Mercury Cougar Transmission Questions

dnoahrdnoahr Member Posts: 1
we just got a 2000 cougar v-6 automatic we really like it but when it is warmed up and traveling about 50-55 it sort of bucks then stops then a bit later bucks again. I call it bucking because i am not sure if it is hard shifting or severe hesitation. has anyone had this problem or know of it???


  • dianah1dianah1 Member Posts: 1
    I know exactly what your talking about and we have been dealing with this since last fall. I was curious if you were able to get this problem fixed? We are taking ours back today after 3 previous trips to the garage. We saw there was a recall that has to do with the fuel pump so we're hoping this is it. Our 2000 Cougar gets to the same speed as yours and does the same thing. I hope your have had good luck with yours.
  • cougarbuckingcougarbucking Member Posts: 1
    This seems to be a common problem with older 99 and 00 models from what I''ve been able to find online. There''s a discussion about it in this forum: gar-bucking-vt121761.html

    What does NOT seem to fix the problem is:

    New spark plugs, fuel filter, carbon cleanout, new EGR valve

    What DOES seem to fix the problem is:

    New temperature sensor (you need to get this directly from Ford but the model for the Contour looks to be compatible), MLP (mass lever position) switch, and/or the Mass Air Flow sensor. The parts appear to be cheap, but the labor can add up to a decent amount. Hope this is helpful.
  • dashman2dashman2 Member Posts: 1
    We went through this with a '01 cougar - after EVERY sensor change, new coil pack, plugs, etc. Shop finally hooked up a fuel pressure gauge and took it for a drive, when engine fully loaded, like hard accel at freeway on ramp or long hill, pressure would drop off, intermittently. Fix was a fuel pump the one int eh tank !). Thankfully, the shp was NOT charging us fo rhte repeated returns for same item, though we did meet them half way with parts - at leas tall new sensors. Been fine since.
  • tubbycw9tubbycw9 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 95' Mercury Cougar XR-7, V8, 4.6L RWD and it needs a new transsmission. i was wondering if I could give it a 5-speed manual, instead of a 4-speed automatic like it had before? Is it possible to do that? If so, would the dealership do it, or do I have to find some tranny machanic? Please reply ASAP with any thoughts that might help!
  • badcat3badcat3 Member Posts: 3
    big YES to this problem -- to me seems related to being warmed up - 10 mi plus ride , doesn't do it just going to work in morning.---
    going steady 70 mph , every 4 or 5 mi. , car will jerk / shutter , the engine tach will jump from about 2800 to 4000 rpm, sometimes even 5000 - like the trans can't select correct gear . . . .usually will be fine for 3 or 4 mile, then jerk 2 + times ,HARD jerks, then be OK again for a bit. after a longish drive , will even do it at slower speeds , so -- is this related to warm up ??? not warm weather but engine /trans heat ? the engine gauge stays 'N' . . . does the transm. oil cooler have a thermostat or some such ?

    new fuel filter. new trans oil, took it too 2 shops didn't find anything. even tried unplug, wait an hour , re plug main battery ( owners man. says the engine computer will relearn.?) note there are 2 service notes about ' reprograming Auto trans control module . . .
  • blondie118blondie118 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Mercury Cougar, and about a year ago it was doing the exact same thing. It couldn't decide what gear to be in and would jump around. Really difficult to drive. It ended up being the transmission sensor. I took it to a transmission place that knew what they were doing so it wasn't too expensive to fix. A couple hundred bucks if I remember correctly. I hope this helps. Seeing that you posted this a few months ago, hopefully you already have it figured out. If not, you should definitely have that checked out.
  • jhusereaujhusereau Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a 95 cougar with an automatic trans and a 4.6 V8 that does not want to shift from 3rd to 4th gear unless you are traveling above 40mph?
  • brokecatbrokecat Member Posts: 3
    to answer my own question from October - cruising @ steady speed ( 50 - 70 ) after 10 miles or so - engine tach would jump 1000, car would jerk , then back to 'normal' .... like transm didn't know what gear to be in ( 60,000 miles) -- after a winter of tip toeing around, afraid to drive more than 7 or 8 miles -- found answer ( OK, Ford dealer ) -- part only $ 80., labor 200 . > called : transmission range sensor 6L8Z 7F 293

    drove it 40 mi right after repair, no problem, first time drive more than 10 mi, no prob. since Aug. ... today , drove 90 miles non stop, most at steady 60 , no problem.

    Why the Merc dealer I bought car from new couldn't fix 6 months ago ... ?
  • bucsfan1bucsfan1 Member Posts: 1
    hi im new to this. i got a 99 mercury cougar. 2.5 V6 DOHC. my speed sensor crapped out so i got a new one from Advance Auto Parts. Problem is the sensor they sent me is too big. It looks exactly like the stock sensor, even has the same plug but the diameter of the sensor is bigger than whats on the car. Are there 2 different size speed sensors? Does the 4 cylinder have a small sensor? Help!!!
  • th75th75 Member Posts: 1
    When I was on my way home from work last night, I went to stop at the grocery store. I pulled into a parking space, put the car in Park, and as soon as I let off the brake pedal, it kept rolling forward because it was stuck in Drive. The shifter was not locking on any gear, I could move it up and down, but it wouldn't lock. I drove it home and the motor shifted fine as I drove, so I don't think it's the transmission, but it just wouldn't come out of Drive. And of course, once I turned it off, it won't start back up because of where it's stuck. I don't know what to do, I'm hoping it's not anything major as I just bought the car not too long ago and I already had to replace the fuel pump, so I'm not looking forward to another big bill. Any help with figuring out what's wrong would be very appreciated. Thanks.
  • rooster14rooster14 Member Posts: 1
    i have a 2002 doing the same ,ill try it thanks for your help ;)
  • fversluysfversluys Member Posts: 2
    transmission 4R/70W full electronic automatic with overdrive. At speed of 30 to 45 miles and touching very lightly the throttle, the transmission started to shake (hesitiating) for one or two seconds. Total millage of the 50.000 mile. Overdrive in or out does not make a difference. The car has been inspected by a so called Transmission "specelist" in The Netherlands. Problem still the same.
    Engine V8-281Ci/4.6 litre SOHC fuel injected.
  • fversluysfversluys Member Posts: 2
    Please reply to my problem mentioned on number #13
  • jmays2jmays2 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Cougar with the 2.5 V6 that needs replaced. It has an automatic transmission.
    Can I replace the engine with a 1999 2.5 that has a standard transmission?? ( i don't want to swap the standard trans because it is broken)
    I am new to cougars so any info would be greatly appreciated.
  • abeeabee Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I have 2000 Cougar and it also bucks and haves trouble finding the right gear but i took it by AutoZone and had them check it they told me it was my transmission range sensor which contols things like the gears....My car recently wonty go in drive but goes in reverse i got it pusshed home and when i got pushed in between 35-40 i was able to drive the car on my own...AutoZone had assured me that changing that sensor could help or getting wires checked or getting a trans flush but a mechanic had told me i need a new trans which would get for almost 1,000 dollars....what should i do?
  • mappymappy Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a 99 Cougar, 2.5L, AT, 160,000 miles. Drove it home 200 miles from where I bought it. Took it on another 400 mile trip a few days ago. Yesterday, I noticed what feels like slippage & a grating noise when shifting from 2nd to 3rd. Also some jerking that may be transmission. And one more thing...all lights(headlights, dash lights, dome lights) flutter. Presume this is an alternator/regulator issue?
  • axel92axel92 Member Posts: 3
    range sencer.or nutril safty swich
  • pk1961pk1961 Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    1995 cougar, automatic transmission, 4.6 ltr. V8.
    I have to rev the cat up to 3000 rpm a couple of times before it launches like it has a stall converter (which it doesn't). Will bark the tires with no tranny slip. If i ride the brakes and keep it above 1500 rpm, i can take off from a stop without reving it up again. Shifts fine once moving, whether in town or hwy. Reverse works fine. Fluid is pink with no "hot" smell after an hour drive. Whats up?
  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165
    Looks like Ford is already having to idle the Flat Rock plant Fusion production. They have around an 88 day sales supply. Ford is blaming it on Camry incentives. Maybe they need to recognize they may be too aggressive in their product pricing? Luckily small crossover sales are hot, otherwise given pricing and I think 7 recalls already, the new Escape might become a problem also.
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