Need molding clips for piece below door.

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Does anyone know what the molding clip is called that secures that lower piece of molding to the frame? I think there are 3 of them. Over the winter I lost them. Our roads are horrible right now.

Where might I find these pieces?


  • spike99spike99 Member Posts: 239

    It sounds like you are describing the peice of steel that goes between the other rocker panel and the outer plastic moldings. If this is what you are asking about, they are called "Retainer Clips".

    If your van is original, simply call your local GM Dealer. Ask for parts dept and provide them the last 8 digits of the vehicle's VIN number. With these letters within the VIN, they can then further drill down their eact sub model micro-fish (sp) and obtain the exact product name (and its exact replacement part number). If wondering, this process worked for the replacement of the Retainer Clips on my 2001 AWD Safari.

    Hope this helps...

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