Mazda Tribute Brake and ABS problems

eljay1eljay1 Member Posts: 2
My ABS brakes come on frequently when I'm braking on dry pavements. I've had the rear drums machined and the front rotors replaced. That didn't fix the problem so I took it back to my mechanic and he ran it through the diagnostics but nothing came up. He's suggesting I take it to the dealer (I swore I'd never go back) and have them run it through their diagnostics... I guess it shows up more than his does. Any insite into this problem?


  • golfman3golfman3 Member Posts: 5
    Hi eljay... I have the 2005 Tribute i (4 cyl front wheel drive) I have noticed on mine in recent month or two that my front driver side ABS sensor seems to engage prematurely too, on dry road, mainly when I am going about 10mph or less and apply brakes. I will probably take it to dlr soon and will post resutls for you. FYI the 2005s have a 4 yr warranty so should be covered on mine, though not sure what your 02 warr is (3, 4?) regards, Golf
  • eljay1eljay1 Member Posts: 2
    Finally got to the root of the problem. Had to take it to the dealer. The ABS rings on the axle shafts are broken on the right AND left sides. I took the truck elsewhere and had them rebuilt. My regular and extended warranty are up. Extended warranty is past time only.. the truck only has 83,000 km. on it. My mechanic said I shouldn't see that kind of thing until at least 150,000 km. I asked the dealership if there was any kind of a "good will" warranty and they said no. Its quite ridiculous for the BOTH to go that early, at the same time, and it not be covered by Mazda. I'm going to write a letter to Mazda but I don't have by hopes up! Oh and the cost? $700!!!!!!!!
  • golfman3golfman3 Member Posts: 5
    Hi, Took mine to dlr (called first) to find IS warranteed front axles/drive shafts. The ABS rings on both sides were broken so they rplc'd both drive shafts under warr. Sweet.
  • jmeisingjmeising Member Posts: 3
    has anybody had trouble separating the rubber to metal brake line connection on a 2005 mazda tribute? the front passenger side line blew, so we removed the line from the caliper, removed the spring and loosened the strut bolt to release the line, then removed the spring and loosened the rubber to metal line fitting, but we can not separate them, any tricks? or maybe we missed a step? any feedback would be appreciated. thanks
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    driving 20 - 30 MPH ABS deployes, break pedal pulses and I heat the 'grinding' sound. After about 5 miles the ABS light comes on and the ABS stops deploying at those low speeds
  • cajun1955cajun1955 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2006 Mazda Tribute 2.3L i series 4x2. I need to access and probably replace my rear brake shoes and wheel cylinders. BUT, the only access hole for the star wheel is only about 1/2" in diameter and located in an impossibly cramped place! Thank You, Mazda engineers! How in hell do you get in there and hold the self-adjuster lever out of the way, while you turn the star wheel? Is there a special set of tools? Do I need to punch out another hole in the backing plate? Do I just try to force the drums off anyway? Anyone who has over come this aggravating hurdle, please respond and THANKS!
  • cajun1955cajun1955 Member Posts: 3
    Another unresolved issue! I've got a 2006 Mazda Tribute 2.3L i series and I want to find and to replace the PCV valve. I've been told that the PCV valve is below the intake manifold and that it's on the back of the valve cover. There is something, that resembles a traditional PCV valve, on the back of the valve cover, which a plastic hose connecting it to the air intake manifold. If that's my PCV valve, though, how do you remove the connector that holds the plastic hose onto the PCV valve, without destroying that connector and having to go to the Mazda dealer to buy a replacement? Is that my PCV valve I'm looking at? Is there a special tool? A special technique? Thanks in Advance!
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    My daughter has a 2005 Tribute and when she starts the car there is a sound, kind of like a tea pot whistle, that starts as soon as the engine starts. As soon as she steps on the brakes it goes away. It also occurs while she is driving and again goes away when she taps the brakes.

    Has anyone out there experienced anything like this?

  • adrian67adrian67 Member Posts: 1
    Have the brake booster checked by a good mechanic. . Ours had the same problem
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