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Power surge in Nissan Murano

enkidueenkidue Posts: 3
Hi all,

I have a Nissan Murano 2007 with only 7000 miles. Often when I start the engine I get a power serge. It feels like a car bumping into my car from the rear. How could the engine be connected to the transmission while in parking? Nissan has apparently no second instance of this problem. So I am out to see if anyone has noticed something similar in his/her car?




  • george78george78 Posts: 13
    I have an '07 as well with about the same milage and have not noticed that. One thing about the Murano. It sounds like some owners have had horror stories about the transmission while others praise the car. Consumer Reports seems to indicate Nissans in general are kind of a hit or miss. Not a lot of consistency even within the same model. Maybe there are some Muranos that are not up to par. It could be a quality control issue. I know there are a lot of complaints here about this particular car. The truth is, most people never check in when things are going well. Hopefully it's something that will disappear. Good luck. I'm sure you enjoy it otherwise.
  • enkidueenkidue Posts: 3
    Most kind of you to reply. Murano is a great car in my view and my problem is one in a thousand. According to Nissan there has been one instance of this problem and only with AWD cars. The serge is very random but it would only happen if you park the car in the following way:

    (1) Stop the car on flat road.
    (2) While your foot is on the break put the gear in parking position.
    (3) Keep your foot on the break and firmly apply the parking break and stop the engine.
    (4) Let the car rest for a few hours.
    (5) Then start the engine again and you will notice a bang and the car moves forward an inch or two before it stops.

    Sometimes the surge is barely noticeable. Other times it is nothing but scary. It feels as if though the car is going to rip itself apart.

    Once again thank you for your time.

  • Would be interested to know if any 2009 Murano owners have this happen to their cars? I own a 2009 SL AWD Murano and have not noticed anything like this so far ...
  • I cannot answer your question because my car is 2007. However, when I reported the problem Nissan was very forthcoming. They replaced the transmission system with a new one and the problem exists no longer. I would suggest you contact them. This is an extremely rare problem with Murano. Since you too, like me, have the tendency of catching such rare occurrences you might as well start playing the national lottery... :-). Do ask me if you had more questions. Best of luck!

  • jodyajodya Posts: 1
    I have the exact same issue on my 2007 2WD with 45k miles. What was the root cause of the issue. I am scheduled for service this week and want to come to the service dept. prepared.
  • silverbullet14silverbullet14 Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    Just to curious to learn if anyone is having the same problem as me with their maurano- I have a 2003 Nissan Maurano- maintained it in good condition with 120K miles- recently started noticing that when I stop at a stop sign or press the gas to accelerate from a stop or even on the freeway- I have this jerking of the RPM back in forth briefly, last 5-7 seconds and then it runs reguarly once I keep steady on the gas- happens every so often, been happening more frequently recently- don't know if it has to do with the colder weather been in the 30's and 40's at night lately....I was recently told that this might be due to the Idle Control Valve being dirty. I am kinda of in a finacially crunch and want to see what others have experienced before I put more money to be told that this might not be the problem. Every place I call they tell me something differnt- one's says it needs a turn up, another says its transmission and some say its the Idle Control Valve. Let me know your experience. Thanks
  • jcnslcjcnslc Posts: 1
    I own a 2007 ( 1006.00 miles) Marano, Luv, Luv , Luv it!. Recently though I have noticed when driving (stop and go, city) it serge's when I slow/come to a stop. ? Any one know what's up? Having the same problem? My mechanic has no clue.
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