When do the 2009 Scions come out

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I am looking to buy a 2008 xB but it is so late in the year I figure if I hold out maybe until May the 2009's will be out and any remaining 2008 should get a good discount? What do you say? Thanks!


  • firehouse46firehouse46 Member Posts: 19
    I just saw over on another web site on 4/11/08 that the 2009 model will be on dealers lots end of April. Price up only $100 on the 2009!

    On another note the 2009 tc will roll out in May.

    Glad I held off on the 2008. Maybe price will come down with new 2009's arriving!
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    I just bought a 09 on Friday may 16th.Great car ...

    Xb Pilot :shades:
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    I just looked at the 2009 new color in person, Stingray Metallic, and it looks much better than the picture they have on the Scion web site which is not very representative of what it really looks like.

    I am currently considering an xB, an Element SC, and a Fit Sport. Yes, that is quite a range in price, size, mileage, features, etc... but I like specific things about all three so I have a tough decision ahead of me. My real problem with Scion is that you cannot deal on price. They say that the prices are set based on the market but with plenty of them just sitting on the lot, I will have a hard time paying their sticker when I can get a loaded up Element EX or even SC with a discount that will be about the same price as a loaded up xB.

    Has anyone been able to haggle a bit since their sales are down?
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    Haggling is apparently prohibited according to the rules, which state that the dealer must sell at the same price to every customer. But I've heard dealers use other incentives to sweeten the purchase -- a very generous trade-in allowance or discounted/free service coupons were some examples.

    Also, you should note that the rules say "the same price," which doesn't necessarily mean MSRP even though 99.9% of the dealers choose to interpret it that way. The best deal I've seen was from Fitzgerald in Maryland; they were going for invoice a few months ago but now they're at invoice plus $300-$500 depending on model. Still a good deal vs. MSRP.
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