We must all stick together and hope for the best. I will keep you posted!!
  • dee911dee911 Posts: 8
    I'm with you on the not-so-great gas mileage and I don't have a heavy foot. I can't imagine hearing what you're hearing ALL THE TIME. You're right about us sticking together at least in our separate efforts to get our problems rectified. It is tempting to assume that there may be a "batch" of poor quality Rav 4's. It's also as if, at least on my end, that the dealership is trying to get me to focus on the idea that "it doesn't affect the working of the vehicle," instead of the overall driving experience. It's the "revolution of declining expectations." Not fun. Let's stay connected as things evolve. Appreciate your comments and hope that you get some resolution.
  • bem521bem521 Posts: 10
    Hi I will certainly keep you updated as to what is going on with this situation. I do not have a heavy foot either but i just hope the gas mileage gets better. I feel like I am always at the gas station every couple of days. I do believe there is a poor batch of transmissions out there. I could be wrong but the sound is identical to the 1 i had in my jetta and it was a nightmere believe me. I just hope toyota resolves this issue and doesnt try to pass the buck if you know what i mean. I am keeping my hopes up!!
  • so what ever happened!
  • The latest regarding the rattle/rumble that occurs at about 30 mph and with my foot off of the gas is that Toyota has decided that it is "normal," for these cars. Amazing that they are now expecting consumers to settle for substandard cars. Arbitration is the next step after trying to discuss options with the owner of the dealership. If anyone has any experience with arbitration I would appreciate some guidance. Thanks.
  • Arbitration is a very skewed process, the rules and regulations are built to protect the company/builder, Toyota is quickly becoming like all the other car companies take as many short cuts as possible and hope you don't get caught, supposedly the arbitrator is neutral but if that is the case why won't the arbitration companies make their rulings public, as to the outcomes, as someone who has gone thru arbitration and won on my house, I'm one of the exceptions to the rule, I won no financial awards but the repairs did get done.
  • Thanks for your insights. I figured as much. Am waiting to speak to the GM/owner with my issues. Will keep the forum posted. Can hardly wait to hear what excuses he'll come up with about why it can't be fixed and that it's a "normal" vibrational occurrence that has no bearing on the operation of the vehicle. Too bad I wasn't informed of that to begin with.
  • bem521bem521 Posts: 10
    Hi, I just bought a 2010 v6 rav 4 and since the day I drove my rav out of the parking lot it has been humming. They have already replaced my transmission and the noise is still there. It seems to happen between 30-40 but gets worse if i stay at a steady speed between 38-40. I am not very happy at all with this situation. I will be going back soon to the dealership. Waiting to hear from the toyota rep. Outside of the humming noise I love the truck itself. I will keep you posted as to what happens but if anyone else is having this problem we all need to stick together to get any results.
  • Yes my noise from the tran. is louder between 30-40mph. It starts to get to me. Its a rav 4, 6cyl also. Dealer told me that this is normal for the 6, mine is a 2008 with 22k. I will contact another dealer and see if I can talk to a rep.. Other wise vehicle is great, good gas milage, etc. If they can not do anything I guess I will have to trade it for something else. My sister has the 4 cyl and no humming. Harry
  • bem521bem521 Posts: 10
    Hi, I dont believe them when they say this is normal. My husband has been driving 4 wheel drives his whole life and have never heard a noise like this so I think it is BS. I went back to the dealership to see if I could trade it for a 2011 but whos to say I wouldn't have the same problem. Just a lot of problems with the dealership in general. They promised me they would trade me up to an 11 because I was told my navigation had a 6 disc player and after I take delivery find out it only has a 1. So I took them up on how good they would take care of me and went there last Sunday. Yea they must think I am a moron they wanted another 5400 so I am not very happy with them at this moment. They are all the same they take your money and nobody gives a crap after that. I am expecting to hear from the rep on Oct 8 and I can almost guess what they are going to tell me. They are going to say it is normal and the noise is alot better now then when I first brought it in. I will keep you posted. Hopefully with good news but with the way everything else went at the dealership Im not depending on it. Talk to you soon!
  • cmtx76cmtx76 Posts: 1
    Please keep us posted. I have the exact same problem. Very disappointed in Toyota.
  • bem521bem521 Posts: 10
    Hi I am also very disappointed in Toyota. I received a phone call today only for them to tell me there is nothing wrong with the vehicle and basically its something we have to live with. I said well if it is not a transmission problem why did they opt to change the transmission. To be honest with you I really did not get a straight answer. I guess if enough of us complain maybe they will do something about it so lets all stick together on this issue and hope we get the problem resolved. I am not very happy. Once you buy the product and they get your money these car dealers are all the same they could care less!!
  • helderadohelderado Posts: 3
    edited November 2010
    Hi Rav004,

    I have a 2010 Rav4 Ltd v6 4x4 with the exact noises plus some. In addition to the creaks coming from both B pillars there is a creaking sound coming from the center console and there is a piece of beige plastic visible to the right of the steering column behind the gray trim that is loose and you can move it around when you poke your finger in there. There is also a rattle coming from the rear door and there is a creaking noise coming from the passenger side A pillar/windshield area whenever I go around a bend in a twisty road (doesn't matter if the bend is right or left).

    My wife has a 2010 Corolla S that had a ton of rattles and it took multiple trips to the dealership to get them addressed, all the while the dealership made us feel like we were imposing on them. So, now I dread taking the I mean Rav4 back to the dealership and I know it will take multiple visits.

    I really love the smoothness and power of the engine, but these noises are driving me insane and take away from the overall experience of driving the Rav. Toyota has really lost its way with using Fisher Price grade plastics that aren't screwed in properly in its vehicles.

    Sorry about the rant, but owning these two rattle traps has been very frustrating.
  • hi i have the same problem with the transmision on my rav 4 2010,this suv have about 2400 milles only and have a transmision noise at 35 to 45 milles,with a pedal of acelerator off,toyota say knows about this transmision problems,recently i have appointment with a toyota hi tech mechanic and say thats is normal in rav4 suv.i dont think so is normal,is a very ease respond for a problem,i waiting for a arbitration but im going through the last consecuences of this issues.
  • bem521bem521 Posts: 10
    Hi, I dont buy that this is a normal sound for the rav 4. Well if it is a normal sound why did they put a new transmission in my rav 4?? Im sure they would not waste the money to put a new one in if they this noise is a normal sound. The noise was still there but not as noticeable . However, I only owned my rav 4 for about 10 weeks and traded it for an 2011. I have not heard the same noise but I am so paranoid Im really trying hard not to listen if you know what I mean. It cost me another thousand dollars on top of what I paid for the 2010. Good luck if you are going through arbitration I hear it takes quite sometime. I am starting to lose all my faith in the Toyota vehicles but from what I hear they stand by their customers. I wish you the best keep me posted.
  • stew16stew16 Posts: 17
    not sure about that noise my noise was from my liscense plate and the woofer's vibration, how is your paint holding up?
  • The woofer on my Rav ltd makes an awful vibration when I'm playing some bass intestive tunes, like its not screwed in properly, but its the least of my worries with the rattles coming from both the B pillars. I have the Blizzard Pearl paint on my Rav and so far so good.
  • Hi rav004,

    I have the same issues you're having, or had. Were you able to get these issues fixed? If so, what was the fix so I can bring it as a suggestion to me dealer.


  • Took 2008 RAV4 into toyota dealership shortly after buying used (48,000 miles) because I noticed a high pitched, electronic sounding whine that is most noticeable on the passenger side starting at 43 mph, on up to around 70 mph. Toyota looked up TSB's and found one for this particular problem and ordered the parts (dampeners). When the dampeners arrived and they went to put them in, they realized they didn't fit because the TSB was only for the V6 model, mine is the 4 cylinder. They said there was nothing they could do since mine isn't covered by the TSB. Im getting pretty nervous because step 2 of that TSB (if the dampeners turned out to be ineffective) was replacement of the transmission. Im now at 50,000 mi, so very close to running out of drivetrain warranty. The sound is really annoying on roadtrips when your primary speed is 65 mph-- sound is excruciatingly annoying-- impossible to drive without the radio cranked. Anyone else had this problem on their 2008 4 cylinder RAV4? :confuse:
  • One toy. dealer told me all of the rav 4's have this whining noice from tranm. But took it to another dealer who had a tsb on it. They put in dampers and a couple of other things, results=no noise now. 08, 6cyl, limited Harry
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