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Hyundai Sonata Subframe Rust

pes1pes1 Posts: 2
edited July 2017 in Hyundai
Hello, I just registered to tell my own story. I own a 2001 Sonata GLS with 148,000 miles. I hope my story will help others.
While I had my Sonata at my mechanic for a ball joint and a new tire, he called me to tell me my subframe was completely rusted out and it is a safety issue and I should take it up with Hyundai. So I did, I called Hyundai consumer affairs and made my case very strongly that this is a clear safety issue and a subframe on a car should NOT be rusting out and if Hyundai does not fix this on their dime that I would make a huge stink about this. They admitted to me on the phone that this is not "normal" and to take it to a dealer for them to confirm the issue. I did that and they did confirm the problem. The service manager said to me he would talk to his rep and call me on Monday(today), but stated that because of high mileage and the fact that I havent been doing regular servicing and been a "loyal" Hyundai customer they might noy pay for the repair. Watch out for them playing the" loyalty " card. It's [non-permissible content removed]. Force the issue with them, this is not a mechanical thing, it is a safety thing and this should NOT happen! Be forceful in your comments, but remain respectful so they will owrk with you.
I just now got a call and they are ordering the part and repairing it at NO COST TO ME! I will have my car back bby Thursday or Friday with a new subframe.

So I hope this info helps someone out there. If you own a Sonata have the subframe checked before it breaks while youre driving. Luckily mine was found out before any more damamge was done to me or my car.
You can refer to my case number : 3254818

email me if I can be of help or support, Hyundai will pay for this to keep it from becoming more publicized and becaome a recall.

[Email removed]


  • eichmateichmat Posts: 1
    My 2001 Sonata GLS (54,000 miles) has similar problems. Local shop reported it to me during an oil change. They actually called Hyundai to get a part price to give me an estimate when Hyundai asked if I was the original owner--after they ran the VIN, Hyundai told him to have me call them...

    When I called the dealer on Tuesday (8/5), they wanted to see it ASAP... Just picked it up after they looked at it--they need to order the part. Already been told it will be a no-cost repair (even got them to give me a loaner for the two days they'll have it).

    BTW--looks like it is for 1999-2001 and maybe even 2002 model years and mainly in areas with heavy road salting:

    Hyundai Sonata frames rust, U.S. NHTSA investigates

    Have your regular mechanic check it next time they have it up on a lift--if they see anything, take it back to your dealer...
  • ksmigelksmigel Posts: 56
    I just noticed this and it seems very serious. All Sonata owners should research it:

    Corrosion can cause suspension to fail, wheels to fall off
  • Recently I was changing the oil in my daughter's '02 Sonata (108k miles and 2nd owner) and noticed a hole in the sub-frame inside and behind the right front wheel. The next day I contacted Superior Hyundai in Parkersburg, WV about the problem and they referred me on to a "national" phone number (800-633-5151). Felice said that it had to be checked out by a "dealer" for authenticity. The next day after the check Superior called and said they had ordered the part and would call when it was in. The part was put on 11/20-21/08 and she even got a loaner. Her Case #3436776. Email me if I can be of any assistance. It is apparent that they have a problem with this series of cars and are trying to take care of the problem without it being a recall.
    [email protected]
  • paul20paul20 Posts: 3
    I was changing the oil in my wifes 2000 Sonata and I noticed a huge hole in the right front subframe. I have never seen anything like this!
  • While making a right hand turn the drivers side lower control arm tore out of the frame causing the vehicle to pull out of control into the oncoming traffic lane.
    I called the Hyundai corp 800 # and was assigned a case number and told to take the vehicle to a dealer to verify the frame rust was the cause. I told them it had to be towed and i would need a rental car. I called the dealer to inform them i was having it towed to them and would need a rental. I asked if Hyundai corp had called and authorized the rental and was told, "dont worry we'll take care of you.".
    Two days later i got a call from the dealer saying that Hyundai would replace the frame at no cost but will not pay for any of the other damages caused by the accident and they would also not pay for the tow or car rental.
    I have filed a complaint with the Attorney general's office and registered on the site.
    My Hyundai case manager will not take my calls and no one will tell me why.
    I was told the regional district office made the decision but will not give a name or phone number to call. I was told "they call you, you dont call them".

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • The only thing you can do is be persistant. It took me 4 month to get Hyundai to pay for my subframe 3 years ago now they are being more cooperative. As far as other damages so far Hyundai has been very reluctant to even pay a tow bil. Don't give up. eventually they will at least call you back.
    I have found the dealers have been more cooperative with thier LOYAL customers.
    Tom Baker Kansas City Mo
    [email protected]
  • Today I was driving in a residential area and noticed a severe pull to the right. If I let go of the steering wheel, the car would have turned a corner itself. When got out to inspect the tires, I noticed that the driver side front wheel was pointed straight and the passenger side front wheel was turned a little to the right.

    After setting up an appointment with a local garage, I got online and found this site. I then went out and looked under the hood. Sure enough, there was a bunch of rust and a hole in what I think is the subframe.

    I contacted Hyundai at the national number and the guy was very professional and said that he would assist me. When I told him what the problem was, he responded by saying that he hadn't heard of this problem before. I assured him that I had found posts by others that had the same issue.

    He said that he would send out a tow truck through the Hyundai roadside assistance program and tow my car to the nearest Hyundai service center for no charge. Within 45 minutes the tow truck was here to take my car away.

    In the morning, I will call the service center and find out more.

    Here is an image that I snapped right before the tow truck arrived:

  • irie1irie1 Posts: 1
    Hello all.
    Have any of you ever heard of this same sub-frame rust problem happening with an Elantra? I have a 2000 Elantra and just spent a mint to get it fixed...
  • The local Hyundai service center called me. They said that the subframe needed to be replaced and that Hyundai was covering the cost. They said the part was on order and they should be done by Friday (3 days). They didn't offer a rental, so I mentioned that Hyundai had provided cars for others in this situation. He then said he would get me a loaner. I just drove home a new Elantra with XM Radio.
  • I asked my service guy this morning if he had seen this issue with any other models and he said that he had only seen it on Sonatas.
  • tntbakertntbaker Posts: 22
    How Many miles are on your car? I am glad to here they are repairing your car.

    *******************[email protected]**************************

    Tom Baker
  • Hi Tom,

    There are 110,000 miles on the Sonata.

  • roracerroracer Posts: 3
    I checked my 2000 Sonata w/145,000 miles and the frame is in better condition than the body. No Rust it would be nice if Hyundai would recall this problem. I live in New England I drive year round I thought for sure I was going to be one of the rusty framed Sonata owner. I will continue to keep an eye on it. TXs again for posting this problem.
  • tntbakertntbaker Posts: 22
    I am glad to here your car is OK. Remember the rust is fron the inside out. the best place to check is where the A-arm bolts to the sub Frame. That is where everyone has seen the failure. The best way to view this is down through the engine compartment or if you have it on a rack at a repair shop.

    Tom Baker Kansas City MO
    [email protected]
  • rusty43rusty43 Posts: 1
    just happened to find this post, and to be clear, its the rear subframe that was rotted out on nancy's car. in case you haven't looked, it's what holds your rear wheels on the car. a single piece from one side to the other. w/ 120,000 mi it would have collapsed within 65 on the northway, it would mean death. PLEASE CHECK YOURS
  • I just got a couple of new tires today and was told I had a probable alignment problem. I took it to someone and they told me they could not even do the work on it due to a big patch of rust on the sub frame just behind and to the right of the driver side front wheel. The Midas shop told me I would probably have to get a new car but said that should not happen already. It only has 64K on it and we have kept it in the garage. No other rust on the car at all. I was just browsing the web and came across this site. Obviously it looks like others have had the same issue. It sounds like a number of you were able to get Hyundai to fix it with no cost? What exactly should I do? Do I first just take it to my Dealer? If they don't cooperate, who do I call? This is a life saver if this can be fixed. This car should still have a lot of years left for me with only 64K.
  • mark327:

    All Hyundais, purchased new, come with a 7year/unlimited miles anti-perforation warranty.

    The following is from

    Covers 7 years unlimited miles starting with 2005 Model Year (previously 5 year/100,00 Miles for 2004 and prior model years).

    Covers perforation (rust hole through the body panel from inside to outside) corrosion of original Hyundai body sheet metal due to defects in material or factory workmanship, under normal use and maintenance.

    Excludes surface corrosion

    It doesn't specifically mention the subframe, but perhaps this would be a good way to start talking to Hyundai about a warranty issue.

    Here is their contact information (also pulled from

    You can reach us at:

    Hyundai Motor America
    P.O. Box 20850
    Fountain Valley, CA 92728-0850

    Phone : (800) 633-5151
    Email : [email protected]

    My suggestion would be to call their customer service line, and see what they can tell you. Let us know how it works out.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    There's a recall that is "officially" for 2001-2004 Sonatas for the subframe. But interestingly, this recall shows up when you do a search on recalls for 1999 and 2000 Sonatas also. So I am wondering if Hyundai might honor the recall for your car?

    The NHTSA recall ID is 09V124000. You can either find details at the NHTSA site or at sites like (look up the 2000 Sonata in the Used Cars section, and there's a link to recalls).
  • Just call the national Hyundai phone number and tell them what is going on. In my case, they sent a tow truck out free of charge to pick up my 2002 model. I think it had about 110K miles at the time. The subframe was replaced and I was given a loaner car to drive.
  • Thanks to everyone for making prior posts to help me find this site, and for the great information after my post. I called the Hyundai consumer affairs number you provided and had no trouble at all. I was the original purchaser of the car, and while it was a 2000 and not a 2001-2004 they are going to have it repaired. They took my information and said there was a campaign number for it. They gave me a work number so it would be ready when the dealer needs the info. I called my local dealer and they put me on the schedule for when they can do my repair/replacement. They are about 3 weeks backlogged on repairs for the sub frame rust. It sounds like many are able to be repaired quickly, but others need the replacement kit Hyundai provides. They work on about 4-6 a day. The full replacement takes them a day to do. So you are not without a car for long. Thanks to everyone again. PHEW!!!!
  • I'm glad it's going to work out! I'm sure it's a huge relief. :)
  • My fiance was driving her 01 Sonata to work when she loses control and hits the ditch line. We have it towed to a hyundai dealership which said it qualified for the recall. After calling the consumer affairs hotline, we find out that the recall only covers the frame and labor. They said it did not cover any other damage that might have been caused by this defect, for instance, if the axle, ball-joints, etc. were damaged, we are liable. They did not even cover the towing or offer us a rental car. Does anyone know of a Number to call for legal assistance on this matter?

    The only thing the said was that we could file a Good Will Reimbursement Form after the car was fixed and we paid for it. But we really cannot afford an $800+ bill right now, especially since it was no fault of ours for the frame breaking. Any help would be awesome!!!
  • Last week my local mechanic told me ( when I did the oil change) and showed me the the rust on the sub-frame. He said that it has to be replaced as soon as possible. My Hyundai is 2000 sonata. Then I called local dealer and reported the issue. he said that there is no re-call for this vechicle and I may have to pay the repair fee. but he has to do the estimate before that. Than I called national consumer affairs and told them my issue. ( The guy I spoke looks very professional and guided properly) They also said that there is no re-call. But it was originally operated in chicago and wisconsin ( currently in california) , so falls into their campaign managment category and directed me to take the local dealer. tomorrow I am taking to the local dealer. Hope everything will go good and Hyundai will take care of the service.
  • If you are the original owner you should not have a problem. I also had the 2000 Sonata and consumer affairs took all my info and gave me the campaign number. I had to make an appt with the dealer to evaluate it to see if it needed a new subframe or just the repair kit to fix it. But both were covered. I had to wait about 3 weeks to get it fixed due to the backlog of work fixing them, but they replaced it for free.
  • Yes I am the owner of this hyundai. Today I took to the dealer and they are going to inspect and contact hyundai regarding that. dealer asked me to agree to pay $130 for the inspection in case if hyundai is not taking care of that.
    Also I found there is a recall for - 2000 Hyundai sonata suspension recall- ( sonta suspension recall - ID# 70094 ) In that article they mentioned that this issue is due to the subframe rust. Hyundai recall date is APR 16, 2009.
    Hope hyundai will take care of the issue.
  • tntbakertntbaker Posts: 22
    edited August 2015
    Yes they will fix it. Make sure you file a claim at Hyundai Consumer Affairs 800 633 5151 and at I don't know why they want you to pay for an inspection, but i would insist on that being reimbursed. If I can help you in anyway contact me directly at [Email removed]
    Tom Baker Kansas CIty MO
  • I have already filed a case with Hyundai consumer Affairs and got the case id. Not yet filed with yesterday local dealer called and told that they are talking to Hyundai. Hyundai may cover the subframe services , but they are not sure about the other things like if any other part is damaged while they trys to replace the subframe. As of now they are saying that they don't have any clear answer. ( if hyundai is not paying, then I may have to pay for those ). Today I called Hyundai consumer affairs. they said that dealer will call you by monday. Looks like the discussion is going between them. Meanwhile I am having issue for my commute, so I asked them the loaner car / rental car. but hyundai consumer affairs says that this service is up to local dealer only. because my car is 2000 sonata and kept the miles abt 119K. Local dealer says that they don't have any loaner car and they will arragne the rental car. but i have to pay the rents. ( Actually I have been doing the services like check engine light done two times and changed the wheel bearing one time with these local hyundai dealers..Only regular oil change will be done at other local mechanic shops...This car almost all the maintenance are done with hyundai dealers only even from beginging. that time i was in different state )
  • I took my 2002 Sonata in for the recall repair. The next day, it was making two noises: a really loud metal-on-metal scraping noise, and when the car was in drive, but paused at a stop or light, it roared like I was revving the engine. When I took it to the dealer, they said they hadn't "bent" the ears of the new subframe up, but that they couldn't even identify or claim to be the source of the other noise, even though it didn't exist when I took it in. Now it has gotten progressively worse and sounds like a helicopter trying to take off--shaking terribly, even enough to make the change in the ashtray jingle. I'm a week from the recall appointment and have an appointment with them today. I took the car to my local neighborhood mechanic who said it sounds like a broken motor mount. Looking at the repair invoice, there's a notation that they broke bolts in the manifold (?) and replaced them. I wonder if they damaged some other stuff while I was there. What do you think?
  • Have you checked your subframe after they changed at the hyundai dealer itself. Did they charge you anything for the subframe change saying that additionlly we have changed this bolt ,that bolt etc like that.. Did they completely changed the subframe last time or they have done something else like putting holes and other stuff as mentioned in the

    For me, dealer service guy told that better not to drive the car. because the subframe rust is too bad. So I just left the car at the dealer service center. they ordered the subframe and waiting. hopefully it come will come by today or tomorrow. After that I will come to know. My car also there is no issues as of now. other than the subframe rust issue.
  • Friday I visited the Hyundai dealer (service). They are started working on my car and shown me the rusted frame and some of other parts which are not usuable ( not able to unscrew ). Now they are going to order those parts and let me know. hopefully by this week end 4th Dec, I will get my car.
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