Nissan Altima Hybrid Interior and Passenger Comfort Concerns

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I just got the NAH with the Navi Tech Package. I was reading the manual and it said the auto dimming mirror suppose to have a compass on it. Mine does not have it, but does have the auto dimming and homelink buttons. Is this a feature that is only in the connection package and not in the tech beacuse it has navi already?


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    Same with my vehicle. I was looking for the compass, but that would be kind of redundant with the Nav System. I have the blue tooth already; I thought that was part of the connection system. I will take another look at my book.

    Keep me posted on gas mileage; I have already posted a few times on this board.

    Good luck with your NAH!

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    my '07 has the compass. I think Nissan got rid of it for cost cutting. To be honest, I use a Wide View mirror on top of the factory one anyways so it does me no good
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    I have an 07 with the Tech Package. The auto-dim mirror does have a compass in it. To be honest, since you have a nice nav display with the tech package, the compass is pretty much not needed. I rarely look at it. Don't know why Nissan discontinued it, but probably did so to keep costs down (or maybe because they realized it was redundant).
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    I recently purchased an '09 NAH and have the following questions regarding the "intelligent key" aka keyless ignition.

    1) How far can a person drive the car without the intelligent key in the actual car? I went and visited a relative and they wanted to take my NAH for a spin, so I said sure and they got behind the wheel and went down the road (about a block) and then came back. I realized after the fact that I had the intelligent key in my pocket the whole time and the car kept driving. How could that be? I thought the the intelligent key had to be in the car during it's entire operation time (or when it's being driven, etc).

    2) Have you ever gone and locked the car (by pressing the black button on the drivers door handle), had the car "double-beep" to confirm that it's locked, and then come back later to find the doors unlocked? I've had it happen a couple of times and can't figure out why it's occurring. I know that the car's locked but when I come back to it (even an hour or two later), it's unlocked.

    Appreciate any feedback on the above.

  • cruiser1964cruiser1964 Member Posts: 12
    I own an '09 NAH (have had it for about 6 weeks), and everything is going good.

    One small problem is the auto-locking feature (once you reach about 20 km/hr ..10 mph), all the doors automatically lock.

    For some reason, this feature quit working the other day. I don't know if I hit something, but when I drove the car today, the doors don't automatically lock.

    I would like to get this feature back working. Is this something that I can do or do I have to take it into a dealer?

    Appreciate any help.

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    My 2009 hybrid butt warmers seem to come in and go in about 1 minute cycles. At one point the butt is warm and then next minute no heat is being provided. Is it normal? My 2005 Pathfinder butt warmers constantly stay ON.
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    Cruiser, I had the same question. IMHO Nissan screwed up big time with the intelligent key feature, unless someone can tell me otherwise. In theory, you can drive from NJ to California without the intelligent key, as long as you dont shut off the car. Isn't that stupid? :mad:
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    What is really stupid is that if you happen to forget to turn the car off it will eventually use up most of the gas and then both batterries will run down.

    This happened to us when we left the car at the airport parking lot for a week. The speed with which this happens depends on what power drawing accessories you have turned on when you leave. In our case, the headlights were set to auto so when it got dark, the headlights would come on followed by the gas engine starting up and stopping to keep the battery charged. Fortunately, the car seems to stop this cycle at the point where it believes you have run out of gas, about 2 gallons before actual empty. So you do have enough fuel to get to the gas station once you get it restarted, which is another story recounted elsewhere in this forum.

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    Excellent Point :cry:
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    edited October 2012
    I have two items on my 2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid. Car has 41k miles and runs just fine. Today I had a plate that is connected underneath the passenger side seating area. The plate has a bunch of holes and is held in place with two bolts that screw in. I'll reconnect it but I'm wondering what the plate might be?

    Also, the A/C in the Hybrid works when the car starts and runs for about 15 minutes and then blows only hot air. Plenty of freon and pressure. Any ideas on this?
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