Saturn Vue Cargo Organizer Net

ar15ar15 Member Posts: 58
The accesory cargo net was a $95 option when I purchase my 2008 Vue. I didn't order it not knowing if I would need it or not. After driving my car for a week, and tolerating my stuff sliding around in the back, I decided to go to the dealership to purchase the $95 net. Boy, was I surprised when the dealerships quoted me $218, and said these accesories often go up in price. The dealer said his cost on the net was $150, and could cut me a deal slightly above that price.

Anyone else experience these kinds of accessory prices?


  • bigrig42bigrig42 Member Posts: 3
    Aren't you glad you bought a GM product? :mad:
  • matrixgirl09matrixgirl09 Member Posts: 28
    I had a storage system built into my 2003 vue, so they must have taken out that feature

    Can buy cargo nets cheaper at any store like target or an auto parts store. I bought a cheap one for ten dollars.
  • bearone30bearone30 Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone out there help me? My wife bought a 2009 Civic and has a cargo net from her other car does anyone how to mount the cargo in the Civic? Thanks
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    There's probably some generic clips or hooks/loops you can get at ACE hardware to kludge up an attachment. I have plastic "footman loops" screwed into the rear of my van for hooking bungie cords up. You can search for them online; lots of marine outfits carry them. No idea about the Civic - there's plenty of hard plastic in the back of my rig to use small self tapping screws to attach the loops with.

    Try the Honda Civic Accessories and Modifications discussion for suggestions.
  • bismarck318bismarck318 Member Posts: 49
    Buy yourself a couple of those file/milk crates for $3-4 each, easily removed if needed. :)

    Things DO seem to roll around this car a lot for some reason.
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