2004-2006 Volkswagon Phaeton Owner's Gathering

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I'm new to the Forum - here is my posting - 4:00-7:00p.m., Thursday, April 17th, 2008: Join fellow VW Phaeton owners for the happy hour at the Kaiserhof Restaurant in San Diego to celebrate Ferdinand Piech's birthdate. No host - conversation is the program - dinner available. E-mail lesley[email protected] for reservations (by April 15th).


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    Just got your post about the owners party in San Diego on 4/17/08. Any chance to another event soon? Hope you had a great time.
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    I've had my 2004 Phaeton for exactly one month, and am pleased with it except for one thing: no one seems to know how to fix the Tire Pressure Monitoring System so that it doesn't give false alarms. Every trip I take, as soon as I get up to highway speeds, my TPMS reports that I have a flat tire! Anyone have the answer, or even a good guess?

    Another very minor matter: the cup holders in the front console seem to be made for especially big cups; regular-size cups just rattle around loose in them. Anyone know anything about special cups for the Phaeton?

    And I'd like to form an informal Phaeton Owners Club with other owners, particularly those in the San Francisco Bay Area. Get in touch with me if interested.

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    I leased a 2004 turned it in and am looking for one to purchase. My advice is to be careful with highway driving with the type problem you are experiencing with your vehicle. The only long highway trip we took in the Phaeton (Dallas to Jackson Hole) I ended up buying two new tires. The Tire Preassure Monitoring System indicated deflation problems tor a month, I had the tires checked and even went to a Discount Tire Store before the trip and they told me everything was OK. In the middle of nowhere Kansas the TMSP went off and this time I there was no question we had a tire problem. If you have more than 25K miles on your tires it may be time to get some new ones. If you have a warranty to fall back on the VW dealer can check the monitoring system out. Not the answer you probably wanted to see but this is my story.

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    Am planning on the Second Annual Gathering on 4-17-2009 and planning on showing the car in July and October of this year. Showing mainly because not a whole lot of people have ever seen the Phaeton. My dealer in San Diego services four of them and says there are 18 in Las Vegas. To confess, the First Annual Gathering was very sparsely attended but I had a good time. Thanks for writing. Best Wishes, Joe
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    Joe, I have out the 4-17-2009 event on my calendar and keep us posted on the showings later this year. Like you my dealer in San Juan Capistrano services around 11 of them so maybe we can connect all. Alan
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    I would love to attend the next event. I am in Ventura County and own a Black/Tan 2004. I have seen several around here. I even saw two within 1/2 an hour. After a bad day, I climb into the driver's seat ... pull out of the garage, turn up some Midge Ure's "The Gift" CD ... and suddenly ... Life Is Good. Please keep me informed of the next gathering. Ric
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    4-17-09 (Chairman Piech's birthday) has rolled around quickly. I had a great year with my 2004 V-8 and look forward to seeing how other owners fared.

    There seem to be quite a few Phaetons in south Orange Co. Also, I understand there is someone in Auto Trader specializing in them in south Orange.

    I became aware of an interesting restaurant in Corona del Mar. Might be a good place to meet on the 17th (a Friday). Best Wishes, Joe Frazier

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    Ric, please see a new posting. Joe
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    No April Fool's joke here. I am in for meeting in Corona del Mar on 4/17/09. My blue 2004 V8 and I will be ready.

    Which restaurant Joe?

    Thanks for getting this moving.
    Alan Boal
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    Alan, I am having a little difficulty with my e mails. I have been intrigued with a descrption I read about the Five Crown Restaurant in Corona del Mar. They have valet parking and I'm not sure we could get all of the cars together at one place in their lot. I may try to run up there one night this week. Comments? Joe
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    The Five Crowns is a great place to eat and British of course.
    I have eaten there and they have a private room which can hold around 10-14 people upstairs.

    You are right about the limited parking. The lot next to it is shared with Bandera's I think is the name.

    If we want parking spaces, the area around Coco's at Fashion Island works. Modest food but usually good parking.

    If want to be trendy, Tommy Bahama's.
    Or Ruby's as there lot is across the street from the resturant on PCH.

    So, how many cars do we think might attend?

    If we have ten to fourteen cars, we could use the circle at the Island Hotel.
    The bar and food could make a more relaxed visit.

    Let me know what you know.
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    Hi Alan, realistically, I think we should plan on a strategizing meeting this Friday, for next year's gathering. My internet has been down for carpet install the past few days so I might only be able to get one other car - and that's not for sure. I like all of your suggestions for venues. The Island would be nice to see - Palm Terrace Lounge - a beer and their small bites would be fine. I will post an ad here - hopefully others will pick up on it. Please let me know if this sounds OK. Best, Joe

    2004-2006 Volkswagon Phaeton Owner's Gathering - Ferdinand Piech's birthday
    5:00 p.m., Friday, April 17th, 2009, Island Hotel, 690 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA (866-554-4620) Palm Terrace Lounge - ask at the bar for Joe
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    Sounds like a great plan and I will see you at the Island this Friday.
    Let's hope the tax deadline crunch has kept people at bay.
    See you soon, Joe.
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    Alan, nice venue but a lot of people from a seminar in the hotel were there in the venue (Palm Terrace Lounge) - fear you couldn't find us in the crowd. Need to re-strategize. Joe
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    Sorry we missed each other in the crowd as well.

    Let's rethink this and find a way to connect.
    I parked my Phaeton outside in the boot and waited in the lobby from 5 to 5:45PM for another Phaeton to show up. We should have found a way to get our phone numbers or cell numbers. I know we can't post email address, but what about web addresses? Do you know if we can? Alan
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    The best thing to do for your own protection is make your email address public in your profile. That way only registered, logged-in users can see it, not the web-crawling bots who are looking for unprotected email addresses.

    However, if you want to post an address (and I'd recommend a throw away one for the above reason), you are welcome to do so. We've had different rules in the past, yes, but things change. :)
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    I just did update my email address so that does that mean Joe can contact me?
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    Hi Alan.

    Click on Community Profile in the Forum Tools box on the upper right. You'll see a place to mark your email public. That's what you need to do so that anyone who is logged in can click on your name to see your address. It it marked private at the moment.

    Let me know if you need any further help.

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    Hi Alan, thanks for working with Pat to release e mail addresses. She is going to need to coach me so I can find your name. I have checked the box to make mine public but am still having to post messages as you can see. We were at the Island before 5 that night and they parked us on the circle to the right facing the front door. There was a used Phaeton dealer I made contact with a few days before and he was going to try to come along with some of his customers but I didn't hear further. Anyway, we went shopping at Fashion Island very successfully for baby gear and the new family addition arrived April 30th and that has pretty much my story from then until now.

    The Steve McQueen Car Show is on Saturday, June 6th at Boy's Republic in Chino Hills from 7am to 2pm. The Porsche 356 Club is the sponsor for the benefit of Boy's Republic which does great work. See what you think. It would be nice to have a showing of Phaeton's up there. Maybe this lead balloon will finally get off the ground! Regards, Joe
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    Click on ablenav's name at the top of his post here: ablenav, "2004-2006 Volkswagon Phaeton Owner's Gathering" #23, 18 Apr 2009 1:52 pm. That will show you his profile and his email address. :)

    Hope the show goes well. Give us a report afterwards!
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    Hi Joe,

    Just returned your email and read the details above on the June 6 idea.
    I am game to attend so let's keep working on the event.
    More later, Alan
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    Saturday, September 26, 2009 is the date. Pat and Karens - we will try for greater attendance at this one. The Steve MacQueen was a great show at a very nice setting - next year again for sure. Thanks for your help. Joe Frazier
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    I have the date on my calendar.
    I also wrote to VW to find out about the number of registered Phaeton's still in the US. Will let everyone know when I know.
    See you in September!
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    i need to find out where i can get info for making a diesel passat perform better(faster) any ideas? Please help, :confuse: I don't know where to begin
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    try Googleing "diesel vw passat tuners" - good luck
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