Hyundai Azera Manufacter's Warranty

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Hi all,

Didn't really want to start a new discussion but I did a search and really couldn't find a concrete answer.

I have a new 07 Azera purchased around Christmas. I visit many sites to become better informed. I've read many times that the Hyundai warranty is a sham and does not often cover items which owners believe should be covered.

I've read that Hyundai will often put the owner through hoops to justify a warranty claim.

I've searched all the literature that came with the new vehicle, and nothing really defines that you MUST do such and such to guarantee that warranty work would be covered. Can anyone provide some guidance here?

I purchased this vehicle because of the waranty. I just don't want to be a victim of "sounds to good to be true". What MUST owners do to ensure that warranty claims are covered? Thanks!!


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    Make sure to follow the regular service required listed in the maintenance schedule in your owners manual. And keep all documentation when you have the maintenance.
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    My 08 Azzy is the third new hyundai i have bought. My wife drives the 07 entourage, and we had a 05 elantra before that. We have had our maintenance done at the dealer. There has never been a problem when we needed something repaired ( an axle bearing in the Elantra, an actuator? in the van). No problems or issues and we got a loaner if the service was going to be more then 6 hours. No jumping through hoops or any issues like that for me.
    Good luck and congrats on the new car. :blush:;)
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    Congratulations on your purchase. I bought an 07 Azera in Dec & this is my 3rd Hyundai/Kia car.

    First of all, let me tell you that your assumption that Hyundai will not stand behind their warranty is bum. As I mentioned, this is my 3rd Hyundai/Kia product, and anytime I have been to a dealer for a warranty issue, everything was taken care off without any drama. 4 dealers in 3 states & never ever had a trouble.

    Hyundai is the SIXTH largest car manufacturer in the WORLD! It is gaining customers & repeat customers faster than any car brand in US & around the world. Do you think that any multi-billion car company can even THINK of doing something like that & survive? The supremely litigatious US society would have eaten them for breakfast long time ago. Car companies are regulated & no one can even dream of reneging on warranty promises. Of course, if the company goes under, then warranty can be reneged. But does anyone seriously think a company like Hyunda would go down in the next 10 years during your warranty ?

    People who say things like Hyundai not living up to their warranty or who diss the quality of the Hyundai cars are frankly misinformed & living in a cave.

    One thing you would notice when you visit all these automotive forums is hat Hyundai has a large number of passionate supporters, much more so than other brands. The reason is that we all made purchasing decisions against popular feeling & our bet on Hyundai cars was a good one. It is sort of a campy feeling. Infact, just because Azera is kinda rare, anytime I see another Azera, I wave to the driver & almost always the other driver waves back or gives a thumbs up!

    Sorry for my rant. :shades:
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    great post! :D

    You are spot on. My Hyundai/Kia ownership experience has consisted of a '99 Kia Sephia and a 2001 Kia Sportage 4X4. Both were reliable and fun vehicles to drive and both were maintained per owner's maintenance and service schedule. Cost to own and maintain was low. They do lose resale value faster than they should, but both of these automakers are working hard to fix that problem.

    All warranty items were covered quickly and without incident. All necessary repairs, which were not many at all with these two vehicles, were done in a reasonable amount of time, and were always done right the first time. I had two dealers during my two-vehicle Kia ownership period and one was in western Washington state, the other was in western Missouri. Both were courteous and professional.

    I would not hesitate to buy another Kia or a Hyundai. They are both rising stars with solid futures. America now knows about these two carmakers, when I bought my first Kia in May of 1999 Americans were very cautious about buying Kia's. This has changed but needs to completely change.

    Nope, Kia and Hyundai won't try to avoid paying out on Long-Haul Warranty claims and they'll do what is required to right the situation. You must maintain your vehicle per the owner's maintenance and service schedule to keep your Long-Haul Warranty alive and kicking. Enjoy your Hyundai!

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    I appreciate the rant but obviously that was not my intent. Regarding the vehicle, of course it is a great car. I did my homework, and that's why we went with the Azera. 0% financing just was the clincher.

    I wouldn't have questioned warranty feedback without cause. Again, I have read about people describing difficulties on assorted warranty issues. I'm happy that you have had no difficulties. I hope to not have any either.

    My basic question was to ask what I must do or prove about my car maintenance procedures so I not be "blamed" for potential issues. Thanks again.

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    if you go to the service dept. for your oil changes and regular maintenence , the dealer will have all the records and you should not have to prove to them that the proper maintenance was done. If you are a DYS er , you need to keep a log of the maitenance done at what date with how many miles and keep the reciepts of the parts you bought ie oil, filter , air filter. If you have a good service dept. there will be no issues.
    Good luck and enjoy the new ride.
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    Fortunately the only "warranty" work I have had is replacing the front struts and the dealer did not raise any objections to doing that as the TSB was out. I have consulted two dealers and both have been exemplery.
    Might add that while both are part of a multi-make dealership, each has a separate Hyundai building with its own service area and mechanics. Unfortunately, they do not have many mechanics as there isn't much for them to do. Guess that is a good thing for us owners.
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    Okay...for those that don't know, I currently own an '06 Azera Limited. I now have just under 66k miles on it (owned since 03/06). My car is in the shop as this is being typed up getting one of the front struts/shocks replaced and the heating element in the seat back for the driver's seat. Both of those items are covered under warranty. What came as a surprise to me is that the driver's side fog light that took on water is not. I had the issue with the passenger side fog light before the 60k mile mark and it was replaced under warranty with no issues at all.

    To make this more interesting, I shelled out the $1200 to pay for the extended warranty so that my bumper-to-bumper would be 10yr/100k mile as well. In my mind, I was thinking all would be taken care of until I got a call from the service manager to explain to me that the fog light was the only thing NOT covered. Up until this came up, I was under the assumption that my extended warranty was through Hyundai. Come to find out, there are 3 different options...HMA Extended Warranty and they two other companies.

    One reason for posting this is to warn others to check and see what their warranty option is and to warn others to know in advance when they sign the paperwork when purchasing the extended warranty.

    Thank goodness, I can purchase a replacement fog light housing for under $40, so the cost isn't major, but still...
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    Hi all,

    Since I started this thread, I thought I ought to respond. Had the car in 2 times for warranty work. After my 1st oil change (Sears), the mechanic said I was dropping some transmission fluid. Took to Hyundai. Took them 3 days to repair. It was not a tranny leak, it was an oil leak. Service rep. said the head gasket must have been nicked during installation. They replaced it without issue. A few days later, I started losing a lot of coolant. Had the car towed to the dealer. During the previous repair they damaged a clamp and hose. Repaired without issue.

    Is there a policy on a loaner car during warranty work, or is it dealer specific?

    BTW, I also purchased the extended warranty, as it was presented that this would cover the car for 10 years for things other than routine wear and tear items. Better check the fine print.

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    You may want to contact Hyundai Corp and ask them about the loaner car situation. I'm currently in (and have been driving) a loaner for just over a week now.

    I am aware of wear and tear items and the fog lamp housing isn't a wear and tear item. The seal around the lens failed, allowing water to get in. Like I said, I'm just glad the replacement isn't costly.

    Good luck on your loaner issue.
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    Unfortunately, providing the rental car is up to the dealer & Hyundai America doesn't have a say in that. I know that the Hyundai dealers in Houston area are not known to give out free loaners.

    I think it is a point of basic courtesy that dealers should provide a rental when it is a warranty issue. This is a service issue & this scummy dealer service attitude is what is going to be Hyundai's biggest challenge when they try to move upscale.

    Imagine, we spent 25-30k for our Azeras & Genesis owners are spending 35-40k for their cars. The least Hyundai should make sure that customer satisfaction isn't compromised for a lousy $15 rental rate.
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    I just bought an "08 Azera second hand from a used car dealer with 8000 miles on it. I just realized that there is a crack in the dash about the size of a license plate. I am told there is some kind of plate under the dash. It certainly isn't due to a knife cut or the like. It has perfectly rounded edges almost the size of a license plate right above the glove comp. Anyone ever seen this before?
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    That's an issue with the air bag section of the dash. Something about a bad batch of dashes being manufactured and/or installed incorrectly. The frame of the air bag pushes against the dash, applying pressure and it eventually splits or cracks. This should be taken care of under warranty.
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    Greatest problem Hyundai will have with trying to breach the luxury market is their poor national customer service. They are too quick to close cases or deny problems. Of course, part of that is the number of problems that surface with their cars as they age due to poor design and quality control.
    Interstingly my dealer is trying to solve my latest problem even though Hyundai Corp. is resisting it.
    Very few dealers of any kind provide loaners unless it takes overnight. My dealer did provide me with a rental when the computer died while trying to reprogram it. Had to leave it overnight for it to "reset."
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    I know in my area, they won't give a loaner unless they keep the car overnight because they offer rides to the nearest metro station, or they'll pick you up from it as well. I haven't had any issues with getting a loaner from the dealer I go to when work has taken more than a day.
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    Of course I made it part of the deal when I bought the car.
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    I found out the same thing. I bought a new 09 Azera and wanted the extended warranty. But when it came time to signing all the papers, I noted that the warranty was from Fidelity. I then opted not to get the warranty from the dealer and may be purchasing the warranty directly from Hyundai via their website.
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    Purchased '09 Azera Ltd. 3 days ago. Just noticed scratches on passenger side winshield apparently caused by wiper blade. Is thi scommon, more importantly, is this under warranty? Thanks
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    Very uncommon, haven't seen that mentioned before. And for a new car, the dealer better fix it!...
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    For your info, most manufacturer warranties, at least not at this time, do not offer loaner cars unless you purchased an extended warranty.
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    I just noticed a 1 and one-half inch crack on my dash above and slighly to the left of my glove compartment box. Went to dealer and found out it has something to do with the passerger side air bag located above the glove box. He ordered a new dash no charge! My azera is a 2008 limited, bought new, and now has 8013 miles on it. This defect comes under the bumper to bumper warrenty, 5 year/ 60,000 miles..
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