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Mazda Tribute Hybrid

dmbfloridadmbflorida Member Posts: 38
edited March 2014 in Mazda
The Mazda Hybrid Tribute is available for sale in California in limited production (350). I bought the Grand Touring FWD with Navigation and shipped it by car carrier to Florida at a reasonable price from an experienced (in shipping) dealer near Los Angeles. MSRP is less than hybrid Escape or Mariner.
The mpg is better than the EPA rating of 30/34 in my first week of driving. Personally, I think the hybrid Tribute, mostly in the interior, has better quality than Escape or Mariner hybrids. Anyone else buy one?


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    telotelo Member Posts: 1
    Yes, i just got one this past week. I got the FWD touring, so no nav, so far i have no complaints at all. I replaced a Mercedes ML320 SUV and the only thing I am missing is leather and I can always have it added. So far I am just at 28mpg on my first tank, but I mostly drive highway miles and also the dealer drive the car to me on this tank so I have not been the only one driving it on this tank.

    What mileage have you been getting and in what driving conditions? I have checked some peoples suggestions for getting better mileage on the escape hybrid and they seem to all recommend slower speeds above all else. They also say mileage will improve after the first 1,000 miles and again after 8-10,000. What have you found?
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    dmb12dmb12 Member Posts: 3
    I have had a 2004 Prius and now have a Lexus 400h 2006. I bought the hybrid Mazda GT Tribute for my grand-daughter who drives on highways to/from university classes.
    In using the Prius and Lexus, the key to better fuel economy is not stomping on the accelerator and judging stops ahead of time plus, of course, other approaches. I got about mid to high forties mpg on the average for the Prius (much higher at times than that). The Lexus 400h averages 26 - 28 mpg in the city and higher on the highways. I live in a hot Florida area so running the A/C decreases good fuel economy. I also put the shift lever into park many times if I am in a waiting line with stop and start times. If I leave the car even for a very short time, I turn off the ignition to save gas even if the interior gets hot.
    I will check on the Tribute's mpg after several weeks. The Tribute is a full hybrid and you can save gas by using the battery by driving slowly in certain circumstances...up to 25 mph.
    Do you live in CA?
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    stevedebistevedebi Member Posts: 4,098
    "I also put the shift lever into park many times if I am in a waiting line with stop and start times. If I leave the car even for a very short time, I turn off the ignition to save gas even if the interior gets hot. "

    I own the FEH, which is the same mechanically. There is no point in putting the vehicle in park when waiting in line. The engine should turn off on it's own, provided the ECON button is pressed.

    The same is true if you leave the vehicle; the engine won't run unless the battery needs charging, which should be several minutes under most circumstances.

    I have had my FEH in full electric (EV) mode up to 38 MPH, though the ICE usually kicks in at 12-15 MPH.

    I am on my 2nd tank, a 2008 AWD, and am getting 30.6 MPG.
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    pleasdenpleasden Member Posts: 2

    Just picked up the Tribute Hybrid out here in California last month. Runs like a jewel. Got rid of my Jeep Grand Cherokee (gas was KILLING me). As advertised so far, it gets 32 mpg in the city and around 30 mpg on the hwy. Your are right about the ECON button. So far, I've had it on the setting and the engine cuts out as you noted. Averaging around 31 mpg combined. It's been great. I have a Mazda 6 also, and this SUV has a MUCH quieter interior.

    Supply in California is tight, but you can get one if you look a bit. The dealers are still discounting a little bit, but with gas prices hovering around $4.55 this weekend, I think the discounts are coming to an end.

    Looked at the Ford Escape too, but none available....waiting lists!!! All this and the $3000 available tax credit this year made this decision a no brainer.

    Nice car for the money and good for the environment as well.
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    tribute_hybtribute_hyb Member Posts: 1
    Anybody has installed or have DVD in Tribute HYB? I just Picked up mine yesterday, it doesn't have one and dealer said its not advicable for HYBRIDS? is that true?
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    dmbfloridadmbflorida Member Posts: 38
    I bought the 2008 Hybrid Mazda Tribute GT for my grand-daughter with navigation and the associated display screen. I will ask her if she can play a DVD. I have the impression that since there is a danger in watching a DVD while the car is moving, this might not be possible. Some navigation features are disabled when the car is moving.
    You can ask a dealer for the hybrid Escape and hybrid Mariner this question since it is basically the same car by Ford. Dealers not in California have not seen the hybrid Tribute unless by a Car Show or similar advance info. I say this only because the hybrid Tribute is only available in CA and the dealers in my state of Florida are not familiar with the hybrid Tribute (I car-shipped my Tribute to FL).
    One thing that is not advisable for some hybrids in "Lo Jack" since it can impair the navigation functions (I got this info from some Prius Forums).
    btw, I just saw in the news that Ford is making changes in production of hybrid Escapes and Mariners. I don't know if production will be increased or decreased or there will be model changes. Anyone know about this?
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    dmbfloridadmbflorida Member Posts: 38
    I have not driven the hybrid Tribute GT I bought for my grand-daughter and I was surprised when she said recently after a 700 mile highway trip that her mpg was 25 recently. I wonder if there is a special setting she does not use? Specifically, what is the ECON button? :confuse:
    She runs the gas engine constantly to run the A/C in our hot SW Florida heat so this accounts greatly for the poor fuel consumption...Previously, the mpg was over 30. She stops and starts too, I think, without turning off the engine when going through fast food lanes or similar shopping.
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    gagricegagrice Member Posts: 31,450
    If she is sitting in line at McDonald's with the AC running the engine will keep kicking on to charge the batteries. If she is getting 25 MPG combined it is about what she can expect. Getting the most from a hybrid requires patience and skill. If she drives the same as with any other vehicle she is just about on track. Unless she needs the off road clearance the Prius or Civic hybrid would have given her much better mileage. You can be assured she would not have gotten that good with any of the Japanese hybrid CUVs.
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    dmbfloridadmbflorida Member Posts: 38
    Does she press an "ECON" button to stay in battery mode for a short time at low speed? With the ECON button function, does it stay on and automatically alternates between battery and gas engine? I assume that if there is no need for A/C., she could stay in the ECON mode. Is the ECON button near the navigation display on the dashboard?
    I saw a picture of the ECON button on a different Ford car. thanks, DMB :)
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    larsblarsb Member Posts: 8,204
    Highlander hybrid is about 26 MPG combined in real world.

    Mariner hybrid is about 30.

    Tribute will be very close to the middle
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    dmb12dmb12 Member Posts: 3
    The recently revised EPA ratings still can be expected to be a bit lower in mpg than the sticker rating of the hybrid Tribute. Even so, it is my understanding that the HYBRIDS Mariner, Escape and Tribute all have the same CVT and a form of the Hybrid Synergy Drive bought from Toyota (by FORD). I would expect the sticker ratings and realistic performance in the Mariner, Escape and Tribute (hybrids only) to be the same.
    I looked at all these in the 2008 model and it is my opinion that the only difference is in the interior and the Escape has the cheapest interior, the Mariner has a better interior and the Tribute has the best interior, particularly in the upgraded interiors in all of these models. I found a graphic of the ECON button on the dashboard and a .pdf file of the manual so I understand now what the ECON button looks like.
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    stevedebistevedebi Member Posts: 4,098
    " Even so, it is my understanding that the HYBRIDS Mariner, Escape and Tribute all have the same CVT and a form of the Hybrid Synergy Drive bought from Toyota (by FORD)."

    No, this is incorrect. Ford developed their eCVT independently, but both Toyota and Ford arrived at similar designs. However, Ford owns about 200 unique patents for hybrid technology, so Ford and Toyota swapped patent rights, simply to avoid legal confusion.

    The eCVT is a unique product. Ford is on Gen 2, Toyota is just about to go to Gen 3.
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