Volkswagen Jetta VR6 Timing Chain

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My timing chain slipped after a sprocket wore down to almost nothing causing $4500 in repairs. I had 52,000 miles on it when the problem first appeared. I have details and photos online at
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    Which is precisely why:

    1) The only VWs I've owned have 4-cylinder engines. Besides from the extra weight of the engine, gas has gotten a bit too expensive to drive a 6-cylinder. The engines in my cars lasted as follows:

    1975 Mk1 Scirocco - 250,000 miles
    1987 Mk2 Golf GT - 429,000 miles on original engine - 2nd engine lasted until car collided with deer at 624,000 miles
    1997 Mk3 Jetta - 250,000 miles and still going strong
    2003 Mk4 Jetta 1.8T - 115,000 miles and still going strong

    With the exception of the first VW, I use nothing but synthetic oil on my VWs.

    2) My VWs are maintained by me, and one of three private VW mechanics (one of them is a famous VW tuner in Maryland). The only time my VWs go anywhere near a dealership is for TSBs or recalls.

    I've heard many horror stories about timing chain failures on the VR6 - so I figured if the timing chain should be changed frequently, I might as well drive cars with timing belts...

    Sorry about your situation. I would do the same thing if it happened to me... :sick:
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    Isn't that timing sproket part of the engine and therefore covered by the 5 year 60K mi power train warranty? :confuse:
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    Its not only the VR6 timing chain only. I have a 2006 GTI with 35,000 and 1.8t engine.That the same problem occured with it too. Thank God the warrenty was still good on the car or I would be so pissed I purchaced this car. Volkswagen seems to know they have a problem with their timing chain design and are turning blind eye to it unless its still under warrenty. The work is being done as we speak (4/10/08) and they even gave me a free rental while the work is being done. Of course I had to beg since the work will take about two weeks to do. When I go back to the dealer to pick up my car I will confront them about all these problems and will show them all the printed reports from the web. I will ask them what they will do about it if it happen again and if there is any warrenty on this repair work.

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    my son's VR6 timing chain and tensioner broke recently. does this mean that the valves have bent as someone has suggested? What are the chances that even though sprockets seem worned that the valves are OK?
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    i know that it has been a year since this, I am online researching because my son's 2002 jetta vr6 purchased used in 06 has had 3 timing chains to slip and cause at least 6,000 dollars to date, it is in the shop right now for the third time awaiting cost for this one...I wish we would have taken pictures, he was away from home at school when the first two happened, now the third one....I have contacted vw of america each time, no help from them. what did you finally end up doing? my son still owes 8,000, he has driven it for maybe a whole 6 months of the three years of ownership, he continues to pay payments and insurance. We dont know what to do...
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