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diesel vs gas ML3xx

alexashaalexasha Posts: 51
edited June 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
I started looking for the new car. With high gas prices diesel cars are of interest. The diesel prices are now in the $4.00 range. I can not figure out if diesel ML is more economical then gas ML (V6). Any comments


  • Late response to a very old post... but if you are interested my 2008 ML320 CDI gets an overall average of 24MPG of City/Hwy. On the highway doing about 70 it will get 28/29MPG. I have not seen it ever hit 30MPG. These readings are all based on what the computer in the car is telling me on the dash. Given that Mercedes tunes the gas cars to run on premium (super) unleaded fuel, today in 2010 the cost differential for diesel is about the same.
  • watkinstwatkinst Posts: 119
    So first off unless your buying a AMG MB machine I have no idea why anyone would even bother with a standard gas engine MB SUV. 0-60 performance maybe?

    Only reason I find my self seriously looking at MB SUV is due to the diesel and 7 passenger ability of the GL. Outside of that there are better choices regarding price - reliability and driving performance.

    Then again MB has all American's thinking its a special high end auto maker LOL.
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